Podcast Notes

Did you know there are people in the world with a particular chemical in their brain who can eat and eat and eat and not get bigger or fat?

Did you know not all fat people spend all day eating?

It really is crazy to think there is a simple solution to obesity. When you can chat amongst your friends and have a look around and see some people have to eat constantly or they fall apart and can be skinny as a rake and struggle to put on any size and then others that only have to look at food and get fat. Then when someone is on a diet campaign and they start to diet and lose weight and then it stops and the coach will say “you need to eat less to shock the system” and if that doesn’t work they say “eat more to stoke your metabolism”.

Appetite, cravings and metabolism.

Humans are complicated and there are so many overlapping factors that regulate your metabolism and cravings. This article will explain some cool things about gut-brain signals that regulate appetite and metabolism; leptin, neuropeptide Y, cholecystokinin and ghrelin.

What would you say if I told you there is a chemical that when injected can make you not hungry and you burn all your fat and get heaps of energy? …. What? Where do I get it?!!!

It’s called Leptin! I got excited too. When injected into rats they didn’t want to eat and their fat was burned for energy. perfect scenario. I searched for it and found it on the bum cheek of an overweight menopausal lady. The best source for Leptin in the world is in fat cells.


Leptin is made from fat cells and secreted into your body to tell you to stop eating and start burning fat. The problem is; in obesity, there is leptin resistance. It does not work in obesity.

In obesity, there is an abundance of triglycerides in the blood stream that is known to cause leptin resistance and stop it from saving you.
Correction of elevated triglycerides and insulin resistance goes a long way to improving leptin sensitivity. Omega 3 essential fatty acids and AMPV with yerba mate, cinnamon, gymnema all work with diet and exercise designed to keep blood triglycerides low and insulin sensitivity high is the best approach for leptin sensitivity.

Neuropeptide Y

Is an anti-stress anxiolytic hormone that blocks the sympathetic nervous system to calm you and make you relaxed and sleepy. It upregulates parasympathetic nervous system and stimulates appetite.

Leptin is supposed to block it but when resistant to leptin it just keeps surging. Making you sleepy after meals and want to eat again. You know that craving and that need for something sweet after lunch to get you up again? Yeah that’s neuropeptide Y


Slows the movement of food through your guts and leaves you feeling full and not hungry. It inhibits your appetite. A lot of research is going into various species of potatoes and guggulsterones for this target.

Leptin resistance inhibits cholecystokinin and makes your food pass through quickly, makes you hungry all the time and you only absorb the quick easy stuff like sugars.

When I’m Hungry, my stomach is Ghrelin

That is my word association to remember that ghrelin makes you eat. Ghrelin receptor is also known as the growth hormone secretagogue receptor. Ghrelin releases growth hormone. Ghrelin makes you need to eat.

It is orexigenic (stimulate appetite and growth) and inhibits the anorexigenic (inhibits appetite) chemicals. Stimulates neuropeptide Y to make you lazy and hungry and inhibits cholecystokinin to speed up gut transit and need to eat again.

Insulin inhibits ghrelin. Possibly as a signal that there is carbohydrate available to burn ghrelin shuts down. In cases of insulin resistant obesity ghrelin is very low due to the high insulin exposure. I expected to see it high in cases of obesity but it would be interesting to see if those with obesity but don’t have cravings or over eating disorder if the ghrelin was low too. In cases of obesity with high insulin sensitivity such as prada willi syndrome the ghrelin is very high and they have constant cravings.

When researching compounds to correct ghrelin activity you find all the same ingredients used to control insulin activity; cinnamon, naringin, forskolin which are all found in T432plus which was made to improve insulin and thyroid hormone activity.

Holistic Approach

Everyone is different.

You cannot assume you can guess someone’s calories in and out by their body shape. You can’t just prescribe a one size fits all approach to diet and exercise and not talk and listen and discuss. Getting to know someone’s cravings, urges, impulses is important and is not just hearing excuses. Most people are ok to acknowledge that brain chemistry may be related to depression or dementia but it is important to acknowledge the influence this may also have on metabolism, cravings, satiety and ultimately body shaping challenges.