“I’ve been having cort rx for 2 nights now and the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time and wake up refreshed and actually awake. I’ve had other products that are meant to do the same thing but cannot compare to this.”

“Wake up Refreshed and actually awake”

“I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on your Noway protein. About 4 years ago I discovered I was dairy intolerant and severely intolerant to whey in particular. This meant I had to give up all whey protein and began my search for a dairy free one. I cannot even count the amount I have tried, but I’d be pretty confident in saying I’d most likely tried every single one on the market and was never happy with any of them. Particularly because I knew what whey protein tasted like and how many options you had with them.

About a week ago I purchased a bag of your protein and OH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE!! I am so happy that there is finally a dairy free protein that doesn’t taste dairy free. It mixes like normal, isn’t gritty and did I mention it’s delicious?! Thank you ATP Science, you’ve changed my life!”


“My supplement stack at the moment and by far the best stack I’ve ever used! Over the years I’ve learned a few things about supplements. When I started training all I cared about was pre workout and protein powders. Now I couldn’t care less about the two. I’ve learned that using supplements that help with hormones, stress levels, stubborn fat loss and internal energy levels are far more beneficial then having a scoop of whey protein after you train. Don’t get me wrong, protein powders definitely have their place, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle, but I personally think we should be paying more attention to supplements that help us grow mentally as well as physically, from the inside out.” 👐

Stack Goals!

So I’ve worked 7 days straight and @atpscience CORT RX is my one true love / saving grace / insurance blanket / boo, coz I still feel bomb. Adaptogens are such vital, amazing, adrenal loving herbs and you’d be silly af to not utilise them in life. Take care of ya body; and it’ll take care of ya back.’

Cort Rx is my one true saving grace…

I saw a difference in my mood within 3 days With my cycle in two weeks! Went from 21 day cycle back up to 28 in the first few weeks of taking it.

Alpha Venus

I’ve been taking #multifood for about a month now and my nails have never been stronger!! Feeling pretty good too 
Warning though, this suppliment makes your a pee fluro green colour…. It’s a bit of a shock if you’re not expecting it 

My Nails have Never Been stronger!

Some positive feedback regarding your products as I had a body scan late last month and applying good nutrition, consistent training and supplementing with your fantastic product range (Multifood, AMP-V, Alpha Mars & Cort Rx) I have had amazing results!In 4 months my body fat % has gone from 14.9% to 7.3%!!! Visceral Fat rating down to 1/10 (prev 3/10) Increase in muscle and also bone mineralisation is high. (I am dairy free 90% of the time, and don’t drink milk ever) I feel better, have more energy during the day and a great side effect is that I look better and stronger.

Bryan Meggit

Never in my life have i ever had a better pump than mixing a scoop of my New Citrullline Malate with my Pre-workout! From this point on there wont be a supplement i buy that isn’t ATP!!! Will definitely repping ATP from now on! @maxwellarbiter



Never in my life…

Real BCAA, legit been on this for a week and already feel a major difference from other ‘Good Testing’ BCAA’s out there! Im in love with your company.


This is one of those supps that you dont realise exactly how much you need until you’ve been using it, then run out! I have used sleep formulas before and they’ve absolutely helped with sleep but with Cort Rx i dont wake up feeling Groggy or like i could still do with another 8 hours sleep! I wake up feeling fresh and that i have had a good QUALITY Sleep (Even if i do only get 5 hours sleep in) I am ready to attack the day head on with a spring in my step. Not Only does it help my body with sleep it helps my deal with stress, and as such, has helped with my body composition goals. Cort rx is an adaptogen so its not an Upper and its not a downer, it works with your body not against it!

1 week with Cort Rx

I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on your no way protein. About 4 years ago I discovered I was dairy intolerant and severely intolerant to whey in particular. This meant I had to give up all whey protein and began my search for a dairy free one. I cannot even count the amount I have tried, but I’d be pretty confident in saying I’d most likely tried every single one on the market and was never happy with any of them. Particularly because I knew what whey protein tasted like and how many options you had with them. About a week ago I purchased a bag of your protein and OH MY GOD IM IN LOVE!! I am so happy that there is finally a dairy free protein that doesn’t taste dairy free. It mixes like normal, isn’t gritty and did I mention it’s delicious?! Thank you ATP Science, you’ve changed my life!

Josie Pachi @josiepachi

I’m am so grateful to have found such an amazing range that’s provides me with consistent results 🙌🏼

I was originally introduced to the ATP range by my husband , he is a personal trainer & recommend me to give it a go.

