ATP Science Episode 2 – Estrogen



Welcome to the ATP Project Episode 2 – Estrogen.
• Estrogen Dominance
• Cellulite
• Man Boobs
• Fat Storage
• Xenoestrogen, a relatively new phenomenon and the major effect it’s having on the world today.
• Stress and Estrogen
• How to reduce Estrogen – significant impacts.
• Food and Food preparation effects on Estrogen.

Stay tuned, we’re about to start.

Jeff: G’day Matt, good to have you here, mate.

Matt: G’day Jeff, thanks for having me again.

Jeff: No, worries mate. Matt, let’s get into the main topic for today that I really want to break down with you, and that’s on Estrogen.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: In fact, Matt, why don’t you give us a brief synopsis of what Estrogen is, where the right ratio should be when Estrogen is good, and also some of the issues regarding Estrogen and Cellulite, around Man Boobs, around those sorts of issues that are starting to crop up. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears as well, too, that young girls are developing faster, they’re getting their periods earlier, they’re getting breast tissue earlier as well, too. Is that true or is that just a misunderstanding?

Matt: No, you’re just strange Jeff. No, it actually true.

Jeff: Sorry, Matt, I know there’s a lot of questions there. But, let’s start off, Estrogen, what is it, what is it good for?

Matt: Estrogen, basically, is a feminising Hormone, women have more of it, but basically, men and women both have Estrogen. It is made from Testosterone, and Estrogen is important because it helps to maintain healthy Bones, Skin, Nails, Cardiovascular, Bronchials, it’s a very important Hormone, we need some of it. As with anything if you get too much of a good thing it can start causing problems. Estrogen is proliferative, which means it stimulates things to grow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stimulate Muscle to grow, it stimulates Fat to grow.

So, basically, what happens with an Estrogen Dominance you can struggle to build Muscle, you can hold onto a heap of Fat and Fluid, and also Estrogen Dominance can contribute to Cellulite, Man Boobs, which I’ll go into the process of in more depth in a second. Estrogen Dominance can also cause a lot of other weird problems such as Sticky Blood, Blood Clotting, Fluid Retention, Poor Circulation, it dilates the Arteries to your head causing Migraines and Headaches, it exaggerates and amplifies Stress Responses. In women, you know if you’ve got Estrogen Dominance coming into your period because you’ll get sore swollen breasts, possibly lumpy, thicker gluggier blood, so you get a lot more pain, possibly even clots in through the blood. Estrogen builds the period so if you’ve got too much Estrogen you build more blood so you have more bleeding.

Jeff: So, having Headaches and Aches and Cramps, that doesn’t have to go part and parcel?

Matt: No, no. Actually that’s a good point, Man. In 20 years of doing the Naturopath Clinic I can’t believe how many women I’ve asked, “Do you suffer—and that’s probably where I went wrong—I said, “Do you suffer from Premenstrual symptoms?”

Jeff: And, you said, “No, the husband did.”

Matt: No. No, they’re often saying no, and then when I question them I find out that they do have so much pain, like up to 10 days of pain every 28 days, it’s bloody horrendous. They have Migraines, they get the Stress, they get the Bloating, but they don’t think they’re suffering from it because they think, “All women do it and it’s normal.”

Jeff: That it’s normal? That’s funny.

Matt: But, it’s not necessarily normal. What you’ve got to realise is the generation before ours was the first generation to have contraceptives and HRT, and we’ve also got this ridiculous thing that’s happening in the environment where there are so many Xenoestrogen and Endocrine disrupting chemicals, there’s a lot of pollutants coming out.

Jeff: Right. What’s a Xenoestrogen? Break that down, Matt.

Matt: Xenoestrogen is thing that comes from outside your body that has an Estrogen like effect within your body.

Jeff: What’s an example of that?

Matt: Plastics; the stuff you get out of plastics and that sort of thing, and HRTs and those sorts of things will all put in weird forms of Estrogen like compound molecules. So, basically, there are a heap of things in our environment that have an Estrogen like activity. There is also a heap of Toxins in our environment that we get exposed to that our body has to deal with, it can’t afford to wait to find out if it’s just alcohol or chemicals or inhalants or something just in case it’s a poison or a venom, or a spider bite, so it has to react. And, what happens, because we get so much exposure all the time to lots of little things our Detoxification Pathways are adapting to have a Survival Response, basically meaning, that your Liver and everything is changing to help you deal with the amount of Toxins you’re exposed to.

