Anne-Marie Lasserre – Pro Figure



NAME:  Anne-Marie Lasserre

SPORT:  Figure Competitor (WBFF)

DOB:  19th June 1976

LOCATION:  Queensland, Australia

HEIGHT:  5’9″ (176cm)

WEIGHT:  158lbs (72kg) – On stage.  161lbs (73kg) – Off season


What is your competition history?
  • 2002 Miss QLd IFBB
  • 2002 Miss Aus Runner Up IFBB
  • 2003 Miss Qld IFBB
  • 2003 Miss  AUs Runner up IFBB
  • 2005 Miss Qld IFBB
  • 2005 Miss Aus Runner Up IFBB
  • 2006 Miss Qld Overall IFBB
  • 2006 Miss Australia IFBB
  • 2009 Miss Qld NABBA overall
  • 2009 Miss Aus NABBA overall
  • 2009 Miss Universe NABBA
  • 2010 Miss Southern Hemisphere Tall class
  • 2010 Miss World NABBA 2nd tall class
  • 2011 Miss Southern Hemisphere overall
  • 2011 Miss World Overall
  • 2011 Miss Australia overall
  • 2011 Miss Universe 2nd tall class
  • 2012 Miss Grand Prix IFBB body building
  • 2012 Miss Australasia IFBB body building
  • 2014 WBFF Pro Figure World Championships 4th


Give us an overview of how you got started...


I was a professional horse rider and changed sports when a horse of mine died in an accident.

I actually wanted to be an iron woman (water sports) but I could never get to training times and it wasn’t until my first coach spotted me teaching aerobic classes was I actually aware of Figure competitions.


Why do you use ATP Science products?


I  follow all the same ethical health ideals and believes of ATP.  The more I work with Matt Legge from ATP, the more balanced and well rounded of an athlete and individual I have evolved into. Not only on a hormonal level but in all aspects of my life, business, focus and relationships.


Which are your favourite ATP Science products?


I cannot live without Alpha Venus or Prototype 8.

I love E Block, Sub cut, T432, Dragons breath and Infrared.

I use T432 usually too but at this stage of prep I drop out as body temperature is running fairly high ..all the hormones are working together now thanks to Matt.

Makes the difference from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY achievements


How do you use these products?


I use Alpha Venus on a sliding scale in and out from a show. My mainatnce is 4 tabs a day with meal 1 and meal 4.

I use Prototype 8 for all pre/mid worlouts on all areas of the body I’m intending on performing.

I use Prototype 8 every day on both my knees as I am recovering from knee injuries and the results have been outstanding.

I use E Block every day x 3

Subcut on abs day (every 2nd day)

Dragons breath every training session and Infrared on double weight session days or HITT cardio and weights day.


What does your typical training week look like?

– Typical Training Week: Pre show

Monday –

25min fasted cardio

3hrs later

Hamstring/ glutes/ abs

4hrs later

Cardio 25min

Tuesday –

Fasted cardio- 30mins

6hrs later

Delts/ calves

15mins cardio

Wednesday –


6hrs later


Thursday –


Friday –

Fasted cardio -25mins

3hrs later – arms/ calves

4hrs later cardio-25mins

Saturday –

Legs (full leg/ abs)

5hrs later


Sunday –

Fasted cardio-60mins


What does your typical nutrition plan look like?


Meal 1: Steak and greens

Meal 2: Fish and rice

Meal 3: chicken, rice and greens

Meal 4: Rice Protein

Meal 5: Fish and greens

Meal 6: Salmon and greens and almonds


What are your plans for the future?


Open a series of Protein/ tea  bars that have ethical ingredients on the menu’s and polish my Miss World Crown.