I was finding no matter how much cardio I would do & changes in my diet etc I still had those stubborn fatty areas that wouldn’t budge ! Until I discovered Subcut  …  I began using it daily before training , at bedtime & Noticed a significant difference in my skin !

My cellulite improved dramatically & my skin appeared & felt firmer ☺️

Then I began to combine the Subcut with the Block E3 – This is honestly the ultimate duo !! I used them on my lower abdomen, thighs & butt , helping me to really target those trouble areas.

I have since checked out some of the podcasts, learn’t heaps & begun to incorporate other ATP products into my regime ☺️

I’m Absolutely loving the Noway Protein 🙌🏼 I use it post training combined with the L- Glutamine as a shake , adding it into my oats or make protein pancakes !! 😋

Seriously delicious, easy to digest & noticed a great improvement in muscle tone.

I have also recently started to take the Mulitfood & Alpha Venus daily ☺️

I feel revitalised & very have more stabilised energy throughout the day.

I am honestly so impressed by the ATP Science range ! I love that the products do exactly what they say & the results speak for themselves. Hands down the best supplement range & now an essential part of my everyday routine ☺️

Sarah Burley @_sarah_hola_

I tell you what I’ve just stumbled onto your podcast in the last couple off days. I’ve just listened to the Rugrats one and I’m blown away. So much non Bullshit info it’s fantastic. I’ve now downloaded from the start and work my way through. Cheers!

Gary D. Gary D.

“Ive been using mars for a while now and it’s amazing. The best test booster I’ve used and responded to. Thanks atp. :D”

Daniel Callow Daniel Callow

“The level of knowledge that the ATP Science podcasts brings is out of this world. The guys do an amazing job of explaining things with a bucket load of information, but do it in a way that you can understand and truly take something away from. The Podcast is second only to the products these guys produce, Jeff and Matt thanks for making all of your listeners smarter from the listening experience!”

Jraft201184 – Itunes Jraft201184 - Itunes

“I often get asked, now that I’ve had cancer if I’m more careful with what I put in my body…the answer is YES!! ATP Science is the one brand I can confidently use knowing it’s benefiting my body and helping it to repair after 6 months of chemo damage! I know I preach a lot about this brand but there’s a good reason for it…It actually works and I’ve never felt so good!!”

Kaitlin Jade Kaitlin Jade

Cort RX is the best thing since sliced bread! My sleep is sound and my anxiety levels have leveled out 👌 I can’t priase this amazing product enough. I tell everyone about it 🙏 thank you!”

Karla Hodgen Karla Hodgen

Just felt that I should tell you guys how great Alpha Prime has been for me, so that I can thank you and ATP and also help anyone else who is thinking about taking it.

I’ve been on the birth control Diane since I was 16 for teenage acne. As you know it’s very high in estrogen. It stopped the acne but over a few years I gained fat in the typical areas like quads, triceps, lower glutes and lower belly. Whenever I tried to stop taking it I would miss a period for months, or I’d gain ever more weight. I was always dieting but never lost fat in those areas. And despite 4 strength training sessions a week for 2 years with my coach, I had little increase in muscle mass. We both knew it was because of all the estrogen in my system.

I fell pregnant and gave birth to my son in November. Even after pregnancy I felt I could tell the difference in my body from not taking the pill anymore. My skin hadnt broken out from not taking it. But all the pregnancy fat was still clinging to those estrogen areas despite a strict diet and exercise regime.

I started taking alpha prime in April. Within two weeks, the fat fell off my triceps. After a month I could see definition in my quads. And thanks to Prime, I had my first regular 28 day cycle since having a baby and I experienced no cramping or PMS symptoms. It caught me by surprise. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke I continued taking it for another month, and experienced the same. 28 days, like clockwork. No cramps, no bloating. I haven’t had a regular cycle without the pill since I was 16.

I don’t have exact figures for the muscle mass as I haven’t had a body comp reading but I can tell I have more definition throughout my body. Not sure if it’s because the fat is finally stripping off or I’m actually increasing muscle. Either way I can see a difference. I wish I took photos but I honestly didn’t think to because I didn’t expect it to work so well.

I felt that I should acknowledge this because the fact that it improved my cycle even after having a baby is monumental. That’s when hormones are at their craziest but I’ve never felt better. And it’s all thanks to this stuff.

