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Subcut now with Du Zhong

I can’t help myself. I have made a small but significant change to SUBCUT. Since we were changing packaging I figured; why not make it work better too.
Sanguisorba was originally added for dermal collagen support with the intended purpose of helping with skin elasticity to tighten skin after fat loss and to flatten skin lumps and bumps with cellulite. Sanguisorba is very good for this and works very well; BUT Du Zhong is better. Du Zhong does the same thing as sanguisorba for the skin elasticity, dermal collagen support, antioxidant actions etc. to help tighten the skin PLUS it does a whole lot more. In fact, I have been trialling Du zhong in subcut for the last few years with a variety of athletes and naturopathic clients and seen great results.
Du Zhong is added to T432 plus as a powerful fat burner. When taken orally it helps with insulin sensitivity, inflammation and hormonal modulation for fat burning. It does this by controlling “adipokines”. Adipokines are chemicals released from fat cells that cause fat cells to get fatter and make more fat cells. Adipokines can cause estrogen problems, insulin problems, swelling and lumpy fat pockets, degrade dermal collagen causing poor skin elasticity and stretch marks and fluid retention.
Adding Du Zhong to SUBCUT will still gradually work on the connective tissue and dermal collagen to help with stretch marks and loose skin over time but it will also create some faster changes by addressing inflammation and adipokines that contribute to fluid retention, bloating, swelling, pits and troughs associated with subcutaneous fat pushing out into the dermal layers and bulging the skin. Du Zhong also helps to keep the layers between the skin and the muscle layers dryer and more vascular helping to create the dry hardness necessary to improve muscle definition and muscle striations.

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