Jeff: Wow!

Matt: The changes that you live and make they kind of stay, your Liver gets better and better at helping you survive these Toxic insults. Then what happens is, your Liver starts working differently, and then normal things like Estrogen that you’re making on a monthly cycle is going through the Liver, like normal, but coming out weird, because the Liver Pathways have been altered to help your body deal with life threatening Stress. In the process it’s altered the way you deal with your normal chemicals.

Jeff: So, are you saying, Matt—and again, correct me if I’m wrong, which is going to happen a lot—that the Xenoestrogens and the other Toxins in the body take predominance as far as the body trying to eradicate those, and that the natural Estrogen is not being dealt with as efficiently as it should?

Matt: It’s a bit simpler really; your body’s got a survival mechanism. Whenever you get a Stress trigger your body doesn’t wait to see what that Stress trigger is, it will trigger the Adrenaline and all that sort of stuff so you can get everything you need to punch and run, but it also makes some changes to your Digestive Tract and Liver in case that Stress may be a poison, or a venom or a spider bite. And, all it does, it quickly shuts down all the common sense Detox that does Maintenance and Repair, and up-regulates these Detox Enzymes that quickly try to turn the Toxin into a water soluble form so you’re capable of frothing at the mouth, vomit, diarrhoea, spew, whatever, just get the stuff out.

That simple shift away from normal Maintenance and Repair to short term survival gets compounded because we get constant Stress, and your Liver ends up changing and forgetting about normal Maintenance and Repair and thinking, “My only priority is survival.” Then, what happens is, all the Enzyme systems associated with survival go really fast and the other ones just can’t keep up; there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that the other ones have been sped up. Your Liver gets like seven litres of blood every hour, so every drop of blood in your body goes through your Liver every hour, a very important organ when it comes to survival.
So, what actually happens is, all these Hormones that are running through your bloodstream, that you’re measuring on blood tests, then will get processed by your Liver, and they can go down multiple pathways. One of these pathway is really good, and actually protects us from Estrogen Dominance. The middle one is kind of ugly, it can go and form all sorts of weird chemicals if it’s not working properly. Then there’s a bad pathway; the bad pathway makes this particular form of Estrogen that does not want to leave the body, it’s converted into a more Toxic form, it’s called 16-Alphahydroxyestrone that’s converted to that more Toxic form, and it’s that more Toxic form that your body struggles to get rid of, and it’s that Toxic form that loiters around the body contributing to Estrogen Dominance. It’s often stored in centres as far away as possible, put off into distal locations, like the Fat Cells on your bum, or behind your arms, or somewhere isolated where you’re less likely to have to deal with it over and over again.

Jeff: So, if this is happening then, Matt, what is the answer then to restoring the right balance and a more normal profile of Estrogen for both men and for women?

Matt: If I was to be a wanker, if I was to be one of those idealistic crazy hippie style Naturopaths, or those other weird people that do not understand that we live in this world, on one planet with one atmosphere and everything. We’re trying our best, you know. So, there is the opportunity, if the opportunity existed, to totally isolate ourselves from all of these triggers within a reasonable period of time, and who knows what the text books say—it’s a funny thing, the textbooks say, “Within a reasonable period of time without any further insult or exposure everything will return to normal.” We don’t know what a reasonable period of time is, and I’ll bet you can’t bloody find it anyway because we live on Earth.

So, the key is, to understand and accept and acknowledge that Detox Pathways are going to be stimulated by Toxins. What we want to do is, instead of trying to drive up the other pathways all the time, what we want to do is slow down the pathways that have been stimulated and modulate the pathways; we want to be doing something on a regular basis to offset the regular exposure to Toxins, just to quickly swing them back around.

Jeff: So, I guess, common sense would be try and eliminate as many of the Xenoestrogens as we possibly can?

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: So, Matt, what would that look like? Obviously, your water and your food?

Matt: Yeah. So plastics are horrible, so just be aware of what gets stored in plastic, what gets transported in plastic and that sort of thing. The Xenoestrogens are Fat Soluble, the actual worst thing is oily stuff in plastics, so milk and yoghurt and all that sort of stuff. But, heating the plastic liberates more.

Jeff: So, this is the fuzzy logic that you were talking about?

