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Subcut – 15 Years In The Making

Subcut took 15 years to make. So many versions over so many years failed to work. The concept was sound but just could not get the ingredients to work transdermally in a cream base. I used to have to make a decoction and soak wet towels and connect to electrical current (a process known as electrophoresis) to get it to work. Eventually, I got the right combination of actives with the right molecular weight combined with penetration enhancers to get the results my clients deserved.

The Concept

The concept is simple. 80-95% of our body fat is in subcutaneous storage sites under the skin; less than 2mm under the skin to be more specific. Only 5-15% is visceral fat surrounding our internal organs. Visceral fat responds very quickly to changes in diet and exercise and oral supplements but subcutaneous fat is resistant. It is so much harder to burn subcutaneous fat, which is why when you start any fat loss campaign the visceral fat goes first and the damn love handles are still there and seem to be getting more isolated. This is why we can hit a plateau and why we get good results initially and then everything stops.

Insult to injury

The real insult to injury is that it is the subcutaneous fat we see in the mirror making the rolls and bulges and it is the subcutaneous fat the PT’s are pinching with their calipers and assessing our progress. It is the subcutaneous fat that reduces our muscle definition.

Is it possible to Spot Reduce?

Spot reduction is possible. It is hard to believe because there have been so many products released to market claiming they can do it but they failed so we have become skeptical.

The ingredients in Subcut have all been tested to confirm transdermal penetration and an ability to mobilize stored fat from under the skin.

They work synergistically to create an effective strategy specific for increasing lipolysis in subcutaneous fat by:

  • Direct activation of adenylate cyclase and stimulation of cAMP
  • Inhibition of phosphodiesterase to preserve cAMP
  • Direct Beta Adrenoceptors agonist to stimulate fat burning
  • Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and enhancement of the release and activity of catecholamines to further activate Beta Adrenoceptors
  • Up-regulation of uncoupling proteins the most potent inducers of thermogenesis

How Long until you see results?

Within a week or two, you start to notice the subcutaneous fatty tissue change. It starts to pop and bust apart and thin out. Initially, this was happening too fast so I have added some extra ingredients to improve skin elasticity and integrity of the dermal collagen.

Add Subcut to your body shaping campaign stack. Use it twice daily after showers morning and night and definitely use it again before training. Make sure you take accurate before and after measurements with a tape measure, calipers are ideal and take some photos and have a good feel of you fatty tissue as you apply it. You will be amazed at how effective it is. It has become the secret weapon for competitive bodybuilders, bikini men, and women, physique and fitness models to cut up before events.

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