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Top 5 – Gutright Recipes!

We understand that it’s not always convenient to mix up a shot of Gutright and guzzle it down when you’re out and about. So, we have created some snacks that you can take with you that hit the spot and also taste amazing! Heres our Top 5 Picks of the bunch so far…

Gutright Spice Balls

If you have ever fallen head over heels for the cinnamon depth to a chai spice blend then these are a match made in heaven. Loaded with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, and Ginger; rolled in coconut to make the perfect bite-sized snack that pairs perfectly with that 3pm craving without the guilt!

Pumpkin Spiced Gutright Waffles

Pumpkin Spice, a huge addition in the US to so many things, pumpkin spiced latte, Pumpkin Pies… you name it there is a Pumpkin Spiced edition. With the blend of spices in Gutright, Pumpkin Spice seemed to fit perfectly… and we weren’t wrong! These waffles were absolutely incredible, so much so, they barely made it to the photos.

Gutright Choc Chip Cookies

There is no worse betrayal than that of a raisin cookie dressed up as a choc -chip cookie. Thankfully, these are ACTUALLY choc chip, so no deception there… other than the fact that they are hiding a serve of gutright. You wouldnt know it if we hadnt told you though, simply because they taste that damn good!

Apple and Pear Gutright Pie

Need we say more? With a deliciously crumbly shortcrust of Spelt and Oatmeal and a filling of sweet red apple, stewed in spices like cinnamon and Gutright and baked into an apple pie so delicious you will want to go back for seconds… I don’t think there’s more we can say really… it’s a game changer!

Gutright Chocolate Biscuit Slice (Vegan)

Last, but certainly not least – if you want a way to get that serve of Gutright in and make a bit of a chocolate-rich treat out of it that’s also vegan-friendly… Look no further, the chocolate, mixed with the crumble of ginger snaps like the ones we used in this recipe is like a party sensation for your taste buds!