Matt: Oh mate, this is the fuzziest of logic. Okay, I’m going to say three things; there are three things I can list off right now that a fair few people out there are probably doing, and if you eliminated these three things you would probably would remove half of your Estrogen exposure.

Jeff: Right.

Matt: Don’t heat Chicken and Broccoli in Plastic.

Jeff: Come on. Body builders and figure and fitness—anyone on a diet who knows anything about anything is using chickoli—chickoli? I mean Chicken and Broccoli…

Matt: Yeah, when combined it’s chickoli.

Jeff: …in a microwave, maybe covered with cling wrap to keep the moisture in so it doesn’t dry out in a microwave and heating it.

Matt: Yeah, so that’s bad, and that will cause Estrogen. And, if you’re prepping for a Comp and you are doing that, yeah you might be going down on the scales but I’ll bet you’re not quite getting that Lower Back end right, and those Lower Abs, and those Glutes and Hammies could have more definition and striations if you were to remove those particular Estrogen exposures.

So, Xenoestrogen is Plastics, including cling wrap, it’s just a thinner stretchier one, Pesticides and Fertilisers have got it, which is why I mentioned the Broccoli—Broccoli flowers are very susceptible to infestation from organisms so it cops more of the Pesticides than any other plant, so go for Organic Broccoli. Chicken is notoriously Estrogenic. I know they’ve talked about removing the Hormones or not using Hormones, it doesn’t mean they’re not feeding them things that are naturally high in Hormones, like chopping up the old laying hens and throwing them in the pellets, which a drunk chook farmer told me once and I’m still thinking it’s possible.

Yeah, so basically, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Plastics; you know the little plastic lining inside your tins. Say you get a tuna and oil in a tin, the plastic is worse than anything, if you talk about Mercury and all that sort of thing.

Jeff: So look, from a practical stand point, Matt, and I appreciate there are a few things that most people can do. So, if you’re going to use a microwave heat up in porcelain or something like that.

Matt: Yeah, throw it in glass.

Jeff: But, I can imagine a lot of people are starting to get freaked out, because as you said before, we’re not living in a pristine environment.

Matt: Yeah, don’t worry about it, you cheat.

Jeff: Alright, so what are the cheats then?

Matt: The way you cheat is you reset the Liver. You’ve got to realise this Toxic exposure is going to keep happening, so all we’ve got to do is offset it with exposure to things that are going to tweak the Liver Pathways in our favour.

Jeff: What are they?

Matt: Brassicas that aren’t–so, Organic Broccoli contains Glucoraphanin, the Sulforaphane compounds that help to switch off the bad pathways and switch on the good pathways.

Jeff: What else is there in that family, Matt, that people can use?

Matt: So, other than the Broccoli you’ve got Kale, you’ve got Bok Choy, Pak Choy, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbages, they all do the same thing.

Jeff: All the stuff you love to eat when you’re a kid?

Matt: Yeah. Funny that. You know why we don’t like it when we’re a kid?

Jeff: No, why?

Matt: It’s because, as a child, we naturally have an aversion to things that have got a bitter compound to them, because most poisons found in nature have a bitter flavour. So, as a child, our innate defence mechanisms will tell us to have an aversion to these things with a strong bitter flavour, like the Broccoli and that things like that. And, you can hide it, but it doesn’t matter, we’ve still got those bitter principles in there that we have an aversion to.

Jeff: Wow!

Matt: What you have to do is keep putting it in, just little bit, little bit, little bit, until we induce a thing called Oral Tolerance, which is your body saying, “Hey man, I’m getting more good than bad, I love this stuff.” That’s why when we get to a certain age of our life and the things we hated as a child all of a sudden we’re going, “Man, I know it’s good for me.”

Jeff: My son better not be listening to this podcast.

Matt: Just keep forcing it in, otherwise pineapple suppository. What were we even talking about?

Jeff: We were talking about Brassicas and you were talking about the different forms that are good for you.

Matt: Yeah, okay. So, those are those ones. The other things that offset the Liver Pathways back to the good ways is Rosemary; the cooking herb Rosemary is brilliant. Other herbs like Turmeric, and Grapefruit, Pomegranates, Green Tea, White Tea, and when I say White Tea I’m not talking about adding milk to your Green Tea, it’s just the baby leaves and not the adult leaves that they use to make the Green Tea; same stuff. Grapeseed, Watercress, a lot of those sorts of things, a lot of the things that you’ll look at and say, “Oh, it’s an Antioxidant,” they’ll often—Schisandra berries, drink that as a tea all day, that’ll offset your Liver pathways beautifully.