Juanita Russell Juanita Russell

Since i started using CapZea i haven’t experienced pain during or after sport. Whether it is my knee, ankles, heels or Achilles – using the CapZea on a daily basis or before a game has helped relieve and eliminate any pain in those areas! :)

Steven P. Steven P

Hi, My name is Andrew for the last 6 months i have been using Alpha prime+mars, Amp v, T432, Subcut and recently just changed my protein to your noway protein, Guys wow and thankyou i have been training for a while now and these products are by far the best on the market. I have a so many posotive changes and feel great. Its great to finally have products that are worth their cost. You guys have gained a customer for life out of me. THANKYOU. Regards Andrew.

Andy Andrew G.

Hi guys! Just wanted to say, I LOVE what you are doing with your education, podcasts, and products. I haven’t used any of your products yet, but I cannot wait to get my hands on some ASAP! I am a personal trainer and am studying nutritional medicine, which focuses on a holistic approach to health and has a big emphasis on biochemical pathways – exactly what you guys talk about each podcast. I cannot convey how happy I am that you guys are out there, de-bunking mainstream bullshit myths regarding nutrition, and overall health in general. The more people listen to you, the better. I think I’ve listened to 8 of your podcasts in the last 2 days. Keep getting your message out there!! Emma 🙂

“This is the strongest/longest my nails have ever naturally been About 3 months ago (after 10 years of having gels on) I decided to swap to shellac and give them a bit of a break because they had become so weak… I also started taking @atpscience Multi Food! Since I started taking this amazing product my hair/nails have been growing non-stop and my skin has cleared up a lot too  I’ve never really been one to believe in the ‘traditional’ multivitamin, but this baby is different! Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their general health and wellbeing!”

Meegan Wilmot meeganwilmot

Why I will NEVER EVER take a standard multivitamin again.  Most multivitamins that are sold are SYNTHETIC vitamins made from some pretty scary and strange things, and can do some pretty scary and strange things to your body including acting as a toxin, putting extra strain on the body, and contributing to many diseased states. A lot of the vitamins in multis don’t even have the necessary co-factors to work, or the correct bio-availability, potentially causing negative reactions in the body. NATURE KNOWS BEST, which is why this Multi-FOOD is so brilliant. This is the most simple explanation of multivitamins. The company who create this Multi Food supplement @atpscience have so many fantastic resources on their site so check it out.

“For the first time in 6 months I’ve been given the all clear and now allowed to go back to full time training/prep and dieting, massive shout out to my coach for being patient with me and flexible to work around my mental health issues that were a direct result of my physical health issues. It’s probably been the hardest 6 months and most testing, I have a lot of work to do to get back on top but it’s not going to stop me, if anything!
To make sure that I’m taking care of myself properly and my body is functioning at its optimal I’m incorporating @atpscience everything into my everyday life. – Cort Rx – For cortisol balance, anti-inflammatory and to aid sleep.
– Alpha Prime – Designed to increase Testosterone and DHEA while clearing away excessive estrogen. – Alpha Venus – Building up my progesterone and also helping clear excessive estrogen.
– T432 Plus – To maximise my resting metabolic rate.
– Multi Food – All natural, Mutli vitamin made from whole foods.
As someone who suffers from Cervical Cancer and both PCOS & Endometriosis, this combination has bought me nothing but comfort and cortisol control and after getting the all clear for Endometriosis after 2 years, It’s only up and up from here! No amount of anxiety, depression or stress can hold me back when I have ATP helping me out.”

Nicole Blachut nicole_universalsupps

Hands down one of my fav ATP product!
Let’s be honest all of their products are amazaballs. The Multi Food however has personally helped me a lot. I have a vitamin C & Iron deficiency!
Since trying the Multi Food I feel better than ever It has also helped my performance & results in the gym!

Muscles By Mel melsmusclesquad

I’ve always been sceptical about supplements, but since @atpscience created multifood, I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my health.
I have suffered from hay fever every year for gosh knows how long when ever spring hits till winter rolls around. Since taking the multi, My hay fever symptoms have subsided to almost nothing.
Ive also had eczema my whole life, I’ve noticed improvements in that area too, my skin is so much more softer, fresher and way less dry. I have the best nails I’ve had my whole life!
If you’re currently taking multi vitamins, *throw them away* it’s most likely made from synthetic, genetically modified poop and try the mutlifood by ATP, it will change your life!

