Aurum Oil E-Book (Free Download)

Find out why this 100% vegan source of EPA & DHA is making so many walk away from fish oil.

Ever wondered why Essential Fatty acids, Omegas, good fats, bad fats etc are all elements of a healthy diet that are drilled into us but no one really knows how to decipher and make sense of them all? If fish Oil gives us omegas and fish eat a variety of algae/plant based diets then can’t we get these omegas from plants? How does it all work, and why is there only ever talk about omega 3 and 6 when there is omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11?

What’s essential and what gets converted?

It’s an ocean of confusion that we are trying to wade through and rancid fish oil just won’t cut it anymore! We took the time to break down all of this for you in a free easy to read E-book, that will leave you feeling more confident navigating the world of essential fatty acids and less of an oily mess afterward!

What's In The Free E-Book?

  • Overview of the omega 3:6 Ratios and why they’re important
  • GLA, CLA, and CLnA – What these are, where they come from and what they do in the body!
  • What roles these essential fatty acids play in the body.
  • Why we opted for plant-based oils for Aurum oil.

Education is everything; it’s about questioning everything, making decisions that are best for your own body and taking control of your own health!

If you are keen to learn more about the importance of Fats and Oils on your body, then get your free copy of the Aurum Oil E-Book.

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