Jeff: Yeah, right.

Matt: We make that product ALPHA VENUS and I use the Broccoli Sprouts, which are a hell of a lot stronger than Broccoli. We use the Broccoli Sprouts and we can control the Broccoli and they don’t need Pesticides.

Jeff: Well, let’s talk a little bit about that, then. So far we’ve got, remove as much of the Xenoestrogens as you can. Don’t cook your food in the microwave in plastic; if you’re going to use a microwave use a glass bowl, and there’s a lot of people out there who are probably horrified that we’d even say cooking in a microwave—I typically don’t…

Matt: I don’t. Ditch the bloody thing.

Jeff: But anyway, having said that, we recognise that for a lot of people, it’s just not going to be practical for them not to use the microwave. But, that’s a podcast for another day.

Matt: Add that to your list of podcasts.

Jeff: So, removing as much Xenoestrogens as possible. So, that’s exposure—also, Matt, Petrochemicals, paints, things like that as well.

Matt: Yeah, that’s right.

Jeff: Okay, so let’s say that people are aware of that, and we might even put up a little article on our website with some of the things to avoid and maybe some of the things to change over.

Matt: Yeah, good idea.

Jeff: Then, the second thing, is to eat, where possible, Organic Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and we’ll put this list up too.

Matt: Did I say Coriander?

Jeff: No, I love Coriander.

Matt: Smash Coriander.

Jeff: That’s also for heavy metals and that too, isn’t it, like a Detox?

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: So, we’ve got those sorts of things in there as well, and we’ll put up that list, grapefruit an what have you.

Supplementation. Now, obviously as we are getting smarter, and science is backing us up and we’re understanding how the pathways in the body work, and Matt, that’s where you’re an expert on Energy Pathways and Hormone Pathways in the body and how things work. We obviously have our product, ALPHA VENUS, so do you want to explain a little bit about the ideology behind why you created ALPHA VENUS and what’s in there and how it works? And, we could maybe throw in a couple of testimonials as well, in fact, I’ve got some FAQs, so we can maybe talk about some real life case studies from people as well.

Matt: It’s funny how these things come about. I’ve been working in a Naturopath Clinic most of my life—that makes me feel old—but, I’ll tell you what is amazing; I have done a lot of reading, and I used to do a lot of importing of these special ingredients, getting always excited about everything. Then, I’d go and use this stuff in the clinic and it just wouldn’t work the way it did in the studies.

Jeff: Why?

Matt: They either do the wrong dose or they do the wrong extract, or they just set up the studies to sell product, and I fell for it. But, what I’ve noticed is, you take Fat Burning, for example, there are so many ingredients that we can list off that just stimulate Fat Burning, and you can use all of those ingredients, I can put 20 of them into one product. But, their results are not limited by dose and extract and all that sort of stuff, their results are limited by your body and your handbrakes that are within your body. So, for example, we’re making sports supplements. Ultimately you want to do things faster and be able to lift heavier, or you’re trying to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, that’s a lot of the people’s goals.

Jeff: Pretty much.

Matt: If we’re looking at the ability to manipulate your body shape we have to do something about your Hormonal Profile, and in particular, we have to do something about Estrogen Dominance, or you’re kidding yourself.

If you’ve got Estrogen Dominance holding Fat and Fluid into certain locations while telling your body to sacrifice Muscle to fuel your exercise—as I said, I can go through and give you as many stimulants as you like and your body is going to say, “Use those stimulants to break down Muscle because I’m in the process of preserving Fat.” So, it’s more important to remove the handbrake before you start pumping the throttle.

So, with products like ALPHA VENUS what we’ve done is, we’ve tried to create the product that is the easiest way for you to manipulate your Hormonal Profile to allow you to Burn Fat and Build Muscle. The whole way I’ve done it is, what we need to do is get it in the most concentrated form and the simplest form to activate the right—we’ve got to hit the right targets to get the big results we need, otherwise you’ve got to do one of everything. Now, what we’ve done in the ALPHA VENUS is, we’re working with farmers right from the seed selection stage, so we are working with the farmers to work out which seeds to purchase that are going to give us the highest level of active ingredients. We then work right from the moment those raw ingredients get delivered to the contract manufacturer to get everything right, and everything is tested and standardised to make sure we have got the right amount of active ingredients in it, and the right type of active ingredients, and none of the other rubbish that stops the active ingredients from working.