Karryn Karryn

I wanted to have a chat about these two supplements that have vastly improved many aspects of my life. Multi Food and Cort RX by @atpscience. I have been using theses for a month and have noticed a HUGE difference to my life.
My son isn’t a good sleeper, I’ve made no secret of that and I had heard that #CortRX helped with adrenal fatigue, more solid sleep, better concentration levels and mood improvement. They had me at sleep! With a lack of sleep brings an array of problems with mood and concentration. Since using CortRX consistently I have been able to get better quality sleep, have been far less anxious and snappy, am able to think clearly, concentrate better and am over all, a much happier person. I’m really impressed!! Since using the #MultiFood I no longer rely on an iron supplement, which is a HUGE deal for me! My hair has grown, it’s more manageable (my hair is very thick naturally) and my nails are strong and thick. I’m really taken back by how two supplements have significantly improved life for me.
I just feel more positive in general.
What a game changer!
Check out their pod casts for more information. I found the podcasts fascinating!
Tired grumpy mumas check it out!!

My favourite product by ATP Science that I can’t live without is Cort RX!  I had blood tests done about 4 months ago that came back with extremely high cortisol levels and my doctor told me that I needed to ‘stress less’.  I’ve been taking the Cort RX now and not only has it helped to bring down those high cortisol levels, it also helps me to get an amazing nights sleep – thank you ATP!

Good For Me goodfoodforme

ATP Science has most definitely changed my life. By stacking Cort RX with Alpha Venus I have finally been able to get my hormones under control, see the results I want and have a good nights sleep again. I can safely say that I’m now a very happy and loyal customer. 100% would recommend.

Michelle Littlefair MichelleElizabeth

“Finally I found something that works. Thanks to ATP and there amazing products they helped me lose 8% body fat and 2kg muscle gain in just 8 weeks. I used the Alpha Venus, T432, BlockE3, Amp-V and CortRX. They are all amazing but my favourite is CortRX and I can’t live without it now. Before I had restless night sleeps waking up a dozen times during the night and stressed during the day. Since using CortRX I love how it relexes me before bed and it gives me a good night sleep waking up fresh and ready for the day.”

Krystal Lovering klovering53

Firstly, i just wanted to say a massive thank you for the insane amount of information and help ATP science openly and honestly provides. It’s literally life changing 👏🏼👊🏼

Secondly, I finished school in 2015 and knew I wanted to go to university and do something within the health field but couldn’t make up my mind so I had a gap year. Throughout that gap year I did a fair bit of travelling and my boyfriend suggested I should start listening to podcasts and I stumbled across yours! By the second episode I had bought a notebook to take notes and now it’s getting close to full 😂 All those hand cramps, google searches and 46283 misspelled scientific words and I knew exactly where I wanted to go and be in life. I am so flippen excited to begin my nutrition degree this year and I just wanted to say thank you for having such an impact on my personal health, goals and knowledge and inspiring me to help educate others

I’m also (very) slowly building up my ATP science stack and I’m so stoked with the changes I’ve already noticed just by using the AMP-V! I placed an order the other day and I can’t wait for that to arrive. I’ve been using the Block E3 for the last week aswell and I’ve noticed a massive difference in only a couple of days – so happy!

I know this is all a bit daggy but I just had to give credit where it’s due 😂 thanks for all the time and effort you put into changing other people’s lives 😊

Jess Tingey Jess Tingey

ATP products have become the core of my existence. Now that may seem a bit extreme but seriously, I am the most conscious person when it comes to supplementation.
Having my body internally destroyed by radiation and surgery means I am hugely affected by a lot of chemicals and products. Not only that but as someone who university’s studies revolve around evidence based practice I’m a huge sceptic about a lot of products and what they market.
So I started listening to ATP’s podcasts a while ago and it became an addiction. Everything they said made such perfect sense. It was the most unbiased, evidence based, realistic research I have ever heard in the fitness industry.
So I started to slowly add in their products and see if it was for me… damn f’ing right it was for me!
Let’s start with I only 3/4 of an ovary, I believe the Alpha Venus (not pictured) played a role in my conceiving (this coming from someone with double digits of miscarriages). As a chronic and adrenal fatigue sufferer I gained more energy, I was alert more, I could function better. My cellulite which is very dominate in me started to reduce, my metabolism started to increase, my skin started to clear up, my moods were more balanced.
I completely stand behind this company and applaud them for their research. I’m definitely obsessed!

lats_kki lats_kki

I’ve been using Alpha Venus for my very persistent hormone migraines for 3 months now and it’s worked.  I’m amazed and delighted with your product, thank you!

