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Episode 6 – Detox

Jeff finds out from Matt how “detox” really works and what methods you can use to support both your phase 1 AND phase 2 detoxification pathways. Matt takes a look at most “detox” programs and supplements on the market and explains what they are actually doing, the guys then move on to gut health to support these pathways.

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Episode 4 – Vasodilation – more than just a pump (part 1)

Vasodilation….what is it? why is everyone chasing “the pump”? What is Nitric Oxide? How do you increase vasodilation?
In this exciting episode Jeff and Matt discuss how to utilise Nitric Oxide to build muscle tissue, what ingredients work and which do not and Matt makes a massive scientific breakthrough which may change the way you train forever.

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Episode 1 – Fat Loss

Welcome to the ATP Project’s first episode! In this episode Matt and Jeff dive head first into the big topic of FAT LOSS. They tackle 3 of the most used ingredients in the world discussing their efficacy. They examine the effects of the thyroid gland in the body and how it can become a major hand break for fat loss, and a whole lot more…

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