Jeff: Well, what’s exciting, Matt, and I remember you talking to me about looking at the different—you know, the Broccoli Sprout that we were going to use, and you came to me and you said, “This one is good,” and then you found another seed that you wanted to use which was even better. And, you came to me last week and you said, “The standardisation that we thought we were going to get, which was off the charts…

Matt: I mean we’re killing it.

Jeff: It was 1% higher, which is a factor of nearly 30% or 40% better in terms of the effectiveness of the product on Detoxifying Estrogen, which is really exciting.

Matt: Exactly. And, the most worrying thing out there is how much work I had to go to partner up with a raw ingredient supplier that had the transparency and the knowledge and the desire to actually make a quality product.

Jeff: And, the funny thing is, from an external point of view I can tell you why. This guy is working with some German big end of town, big Pharma, because the Broccoli Sprout has got more than just the effects on Estrogen, and again, that’s a podcast for another day, but some of the things for Alzheimer’s, and this is pharmaceutical companies coming out with this research as well.

Matt: Well, let me explain how it works and it will link all of that.

Jeff: Right, go for it.

Matt: See, the active ingredients in these compounds they activate Genes. Okay? They activate this particular Gene, the NRF2 Gene, if you want to Google that, but what the NRF2 Gene does is it does things in every cell of your body. So, I know we’re using this product to manipulate Detoxification Pathways so we can effectively clear out Estrogen, but that one Gene also up-regulates all of the Phase 2 Deactivation Pathways, which actually collects all of the other rubbish Toxins from around your body, conjugates and deactivates them and sends them off to your bowels to be eliminated. The NRF2 Gene activates all of the most important Antioxidant systems, the Superoxide Dismutase and the Glucosyltransferase—you know, the bloody Glutathione stuff. I’ve got all these words and my mouth won’t say it fast enough. But, the GST Pathway, that’s easier, but I didn’t want to confuse it with BAS and elections and stuff.

Jeff: Yeah, 10%.

Matt: But anyway, by activating a Gene we can actually influence every system of the body and every cell of the body, which we’ll explain why since we’ve put ALPHA VENUS on the market—what we put it on the market for was to help people with their body shaping goals, which we’re getting amazing feedback for, but we’re also getting crazy feedback that their Skin’s come good, Panic Attacks disappearing, Anxiety is coming good, Fibromyalgia symptoms are gone, Mental Clarity, Focus, Fingernails, I’ve been getting smashed with people, “You’ve got to cut your fingernails every week or they’re ready for digging and climbing—well, the women don’t.

Jeff: It’s funny actually, because Toni actually—and, you talked about this earlier, about a Stress Response from Estrogen, that typically high levels of Estrogen can have an impact on Anxiety and what have you—since Toni’s been using the product, and that’s my wife, she has become a lot more Resilient to Stress, things that I would tell her normally that I think she’d be freaking out about, seriously she is taking in her stride, and I’ve even said to her the other day, “I cannot believe how calm you are with this sort of stuff,” and she’s noticed it herself as well, too. That is amazing.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. But, the feedback we’re getting from it for the mental aspects is brilliant. I’m not saying your wife is mental or anything.

Jeff: Many people have.

Matt: She won’t listen to this.

Jeff: No. Well, I’m dead.

Matt: But, the big point is—and, I’ll tell you why that happens: the NRF2 Gene up-regulates a thing called COMT which is Catechol-O-methyl transferase. What that basically means is, Noradrenaline, which makes you worry and hold onto a grudge and keeps that brain ticking over, that feeling something’s not quite right, I can’t let it go, if I’m not punching and running I should be hiding, you know, that chemical?

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: COMT takes that chemical away.

Jeff: Does it work in men and women?

Matt: Yeah. COMT reduces the Noradrenaline and replaces it with Dopamine.

Jeff: Wow! Pleasure, reward.

Matt: What basically happens through the process, you’re taking away the chemical that causes Fear of the Unknown, Worry, Gut Instincts and Intuition that something’s not quite right and replaces it with a chemical that does Pride, Self-Esteem and Reward.

Jeff: Yeah, awesome.