Sarah Staerk sarahstaerk

How amazing is ATP Alpha Venus!! So I’ve always suffered migraines like to the point of lying in bed of a morning before medication would kick in an ease it.  I started taking Venus about 3 weeks ago to help with my training/weight loss originally not knowing what it would do for my migraines, at the start I thought what did I waste my money on, but just this last week and a half I’ve lost all of my bloat/water retention around my lower body, I’ve been feeling more alive and call it coincidence if you want but touch wood I haven’t had a migraine or headache in over 2 weeks or even needed pain killers to ease one which could suggest they are related to an imbalance of hormones.  Thanks Alpha Venus @atpscience

ms_t89 ms_t89

Hi ATP, my names Scottie, I’m a Crohn’s & Colitis sufferer and Im still on daily meds plus regular IV treatments for the disease.  Because of these I have very limited diet and havent even been able to take protein shakes until the last week.  I’ve tried many supplements all of which felt like they were tearing my insides apart….I was told about ATP Science from a friend, I first tried the Amp-V whichw as great, mixed it with an espresso twice a day.  Then I bought Alpha Mars and T432 Plus.  Both of these products have given me great results without effecting my Crohn’s at all.  I feel like I have the energy to get a good session done daily and it’s really motivated me to keep pushing after a horrible, nearly life ending 2 year sickness period.  I can’t wait to try other products like Alpha Prime.  Hopefully as my diet begins to change I will see even more drastic results.  I just wanted to let you know your products are great and although they weren’t designed with it in mind it’s really helping me out.  I’m 3 weeks back into gym, up to 14.8 stone from 10.4 when I crashed, again thank you ATP!

Scottie Wheldon Scottie_wheldon

I’ve been using all ATP products for the past 2 1/2 to 3 years. My favourite products are Infrared and Capzea. In the past I use to struggle with sleep after training sessions and after matches with other pre workouts. And slowly started to see a drop in production in my training sessions both on the field and in the gym and in games. It just got to a point where i just got a buzz for 5 to 10 mins then would be flat for the rest of the session or match. When i made the switch to Infrared, sleep was no longer anonymous and training and match productions improved significantly and i no longer felt flat during sessions or matches. I use it pre and post workout.
With Capzea i use to struggle with jumpers knees (patella pain). I was given this product and it started working immediately. I use to use deep heat to try mask the pain and would strap my knees for relief. I also recently had knee (medial, lateral and posterior ligament tear and meniscus damage) and leg (2 fractures to my tibia, nothing to do with patella pain :D) surgery and applied capzea to it to help me push through pain with my rehab. It helped accelerate my recovery and thanks to this product it helped my knee and leg feel just as good as it was post injury. I use it now to help with scar tissue pain and after heavy leg weights sessions to help counter act muscle soreness.
All in all I absolutely love these products. Entering my prime years (27 years old) as a rugby player i honestly think that these products to prolong my career for atleast another 7 years maybe more. And I would have ATP to thank.

Joseph Tomane Joetomane

Just passing on some amazing news that I am so proud of.

My best friend/business partner, has been struggling with belly fat for years. Although she competed in 2015, she was still carrying weight around her tummy and could not get lean enough.

Since then, Mel has been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and was put on medication. As I was already using most of ATP Science products I told her to start using them too. Well, she has now been for her update with the Dr as she had her 6 month bloods taken. The best news, she is a healthy specimen and all bloods have come back better than normal!! Her Dr asked how she had done it and Mel gave her the list of ATP that she was using (T432 and Prime). She was astounded and is now going to tell all her patients.

Not just this, Mel’s moods have changed dramatically, she copes with stress far better and she is now getting leaner without even dieting. Due to Chris Thomas and his wonderful knowledge and ATP Sciences podcasts that I listen to when I can, I have learnt so much about gut health. Sauerkraut and Kefir are a daily thing in both Mel and my house. We even have some in our fridge at the gym!! Your podcast Gut-ed was brilliant.

I will never go without ATP Science products again and I personally feel that it has also helped with my moods throughout my prep. I have got no cravings whatsoever, I sleep better and my anxiety is controlled. It is now getting to the stage that I am considering coming off my anti-depressant to see how I cope.

My followers that live outside of Australia are asking more and more about the products and I refer them to the podcasts as they mostly have the answers. They are so informative.

Not just that, Mel and I are finally living our dream and have opened up our own gym. We had our first seminar on Saturday with our dietitian which went really well. I also spoke about supplementing your diet with ATP products and everybody went away to listen to your podcasts. I now have quite a few people that are hooked and have already purchased what they require.

So, ATP Science, you are life changing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joy Flint Joyaflint

I almost have the whole shop now. Been using them for almost 6 months and a lot of people have noticed the change in my body shape due to my high estrogen locked away in my fat cells which has now dropped from using Alpha Prime/Alpha Venus and Block E3. Also check out their podcast atp project. So much general health information :-)

Mandi Lee @mandilee_fitness

ATP Science produce such a high calibre of products that when used consistently with proper nutrition and training regime delivers exactly what is described! I have tried other products that are described to be comparable to the products I’ve used in the ATP range and I can’t say anything can quite compare to the quality that these products deliver
You definitely get what you pay for!

