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Episode 42 – Chaos Theory Interview with Ken Ware

Matt and Jeff interview Ken Ware, founder of the NeuroPhysics Functional Movement Centre. Ken was recently featured on 60mins when he confounded the medical establishment by treating paraplegic John McClean. He not only helped him to walk again after 25years in a wheelchair, he also enabled John to compete in an able-bodied triathlon. Ken’s facinating story began with his journey into bodybuilding when he discovered this chaos theory which now makes what many call impossible a reality. Open your mind for this one!

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Episode 41 – Oxygen for Fitness and Fat Loss

Jeff and Matt discuss Oxygen’s effects on cardio, VO2 Max and oxidative stress. They spend quite a bit of time on the effects of fat burning and how oxygen can be used to up-regulate it. They also discuss the role of vasodilators, Astraxanthum, Co-enzyme Q10, Ginkgo. Withania, oxygen drops and oxygen water, EPO, high altitude training, anti-oxidants, iron and its relationship with haemoglobin and they answer some FAQs on the back end.

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Episode 38 – Vitamins & Starving Ourselves to Obesity

Jeff and Matt cover some amazing facts about multi-vitamins and minerals and why we are starving ourselves to obesity. They discuss studies showing the decline in nutrients within our foods and what impact this is having on our health. Matt smacks down what is wrong with most multi-vitamins but the oxymoron of why we need to supplement with them. As usual there are some great FAQs including fluid retention, herpes, anger issues and sticky clotting blood.

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Episode 37 – Glutamates

Today Matt and Jeff talk about Glutamates and how they can drastically affect your mood – from annoyed and irritated to full on outbursts of rage. Glutamate buildup in the body can affect concentration and may even contribute to dyslexia issues. If you consume a high protein diet or consume a lot of processed foods or protein powders you need to listen to this podcast to understand if you or your fmaily are being negatively effected by high glutamate levels and what you can do about it.
Lastly we have some ripper FAQs that cover everything from Menopause, PCOS, Depression, Keto Genic diets and Female hair loss.

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Episode 35 – Adaptogens

Adaptogens….what are they? what do they do? how do they work?
Matt discusses his favourite group of adaptogens and how he used them in the clinic to treat many diseases including fatigue and pain and what effects they have on recovery, sleep patterns and stress.
Matt answers some FAQs on the contraceptive implant, menopause and takes on a case study involving irregular periods, bloating, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

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