Matt: So, that’s kind of cool.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s kind of cool.

Matt: And, that’s exactly the same process that helps to convert the water soluble dodgy form of Estrogen through to a Methylated form of Estrogen; it’s a Methylation Enzyme, and through the induction of Methylation we are covering off a lot of anti-Aging, anti-Cancer, anti-Anxiety, anti-Depressant sort of action.

Jeff: I want to get down into this a little bit more, especially for people—a lot of our listeners are body building, figure, fitness competitors or people who just want to look their best. I mean obviously we could talk about the health benefits of it, and the other effect, if you like, good side effects that the product is having.

I’ve got an FAQ, so I might read it out so maybe you can break this down a little bit more for the guys, and then I’ve got a couple for the girls as well, too.

The first FAQ is from Ben: “I’m using “supplements”, in adverted commas, that may contribute to Man Boobs. I don’t want Man Boobs. How can I stop this from happening?

Matt, obviously the ALPHA VENUS is probably something, and maybe even the BLOCK E3, which is another one of our products.

Matt: Yeah, absolutely. So, what you want to do is, when you’re doing—what was it?

Jeff: “Supplements.” So, in other words he’s using Steroids, or Pro Hormones.

Matt: So, basically, one way our body responds to elevated Testosterone that is above and beyond normal physiology, is it tries to convert it to other things. It can convert the Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone which causes Acne, Hair Loss, and a big round Gut, or it can convert the Testosterone through to Estrogen that causes Man Boobs, Love Handles, makes you very Emotional and that sort of thing. So, the key is to block the Conversion Pathways. Okay? So, yes, ALPHA VENUS contains Tangkat Ali and other compounds that block the Conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen, and block the Conversion of DHT. It works by blocking 5-Alphareductase and Aromatase Enzymes to control those Conversion Pathways.

Jeff: Right.

Matt: One tricky thing that happens with Cellulite and Man Boobs and typical Estrogen—and, one way you can actually tell if your Fat is Estrogen-y—that’s not a word, but you know what I mean—is Estrogen Fat encapsulates itself away from the body, it creates its own little world, horrible little Estrogen Fatty Fluid-y World.

Now, what this Estrogen actually does is, it actually gets made within the Fat Cells from Testosterone. So this is the tricky thing; with someone that’s using Steroids the Testosterone that’s converting to Estrogen is not necessarily the stuff they’re injecting, sometimes it’s the fact that they’ve got too much in other areas. It sends a message to Fat Cells to say, “Make more Estrogen.”

Jeff: Right. And, it does that to balance out the ratio?

Matt: Yeah, because ratios are more important to the body than the amounts. Well, it can’t unreleased a chemical into the bloodstream so all it can do is either Detoxify it, convert it, deactivate it, you know.

So, ratios are more important than the amounts. So, another way of doing it if you’ve got too much of one Hormone, your body just says, “Right, let’s just pump out more of the others to offset the activity.” So, what happens is, Testosterone is converted to Estrogen in Fat Tissue. That Estrogen works in that same Fat Tissue it was made from. And, guess what it does in that Fat Tissue? It makes more Fat.

Jeff: Yeah, fantastic.

Matt: And, then it will go into the Fat Tissue next door and it will tell it to make more Fat. So, it doesn’t actually contribute any Estrogen necessarily back to the bloodstream. It’s also very hard for us to get ingredients from your bloodstream into that Fatty Tissue.

Jeff: Right.

Matt: That’s why we made the cream, BLOCK E3, so if there’s an isolated area that you can’t budge—and, the weird thing is, if you speak to people with Cellulite or isolated saddle bags, or the guys with full blown Man Boobs, it’s cold to touch, it feels like dead tissue. And, it’s actually encapsulated, it separates from the body, and as you start a Fat Loss campaign and you’re burning off all your other Fat and toning up your Muscle these Estrogen pockets of Fat become more and more isolated and more and more compartmentalised.

Jeff: That’s actually really good. In fact, I might just jump into this question from Sarah, because it pretty much says the same thing.

Sarah says: “I have dieted for years and I’ve leaned up everywhere except for a pocket of Fat above my hips. Please, is there anything that you can recommend that I should do to get rid of this once and for all?”

Matt: Yeah, it’s the same deal. What you want to do is, use the ALPHA VENUS—what was the first bloke?

Jeff: Ben.