Mel Bagnato

NOWAY PROTEIN ………One of the best new initiatives on the market for people wishing to push the boundaries with their athletic performance!  I HIGHLY recommend this product as an additional supportive supplementation. Why? Since taking this product from the day it went onto the market (about 3 weeks ago) my performance, recovery and energy levels has increased significantly!
My background ……. I am a female in my early 50s, training with a elite bodybuilding coach 5 times a week…….INTENSE ! We have been on a strength cycle since being on this product and even my coach is shocked in how quickly I am recovering, the lack of DOMS, the increase of my strength (increased by approx. 20-30%) and the level of energy and positivity I arrive at each 5am session and YES my body fat is noticeably reducing and there is even movement on my stubborn spots (lower abdomen). So if this is the result of taking the product, as prescribed (15g per day) after such a short period of time, I am excited to see where I can take my body transformation in the next 3 months and beyond! Thanks so much ATP ……… looking forward to see what products you introduce in the future!

Lee Mineo

Hi guys, Just a shout out to you all. I listen to your podcast weekly and they really help me look at shit in a different light. Thank you for talking natural, thank you for not trying to jam your product down my throat. And a massive thank you for the Noway protein coming on the market 😱 I don’t get headaches from it, no bloating, no gagging, I have tried everything and gave up until now. So thank you again. Keep up the good work guys🤘Owww and a big shout out to Mass Nutrition in Morayfield Qld, for giving me a good sample to insure my tummy will cope. Good people making it and selling it. Ahhh life’s good 🙌 Cheers Alana👊

Alana lana_01_

Just wanted to drop an email in regards to a couple of products that i am using within your range.
I listen to the podcast regularly and love being informed with as much information as i can possibly get from them, which has lead me to experimenting with a couple of products
I purchased Capzea as i had a little soreness in my arm and Prototype 8 for a couple of reasons after listening to a couple of the podcast.
Although i am female i wanted to experiment with Prototype 8 and i am just amazed with the result i have had within a short period of time (5 days) and this is not for the Pump of the muscle.
My biggest reason for contacting you is i have suffered for close to a year eyes that wont stop watering and i’m talking hours on end, it has looked like i have been crying all day and of course they have been sore and red.
The doctor has never been able to pin point or fix the problem. I’m assuming it is either tear ducts or most probably sinus.
No matter what i have tried, Vitamins, sprays, salt nasal baths, Zytec etc it has not stopped up until now……
Over the weekend i started to apply Prototype 8 and Capzea to my arms and neck and my eyes have all of a sudden stopped watering it has been amazing to have this automatic fix.
No more tears WOO HOO!
I also have started to use AMP- V for fat loss, Noway after training and Cort rx at night to get the best sleep possible.

Donna O’Sullivan osulldonna

Listening to the anxiety, depression and insomnia podcast has completely changed my outlook on my condition. Realizing there is a natural alternative to anti-depressants and that there isnt ‘anything wrong with me’. Matt and Jeff explained everything so well and most of all reassured me. Currently on Alpha Venus and weening off the Anti-Depressants.

Sonjeeeee Sonjeeeee

I was first introduced to ATP Science products when i was in Melbourne at the Arnold Classic 2015 where i met Jeff Doidge and i told him i use a supplement called dim to help detox. He told me about their Alpha Venus which works much better then Dim in so many ways and i have never looked back. Since then i use prototype 8 before training for a pump and after training to draw nutrients to the muscle and i find Subcut worked a treat when you get very lean to show off the Glutes and Hamstrings for Mr. Australia! Awesome products and the best part is they work!

