Erika Ropati Frost – Weightlifting

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NAME:  Erika Ropati Frost

SPORT:  Olympic Weightlifting

DOB:  2nd September 1987

LOCATION:  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

HEIGHT:  149cms

WEIGHT: 53kg Division 


What is your competition history?


  • 15 time Australian Champion

  • Top two in the Oceania since 2004

  • World Cup Bronze 2007

  • Arafura Games Gold 2007

  • Youth Commonwealth Games Gold 2004

  •  Commonwealth Games 2006 (Bronze), 2010 (Injured during CJ but Oceania record in Snatch), 2014 (4th)

  • World Junior Championships 2004-2007

  • World Senior Championships 2014 (19th)


Give us an overview of how you got started...


My parents who were both elite gymnasts had me in the gymnasium before I could walk. The family packed up and moved to Brisbane when I was 5yrs of age and it was during this time I competed in Gymnastics recreationally until I was 13yrs old. Growing up I also tried others sports such as baseball, touch football, diving and  trampolining. Although I enjoyed the various physical challenges  they provided it wasn’t until I tried weightlifting that I found my  true calling. I was introduced by coach Scott Robinson in grade 8  who eventually became my first coach, and was found to have  talent for the sport. From that day on, my passion to challenge and  test my limitations in the sport continues to grow.  I am currently ranked 1st in Australia, a multiple Queensland and Australian record holder with 4 Oceania Records. 

Why do you use ATP Science products?


I love that ATP Science is made from all natural ingredients, it is a product that I can trust 100% that is clean, which is exactly what I need being a tested athlete. 


Which are your favourite ATP Science products?


I use the Alpha Venus and Dragons Breath the most.  I can feel the difference after a matter of days with the Venus and the Dragons Breath reduces my knee pain and smells great!


How do you use these products?


I use these products daily, the Alpha Venus I take x2 capsules twice a day and the Dragons Breath I use as often as possible in which I roll all over my knee cap.


What does your typical training week look like?


I work full-time at Infront Security Services and train as often as possible outside work hours. Usually I will do two technical exercises and two strength exercises. I change the intensity of each session so that my body doesn’t get worn down. So I would try to do three medium sessions, one heavy and one light. I change them around depending on how my body is feeling that day. During a heavy session I would push my body to the limits and gradually increase the weight lifted to the maximum possible.  When coming in to competitions I usually do double sessions, with technical being in the morning and strength at night.

Monday – 1630-1930hrs

Tuesday – 1630-1930hrs

Wednesday – 1630-1930hrs

Thursday – Recovery Session

Friday – 1630-1930hrs

Saturday – 1600-1900hrs


What does your typical nutrition plan look like?


Meal 1: Breakfast Smoothie

Meal 2: Rice paper rolls/sushi

Meal 3: Sushi roll and/or fruit before training

Meal 4: Dinner is usually some form of meat and vegies


What are your plans for the future?

I am looking to place in the top 15 at World Championships in November and my main goal is to be the female selected to go to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (Usually only one place over all weight divisions).