Matt: For both Ben and Sarah, use the ALPHA VENUS internally to change the Estrogen Pathways in the body, so you’re getting less stuff sent there to be stored.

Jeff: Right. So, even though the blood flow’s not there it’s still beneficial to…

Matt: Still do it because it’s stopping Estrogen Dominance from inside your body putting the overflow onto your arse or chest. But, then use the BLOCK E3 locally to stop any further production, and the BLOCK E3 has also got these compounds in it that stop as much Estrogen activity in the Fat Cells by having an interaction with the Receptors. So, use the combination of ALPHA VENUS and BLOCK E3 because you’ve got to have a holistic approach. To have a full holistic approach you’d also do the lifestyle things, which is eating the foods we’ll send you the list for and avoiding the others.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. That’s great.

Matt: I’ll tell you something really wild.

Jeff: What’s that?

Matt: Why women get cellulite and blokes don’t, and why women get more wrinkles than blokes, the poor things.

Jeff: Well, women don’t go bald too, maybe it’s a trade-off, maybe God was just being fair.

Matt: Yeah, well whatever, they can have wigs. But, I’ll tell you something wild, what makes Cellulite is periods.

Jeff: Right. So, men can’t get Cellulite?

Matt: It’s harder. So, basically, what happens, when a woman has a period she makes all this Endometrial Tissue, which is the period, the blood stuff, it’s held onto the Uterus with a Collagen network mesh, and in the monthly cycle, as the Hormones drop these Enzymes that are responsible for destroying Collagen all go crazy and these Enzymes get up-regulated, they get stimulated by the Hormonal shift and it causes the body to break down Collagen just so the woman can shed the Endometrial Layer and have her period. But, that breaking down of Collagen just doesn’t happen in the Pelvic Region, it happens all over the body. So, what happens is, on a monthly cycle women get these chemicals floating around their body that destroy Collagen, which makes them more susceptible to Cellulite…

Jeff: And, wrinkles, and dodgy lips and losing their cheeks, all that horrible—you know, it’s not fair. So, basically, what’s wild about it is, just the process of having periods increases their risk of aging.

Matt: So, a lot of them will be listening to this going, “Okay…

Jeff: “No, I’ve got to stop my period.”

Matt: Obviously, that’s not a good thing to have happen, but what can women do then to reduce the damage from…

Jeff: There is support Collagen renewal and protect Collagen.

Matt: Is that another podcast, Matt?

Jeff: Yeah, we’ll do another Pollagen—Pollagen? We’ll do another podcast on Collagen, we’ll call it the Pollagen.

Matt: Sounds like a great name for it.

Jeff: I’m making them all up.

Matt: Matt, I’ve got one more FAQ I just wanted to get into with this, and this is with regards to Detoxification of Estrogen. Now, obviously, when we talk about Detoxification I think of it, and I immediately think, if you’re ever going to do a Detox, and I know you used to say to me, “If you’re doing a Detox and you feel sick you might be doing it wrong, or there’s an acute problem there.” Some of the feedback that we’ve had from people using the ALPHA VENUS, and typically female but we have had a couple of guys as well too, have been noticing things like Headaches, Gut upsets, and things like that.
In fact, Sophie writes in and says: “Hi Matt, I have started getting low grade Headaches and feeling a bit sick in the tummy after taking the ALPHA VENUS. Is that normal?”

Matt: It’s not common, but it’s normal. It’s nothing to be alarmed about.

Jeff: Why is it happening?

Matt: All that’s happening is, we’re altering the Liver Pathways slightly—well, not slightly, quite profoundly, we’re changing the way your Liver works, but we are activating this particular Gene that affects every Cell in your body. That Gene is then triggering Phase 2 Detoxification reactions, which basically means that it is finding unconjugated rubbish all over your body and quickly just tidying that mess up first. If you’ve got a heap of unconjugated Toxic rubbish, so if your Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver Pathways have been out of whack for quite a while you’ve possibly been making a lot of these things known as Reactive Intermediates. The Reactive Intermediates then float around your body through your Lymphatic System, going in and out of storage sites in Fat and Lymph Nodes and everything waiting for way of getting out of your body.

What we’re doing in those things is, we’re actually triggering a conjugation reaction, which is forcing those Toxic Intermediates to go back through the Detoxification process, put into the bowels, and eliminated.

