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Prototype 8

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Product Description


 What is Prototype 8?

Prototype 8 is an international patent rights pending serum that is massaged directly into a target muscle group immediately prior to exercise and/or after exercise.

What exactly does Prototype 8 do?

  • Induce powerful vasodilation and pump when applied directly to the target muscle group you are training.
  • Feel the muscle burn and pump within seconds as blood floods the local area.
  • Powerful induction of thermogenesis in subcutaneous and inter-muscular fat.
  • The muscle bundle becomes engorged with blood within 1 or 2 sets.
  • This holds nutrients and the prototype 8 active ingredients in the target zone. longer to induce protein synthesis; enhancing muscle growth and reducing muscle breakdown.

What is the addition of Rosemary Oil for?

The addition of rosemary essential oil has added the following benefits;

  • Muscle mind connection
  • Increased mental clarity and focus immediately
  • Enhanced microcirculation
  • Enhanced penetration of other active ingredients
  • Improve form and technique
  • Blocks pain
  • Enhanced glucose disposal into muscle

Stimulatory effects of Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is used for mental strain, dullness, lethargy or exhaustion.  Rosemary essential oil crosses the blood brain barrier after massage and inhalation faster than an oral supplement can. Due to its high lipophilicity; the fragrance molecule easily penetrate the blood brain barrier and enter to the brain following inhalation or massage.

Rosemary oil is a very powerful stimulant of the brain and central nervous system (CNS) making it a very effective tool in helping to clear the mind and focus on the task at hand; increasing mental awareness and activating the mind muscle connection.

Rosemary oil also has the unique ability of working transdermal and via inhalation to access the brain and CNS without adding burden to the adrenal gland and stimulating excessive catabolic cortisol release. Rosemary oil can activate the sympathetic nervous system to induce alertness and energetic arousal like caffeine or amphetamines and amphetamine-like compounds can but has actually been shown to decrease cortisol release.

The combination of rosemary oil with peppermint oil has a synergistic effect and the combination shows a more profound action than when used alone.

Rosemary oil also enhances the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, an acetylcholine degradation enzyme which results in an accumulation of acetylcholine in nerve synapses; focus, concentration span and growth and recovery.

Local effects of rosemary

Vasodilation typically reduces the blood pressure in vasculature. Transdermal vasodilators have a more localized effect specifically opening up the blood vessels at the area of application. This leads to reduced blood pressure in the vasculature feeding the muscle; reducing oxygenation of the muscle which is pressure related; causing a greater burn and inhibiting reps.

Transdermal absorption of rosemary oil activates the Autonomic nervous system (ANS); enhancing both parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve activity. Stimulating the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) makes it possible to maintain adequate blood pressure in the dilated arteries to have enhanced oxygenation. Simultaneously the rosemary oil inhibits acetylcholine esterase allowing acetylcholine to accumulate in nerve synapses for prolonged muscle contraction. These actions in combination with a mild pain relieving / blocking effect means a powerful muscle pump and vasodilation but not at the expense of reps, technique, form and quality of your workout.

“I use @atpscience #Prototype8 on the body part that I’m training to help with activation and blood flow. I find that it helps so much with mind muscle connection so that I can get the most from my workout and it gives the best pumps.”???? – @Jazcorrell

How do I use Prototype 8?

ATP Science recommends the following: after you warm up the target muscle group apply the Prototype 8 to finish off the session with a full on pump, sweat and muscle burn. It works within seconds and will saturate the muscle bundle for a further 30 minutes. Repeat the process for the next muscle group. Make sure you re-apply after your workout before you consume your post-workout meal or shake.

Everyone uses it a little bit differently so work out what is the best way for you and your style of training. Let us know on facebook or how you use prototype 8.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Black Pepper Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil

Rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary)


Frequently asked questions

What's the best way to use Prototype 8?

We recommend trying it on a smaller muscle group first so you can see how it works.

Apply it to the muscle you are training when you are having your pre workout meal. Then apply it again before your final sets to increase the pump. Then again with your post workout meal.

how much do i use?

About a coin-sized amount on each limb that you are training

Is this all natural?

Yes, this is natural and Non-GMO.


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Thomas J.

Great product

Me and my wife have been using prototype 8 for a year or more, we love this product.

ATP Science Pty Ltd

Hi Thomas, thanks for your review and feedback on prototype 8. It is fantastic to hear that you are enjoying the product. Thanks, - ATP Team

Danielle Ho-Vuong

Works but tricky at first

To start off, I am a very skeptical person when it comes to topical items. But after a few months of using prototype8 I can say I have seen results! I have apparent “hip dips” and workout lower body often. Using this product has elevated my results. What I do is I workout and shower right away, I towel down and put this on and squeeze my quads and glutes. I tend to find this best works when you have done exercises which isolate a certain area

ATP Science Pty Ltd

Hi Danielle, thanks for your review and feedback. Great you are seeing results with Prototype 8 and interesting to hear that applying post workout works best for you, which is excellent. Thanks for sharing. - ATP Team

Pete the Swollen Scientist

Prototype 8 - the first ATP product I bought, and I wasn't going to buy it again, until I figured out how it worked best for me

Honestly, I had some difficulty figuring out the best use of Prototype 8 at the beginning, even after seeking advice, and then stopped using it for a while. BUT the blog post "What are Phytoecdysteroids?"; changed everything for me. Previously, I had been applying it pre/intra workout (sometimes had tingling sensations from the vasodilatory effects), but realized that during a sweaty session, all of the cream was washing away. :( What a waste I thought! But, after realizing I should be thinking of the anabolic affects of the cream rather than purely the 'pump' aspect, I switched my Prototype 8 routine around to post workout. So now, as soon as I finish a weights session, quickly jump in the shower, THEN apply the cream straight after towel down, and then flex, tense and hold the trained muscles for short periods to really get the vasodilation happening. (Feel the burn, baby!) :) Quickly after that, I have some protein, along with ATP's creatine. One interesting observation, the tingling sensation from the arginine 'pumps' seems to work best on the muscles on the back half of my body rather than the front. For example, the feel of the pump is great on the traps, lats, glutes, and epic on the hams, but I get no feeling at all on the quads and deltoids, and some slight sensation on the bi/triceps and pecs. Not too sure why. I will be purchasing my second tube soon :) thanks ATP.

jess f.

Prototype 8

Fast acting, brings heat into tiered muscles. It Helps alleviate muscle cramps for me. feels and smells like your in a sauna! Try it before hot yoga like I have been it's nuts!! Makes the room feel a few degrees hotter and your crow pose a little slippery but at least you smell better than every one else ha-ha

ATP Science Pty Ltd

Hi jess, This is such cool feedback! Love it and it does smell delicious! - ATP Team

Brianna-lee Schiefelbein

A must have in every gym bag

I have been using this since 2015 and its my FAVOURITE product. I remember being so sceptical of it but after a few uses, I was addicted. I can not train without it!


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ATP Science aims to get all orders dispatched within 1-2 business days of you placing your order. ATP Science does not ship orders on public holidays and/or weekends.

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