Podcast of the week - Are Your Vitamins Killing You?

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“I trialled the AmpV as part of my pre weightlifting competition phase to aid with meeting weight for my division. I just added the AmpV once a day pre training. What I hadn’t anticipated was the increase I would see in my strength training while losing weight.  I managed to drop a weight category (along with diet and training) whilst keeping strength and actually increasing it – AMAZING STUFF!”
Andrea Miller – New Zealand Olympic Weightlifter



“This product is nothing but amazing.  First tablet was taken with breaky this morning before my workout and I can feel my body temperature is nice and warm (always a win in Winter) I also noticed my workout to be more focused.  I can definitely tell at this point that this is a great product for anyone looking for a bit of a boost.  My tummy’s less bloated and feels good!  I can’t wait for my plateau to be blown away, thanks ATP Science!”

Sezzie Way (instagram name)



“I have just finished my first bottle of Alpha Venus and I’ve had some fantastic results so far. Migraines have subsided, less bloating, more energized, feeling stronger, moods have stabilized, stress levels have reduced…I feel Amazing! I can’t wait to see the results after the recommended 3 bottles of it!”

Sarah, VIC

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“I’ve tried using this product at the start of the workout, during and post workout, i’ve found for me it’s best use is both pre workout and intra workout towards the end of my session.  What’s to be expected of this product?  I found the pumps were much better, increased blood flow, increased vascularity but my favourite part about this product would be its ability to block pain, you can expect yourself to push through a threshold that you couldn’t previously.  As a result of this you will get some crazy doms to say the least.  I rate this product a solid 9.5/10.  As a former skeptic of creans I am pleasantly surprised!!”

Trent Thornton

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“Obsessed!!   Can’t go a day without my daily essentials for my prep for the Arnolds.  I was a skeptic on transdermal creams until now…from using the Subcut and Block E3 in just one week I lost an insane 21cm but only 500g (goes to show how much muscle weighs compared to fat and water) mainly from my legs and glutes as I’m esotrogen dominant so these are a killer!  Pumped to see what I can achieve in the next 15 weeks!”

Maddy Knobloch

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“After 27 years of not being able to get to sleep and struggling to wake, my sleep cycles are working like clock work for the first time EVER thanks to Cort RX!   I even wake up bright eyed before my alarm!”

Renee Groves

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“This stuff has totally transformed my body. For those girls that ask me daily what exercises get rid of this and that especially areas you can’t really exercise (love handles) HERE is your answer!!!!  I’ve never sworn by anything in my life except this stuff, it is my secret weapon coming into comp so if you’re having trouble with cellulite and other stubborn areas, you need to get on this stuff ASAP!  Yes boys even my boyfriend uses it along with #prototype8.  I feel naked without it, using both twice daily and go through it like toilet paper!  thankyou thankyou thankyou ATP Science for everything I have never been more satisfied with a product in my life you guys are my lifesavers.”

Brooke Thomas

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“For years I have always had issues with stubborn bodyfat in my quadriceps, Hamstrings and glute area’s. After listening to the ATP Science podcast and doing some of my own research I discovered that this issue could be an Estrogen related issue. During my last bodybuilding contest prep I purchased a bottle of the AlphaPrime and also used a few other strategies to eliminate toxins, such as heating my meals up in glass or ceramic containers instead of plastic. After 2 weeks using the Alpha Prime I could see a noticable improvement in fat loss in my legs plus striations in my glutes. After 4 weeks my legs and glutes were show ready and helped me to win third place in my class at the Recent INBA Adelaide Classic and Second place in the Open Class at the INBA Adelaide Sport & Fitness Expo.”

James Buckley

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“I’ve only been using Alpha Mars for two weeks, and I’ve got to say, I’m already blown away! Within the first couple of days my libido was through the roof, my strength is constantly and consistently climbing, I’m more focused with more energy during the day and have a hell of a lot more aggression in the gym which is helping me kill my workouts and stay driven. Alpha Mars has given me something back that I haven’t had in a long time, I’ve spent years experimenting with synthetic testosterone and every time I’ve come off, I just haven’t felt like I should, Alpha Mars has given me that feeling I miss from using synthetic testosterone, but naturally. It’s given me my life back.”

James Buckley

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