Multifood Ebook

MultiFood E-Book (Free Download)

Get a detailed understanding of vitamin & mineral supplementation; and how the modern diet may be insufficient for our nutrition needs.

It’s no big secret the world is changing, organic food costs you an arm and a leg and possibly your left kidney in exchange of simply having your fruit and veg grown the old fashioned way. It’s a strange concept that innovation to keep the pests off our food, grow them faster and more conveniently and improve our storage for the masses as well as supply that same food all year round, is somehow exponentially cheaper than taking the time to nurture the soil, go back to nature and grow our food the way it was meant to be grown. You would think this would be the gold standard right?

Unfortunately no, so with this we fortify the foods we eat with vitamins and minerals that are missing from the soil that we didn’t attend to, to ensure it’s now statistically and synthetically in the finished product. Quite the fruit and veg Paradox! Well, we decided to shake things up and make a multivitamin from food instead! Yep, back to nature, educating the farmers on the soil, keeping their crops healthy so the plants yield the vitamins they are supposed to and hey presto we developed Multifood, a multivitamin made from NON-GMO, Pesticide and 100% organic… Food! We break the micro-facts down in the Multifood E-book

What’s Inside The Free Multifood E-Book

  • The change in farming – what’s changed and what needs to be taken into account for the future
  • The importance of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins
  • The micronutrient processes required for the use of your macronutrients

  • Genetic Polymorphisms and the dilemma with synthetic vitamin conversion

+ so much more!

So if you are well rounded in the Macros, but want more info on the Micros; swipe through the page by page information on them and you will start to understand why we became so obsessed with returning back to nature with MultiFood! 

This E-Book will leave you with the mother of all knowledge bomb at your office's water cooler, that’s for sure! 

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