Jimmmypp101 Jimmmypp101

For the past 5 years, my health has been declining rapidly. I was given ATP Alpha Venus from an Osteopath I had just started seeing for my chronic pain. I have Narcolepsy, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Kidney issues, Orthostatic Hypotension and a few other things to deal with. Also, of course, I also get depressed, as you could imagine having to deal with these issues. I have lost my job, my licence is restricted, my social life is dead and I am struggling just to raise my three kids. I was feeling as if I was a waste of space (I just knew I had so much more to offer the world).
Then something amazing occurred, that no doctor, specialist or other alternative health care professional could make happen. I became “normal”. I just assumed this supplement would be good for a few days, then like all of them, my body ‘get used to it’ and reverts back to struggling just to pump blood around my body. Words simply cannot explain how I feel. I wasn’t taking this to increase my performance in sports, I was taking this to just get one more year with my kids, as I knew something else was coming (they were going to do further testing for MS, Parkinson’s and/or Epilepsy). Now I feel as if all of my internal cogs are moving, they are very rusty and not moving well, but they are moving all together. I am not holding 1ltr of fluid at night, I am not getting Fibro pain, my IBS is dormant, I don’t have chronic low back pain for the Endometriosis, I am healing at a normal rate, I don’t feel my heart, like not at all, no heat palpations, no BP issues, nothing! But the most incredible results are what it is doing to my Narcolepsy. I am awake. This might sound silly to most people, but anyone with any sleep disorder would understand the emotion behind that particular statement. I AM NOW AWAKE. Not all my issues have disappeared, but they are less debilitating to the point now I can make dinner each night, and that is amazing for me. I find myself looking at the container, waiting for the time to have more again, like I am starting to become addicted (I feel like my body knows that this is what I need and it needs/wants more!)
I have been on this supplement for 7 days now. I am documenting my experience and some may think I am jumping the gun on this, but I can assure you, 7 days of no/low symptoms feel like I have won the lottery as it is just as rare for me.
I am writing this not to push sales, I am not associated with the company in any way shape or form. I am just trying to help one other person feel as happy, and hopeful (insert happy tears) as I am feeling at this very moment in my life.
Thank you so much for allowing me to just be alive again, next, is to start to live again. I am even looking for excuses to leave the house, yeah, I actually want to go shopping at the supermarket with a toddler only because my body is allowing me to. I feel free to do as I please. I don’t know how you have done it, no seriously, I have no idea and need to know more! I have a degree in health science, and haven’t have a job for 12 months now, I am even getting my resume ready to start to apply for jobs, that’s how confident I feel right now. If there actually are real life zombies on this planet, I was 100% one of them. Hey, if I was told eating brains would have helped me, I would have done it, that’s how desperate I have been and I know other with Narcolepsy are just as desperate to find something that will bring them back to life.
I could go on, but I am sure you are struggling enough to read about my problems so I’ll leave it there. Thank you again ATP, you have given my kids their mum back. And thank you to whom even has had the energy to read this (high five), I am super stoked I had the energy to write it.
Sincerely, Ready to live again, Chrissy.

Chrissy Lakey Chrissy Lakey

Ever Since using ATP Products i have noticed a great deal in weight/Muscle/Hormone management. I sware by every product in the ATP Range and will continue to stand by them

Kaleb Wharepouri Kaleb Wharepouri

Cort RX – My husband always had interrupted sleep, waking up nearly every night in the middle of the night! After feedback from a FAQ on a podcast with Matt and Jeff he started on Cort RX. Now he only wakes up to his alarm and has also noticed a change in energy levels. Massive impact on day to day quality of life, well worth it!

Jess White Jess White

1. The podcasts are super informative plus entertaining. At TUFF we seek out the most up-to-date info on improving body comp and health in the world – we rate Matt as one of our most trusted sources of info.
2. We have full confidence that ATP Science supplements use only the highest quality ingredients and are formulated according to the most current knowledge and expertise out there. We see many positive outcomes in health, wellbeing and body composition in our clients who use the supplements.
3. The company and staff are super friendly and helpful. You feel like you are dealing with friends rather than a company.

Tuff Team Tuff Team

After trying for over 12 months to shift some weight with no luck i found out about ATP and thought why not give it ago. Within 3 months I had lost 16.5kgs and 51cms around my body! I I was also on anxiety medication for 2years!!! And slowly weaned myself of and now Cort rx is my only supp for my anxiety and stress and is by far Amazing!! I can’t thank the ATP Science team enough for helping my change my life to be a better mum and be happier within my own self!!

Te Pania Carey Te Pania Carey

Throughout the years I’ve used several different pre and intra workout combinations, recently I’ve begun using Amp-v and black coffee pre-workout in combination with infrared intra workout and have noticed the difference in my performance, I’ve been beating personal best in almost every session as well as noticing my endurance being higher than usual!

Justin Ruhle Justin Ruhle

Being a Health Professional myself Im always looking for the best approach to both improve the way myself and my clients move their bodies. ATP science provide a full proof holistic approach to all things health allowing even the sedentary individual to benefit. I cant speak highly enough of this brand and everything it endorses. ATP Science’ Products and Podcasts continue to astound me with the amazing support they provide to their fans. They really are making the world a better place with simple health education!

