Parasites and Bum Grubs

There are so many people suffering from allergic inflammation, intolerances, asthma, eczema, sinus and all sorts of gut symptoms with loose stools, diarrhea, bloating, farting etc.
Along with the above symptoms comes food and environmental allergy testing leading to elimination diets or desensitizing programs or anti-allergy natural and pharmaceutical medicines. The symptom picture will often be described as candida overgrowth, leaky gut wall or liver dysfunction and a prescription and protocol is followed.

In most cases the allergy or gut dysfunction can be managed. Rarely is it resolved. Quite commonly it comes back and this time the treatment doesn’t work and needs to be changed or the allergy test has shown you are now allergic to the foods you are eating and not the ones you are avoiding.

One thing is to consider is BUM GRUBS. You may ask your client or yourself. How is your bum for grubs? Most people don’t know. It is not often tested for, It is rarely treated and it is something that is happening in our bodies and we have no idea.

Think about this…

Parasites are massive compared to an immune cell. There is no way an immune cell can engulf and remove a parasite. The only part of the immune system capable of ridding the infestation is through a flushing reaction. Flush and shed the membrane and hopefully the parasite can’t hold and keep grip and slips out. It is the allergic aspect of the immune system that does the flushing. The same chemicals that do itching, sneezing, snot, diarrhoa, farting and gas. The same symptom picture seen with allergies and intolerances. Because your body is stuck in allergic mode trying to flush away the bum grubs your immune profile is predisposed to allergies, your gut wall is leaky and you start testing positive for whatever foods you are eating a lot of or struggling to digest and gets a big dose of.

Ok so now imagine that you change your diet, treat the allergies and intolerances and things clear up. Maybe because during this acute phase of what we thought was allergy was actually our bodies shedding parasites. Then things go good for a while. BUT the parasites dropped off eggs and escape pods or time capsules to sit and lay dormant and wait for the internal environment to be good again for infestation. Next thing your allergy symptoms are back and the process goes around and around. The whole time you are thinking you are allergic to everything.

I am not going to go into the details of all the different parasites and how to treat them specifically. If you have an infestation with a particular bug there will be a specific acute treatment. I will supply some naturopathic ideas for acute treatment in general but more importantly is how to manage and prevent recurrence.

Some examples of the more common parasites
• Malaria – bad one that can kill you from mosquitoes
• Trichomoniasis – sexually transmitted
• Giardia – stagnant and/ or dirty water
• Blastocystis hominis
• Helminths – all different types of worms.
• Toxoplasma – cats will be the cause of the zombie apocalypse

Acute flush out

Chinese wormwood – Artemisia annua all throughout the day big doses every 3 hours for about 10 days.

In the evenings before bed use 3 teaspoons of Australian bentonite clay in water to soak up the toxins.

Maintenance and Prevention

– Chinese wormwood – artemisia annua lower doses daily. It is called sweet annie and can be used in salads if you can get it fresh otherwise low dose in supplement form.
– Paw paw – green and / or ripe, tea from the leaves, fermented forms of the fruit. They all work get a big variety of all of them regularly.
– Garlic, onion, pepper, ginger, black cumin seed, coriander seed are all excellent anti-parasitics and can interfere with the eggs and larvae. You can use the above spices as a salt blend, as a dukkah, as a seasoning or coating for meat. Can be added to other things to make a crumb or added directly into food / curries / stews etc
– Salad and greens – sweet annie, green paw paw, chicory, stinkweed, coriander, cactus and prickly pear and pumpkin seeds
– Probiotics and fibre for competitive exclusion and basically occupy the binding sites so it can’t hold on and goes straight through
– The cream bun, apple and hammer technique mentioned on the podcast is not actually recommended. There is no real scientific validity to this technique. Probably no point trying.


Most parasites and their eggs / larvae come from dirt, soil, poo, dirty water, stagnant water, animals, cats are evil, waste and insects. Hygiene and cleaning hands is important.

Don’t chew your nails. You will get bum grubs!

Essential oils – thieves’ oil, black cumin seed oil, carrot seed oil, neem oil can all be used as sanitizing agents for washing hands etc.

Listen to the podcast. Lots of great information I didn’t write down. Don’t google parasites.