Jeff: So, for Sophie then…

Matt: And, that triggers and Immune and Inflammatory Reaction, the Immune and the Inflammatory action is what makes you either get a headache or not feel quite right or get a bit fatigued, but it’s temporary.

Jeff: Gotcha. So, either push through it, or would you recommend maybe backing back if it’s severe on the…

Matt: It’s one of those things.

Jeff: Up your water?

Matt: Yeah, you could increase your Fluid intake, increasing Fibre is just as important. So, making sure your bowels are functioning is probably the most important thing. If your bowels aren’t regular, then you have to get them moving.

Jeff: And, that’s to remove…

Matt: Yeah, because that’s where we’re throwing all the Toxins.

Jeff: Yeah, and that’s where it is eliminated?

Matt: Yeah. And, the slower the Transit time the more likely it is to get reabsorbed and that sort of stuff.

Jeff: Oh, that’s a good one.

Matt: Yeah, so definitely Fibre, Fluid. If you want to you can just ease back, you just take it a little bit slower, so instead of taking four a day take two a day, or you basically can take it for five days, have a couple of days off. So, take it during the week, have the weekend off, that sort of stuff, and then go back into it. It’s just one of those things, it’s very hard—because, also too, you can get Fatigue, Headaches and subjective symptoms like that can appear just for a variety of reasons, so you don’t want to go too much into it. I always tell people, if you feel you’re reacting to it, and this is the same with any herb or supplement, if you feel you’re reacting badly have a couple of days off and see if everything comes good, and then just throw it back in and see if you go back bad again.

I mean this is what we do in the clinic situation, normally you do it under supervision, blah, blah, blah. But, take it out, see if you come good, and if you don’t come good it may not have anything to do with it anyway, put it back in and if goes bad again then you’re, “Right, okay maybe it was this.” But, if it doesn’t then just keep going, it was coincidental. But, if you put it back in and you go bad again then I tell people to take it back out for a couple of days until you feel good and then just put in the lowest possible dose and then wait two or three days and then put it up, wait two or three days, put it up.

It’s a bit hard. I can tell, as a practitioner, if someone’s reacting to the Salicylates in the herbs, the type of sugars that’s in the product, if it’s something else, if it’s an interaction.

Jeff: Salicylates.

Matt: Yeah, it’s something hard. Yeah, we’ll talk more about Salicylates another podcast.

Jeff: That’s another podcast.

Matt: Put it into another podcast list.

Jeff: Matt, that’s a pretty good breakdown on Estrogen, some of the issues that people may be having with it, some Estrogen Dominance and some practical ways they can actually attack Estrogen. If you’ve got any questions, any information that you’d like, go to our website or send us an email at and drop us a line, ask Matt a question, and if you answer online we’ll be sending out a nice little thank you gift if it’s a good question. So, thanks to Sophie, Ben and Sarah for those questions this week, you guys will all be receiving a little prize pack in the mail.

Matt, is there anything else? The final word on Estrogen before we close up for today? Is there anything else you want to add?

Matt: No.

Jeff: We’ve pretty much covered it, haven’t we?

Matt: We’ve pretty much covered it.

Jeff: Yeah. It’s excellent. Alright, well thanks Matt. Next week we’re going to be talking about Testosterone. And, Matt, I believe in a couple of weeks we’re going to be talking to someone who you regard very, very highly.

Matt: Yeah, I’ve got a friend of mine, Steven Eadie, a good mate of mine, one of the smartest bloke I’ve ever met, he’s a walking Encyclopaedia.

Jeff: That’s a massive wrap coming from you.

Matt: Oh mate, he’s a freak, and I can’t wait for you guys to have a chat to him.

Jeff: Have you had a chat about what you want to talk about?

Matt: He’s actually doing a lot of work at the moment on PCOS, and I believe he’s probably the expert on the subject. We’ve had some great discussions and I really want you guys to listen to what he’s got to say.

Jeff: And, he’s a published author, he’s written…

Matt: Oh, he’s taught most of the Naturopaths in Australia.

Jeff: He’s the big one? He’s right up there?

Matt: Yeah, he’s pretty cool. We’ll let him do a bit of an intro on himself and he’ll just say he’s Steve and he likes fishing and playing guitar; he’s a nice humble guy that’s why we get on.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. No, it’s good. Look, thanks again, Matt, thanks for listening people, and we’ll see you next week.


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