Lachlan Gaedtke Lachlan Gaedtke

It took me a while to find ATP Science but when I did my whole life changed for the better. I have gained so much knowledge about health and fitness but also life balance! The support and encouragement from ATP science would have to be the most valuable asset I have received. From the podcasts to the science ATP Science will give you belief and faith that YOU CAN achieve anything by doing the hard yards and trusting the process.

Lauren Hume Lauren Hume

Having recently joined the #ATPTribe I received a bottle of Infrared NRG to supplement alongside my Daily Dietary requirements. Developed by the awesome team behind @atpscience amazing products, Infrared is a stimulant free pre-workout containing:
– High quality synergistic amino acids
– Electrolytes
– Schisandra berries (beetroot extract base)
– 25g of carbohydrate (100 Calories) per serve to fuel activity
Having periodically cycled the product as both a pre-workout & post-workout for Electrolyte and Carbohydrate replenishment. I’ve yet to experience a typical ‘crash’ one can have when trailing out pre-workouts. After spending an extended amount of time relying solely on Nutrients, Meal timing & Caffeine to coincide with my workouts, I’ve always been on the lookout for an extra edge in overall performance & stability. Having used their #limitless products for quite some time, I have yet to have had a bad workout thanks to the Tasty Natural Plant based ingredients. With plenty of Science backed evidence & support including crazy scientist Matt, I couldn’t recommend these guys any further. Needless to say their products never let me down!

Franz Cruz Franz Cruz

Pictures speak the truth. In 12 months I have managed to change my life with incorporating a healthy active lifestyle by daily exercise, good nutrition and ensuring my daily supplements are met. Picture on the right, me in November 2015, picture on the left me November 2016. The biggest challenge I had when I was introduced to the world of supplements, was trying to source a product range I was able to trust and one that I knew used the best ingredients. I found that every time I searched a product I would never know what the exact ingredients were used to make the products, chemicals used nor if fillers were used.

When I was introduced to the ATP range, the first thing the sale rep confirmed, was that ATP use natural ingredients with no fillers. The skeptic I am, I researched the range and found that it was true, the products were made with the highest quality ingredients, with no fillers. From then, I have incorporated pretty much the whole range into different parts of my life within the past 12 months. T432 Plus, Cort RX, AMP-V, Multi Food, Alpha Prime, Alpha Mars, Block E3 and Subcut, with my wife using Multi Food and Alpha Venus to regulate her menstrual cycle.  I truly believe that the right supplements are extremely important and need to be used as a daily part of everyone’s life. Having tried so many different products on the market, the ATP range is the best in my opinion and the positive results speak for itself. Its clean, natural and very effective. Knowing that ATP is part of my everyday means greater health and vitality.

Tony Pastore Tony Pastore

Like many females out there I struggle with irregular, painful periods and have PCOS/endometriosis. From a young age I was thrown on the pill which probably did more damage than good. By using Alpha Venus this has helped me have a regular period that became painless. I don’t have mood swings, break outs or crave shitty food either. Alpha Venus also gives me a happy go lucky feeling, who doesn’t want that? Thanks ATP for bringing out such a great product (I should say products cause they’re all amazing).

Annie Newton Annie Newton

Alpha Mars, sex drive of an 18 year old male again…

Theosis Northam Theosis Northam

Finding ATP science was an absolute universal god send! It’s enabled me to shift stubborn fat, gain lean muscle, lose weight, think clearer, sleep better, recover quicker and feel amazing NATURALLY! The enormous amount of knowledge I’ve gained on top of that has empowered me and given me the tools to better myself and help those around me do the same.

Eliza Hedley Eliza Hedley

Rarely is there a company that is so transparent about their products. ATP are not only a brand with a conscience but a supportive knowledgeable bunch of experts who continue to impress me week by week. Congratulations ATP Science.

Logan Poon Logan Poon

Finding ATP Science has been nothing short of life changing for me!
I have seen massive change and improvement with every one of their products that I’ve tried so far. I currently use their AMP-V, Multi Food and Cort RX every day and the Block E3 and Sub Cut when getting ready for a comp or Photoshoot. It’s been great to find such a versatile range of products that are not only suitable for me, but extremely helpful for my family, friends and clients.
Since the first time I ever listened to the podcast show, I became ATP Science obsessed. It’s been so cool to find a company that I instantly felt aligned with and who “gets it” like the team at ATP Science do. Matt and Jeff have this amazing ability to make the complex seem simple and easy to understand. Thank you ATP Science for your on going education and giving me the tools to get the most out of my body!

Jaz Correll Jaz Correll