Home Remedies

The following is a list of home remedies I use, old wive’s tales, folklore and possible urban myths or snake oil. No references or tech data. These are just things I do at home and have recommended and used in my Naturopathic clinic.

Can’t hurt and might help.


Thyme, oregano, aniseed and fennel seed add to boiled water and steep (infusion) or boil in water to reduce 30% of the water (decoction). While hot add honey to make a syrup.

– If ears add caraway seeds (good for motion sickness and vestibular injuries too).
– If sore throat /mouth add cloves to numb, lemon peel and lemon juice and ginger.
– If tummy pain add cardamon pods and more anise and fennel.
– Too express fever add diaphoretics – ginger, cayenne.
– Rosehips.
– Dry cough – marshmallow root, licorice root, slipery elm bark, cloves, fennel, thyme, wild cherry.
– Wet cough – fennel, thyme, anise, oregano.

Thieves’ oil

Combine the following essential oils to make the “mother” blend (office favourite) – rosemary 30 parts, lemon oil 30 parts, Eucalyptus oil 15 parts, clove bud oil 50 parts, cinnamon 30 parts. Use only 3 to 5 drops per 100ml of water or oil and use to sterilize topically. You can add 3 to 5 drops into a water spray bottle, shake everytime before using and can spray throat, into honey or teas, or over body hands etc to sterilize. Can also add to oil base to use topically or add to shampoo and conditioner or soaps etc.


– Olive oil and honey – 50/50.
– Calendula (marigold) cream – eczema.
– Fungi – anti-dandruff shampoo followed by coconut oil.
– Wounds and spider bites –
o Sterilize dettol, betadine (iodine), essential oils – tea tree, lemon myrtle, peroxide in extreme cases.
o Heal – oral collagen, topical honey, calendula cream.

If Adrenal Exhausted

– Licorice root tea all morning until about 2pm, may add schisandra.


Perilla, vietnamese mint, dorridgo pepper, basil, radishes (red, daikon, horseradish), coconut milk / cream / oil, onion, garlic as a soup, salad, poaching base and salad.

Paw Paw Leaf tea

Add pawpaw leaf to 600ml

Bring to boil and simmer for 1 hour. Until 400ml remain

Strain off liquid and refrigerate.

Drink 100-200 ml daily.

Turmeric 1 teaspoon and tomato paste 1 tablespoon

Budwig diet – blend cottage cheese and linseed oil

1 cup Organic cottage cheese (low fat, not too hard one, best make your own)(or yogurt)
2-5 Tbsp. of flaxseeed oil-
1-3 Tbsp. of freshly ground up flaxseed (coffee grinder ($15) works fine)
enough water to make it soft
little cayenne


  • Little garlic.
  • Little red pepper.
  • Little champagne.

Make it very soft.

Place 250 ml (8.5 oz) Flax Oil into a mixer bowl and add one pound (450 g) of 1% Cottage Cheese (ie low fat eg Quark) and add 4 tablespoons (60 ml) of Honey. Turn on the mixer and add just enough water to get the contents of the bowl to blend in together. In 5 minutes, a preparation of custard consistency results that has NO taste of the oil (and no oily ‘ring’ should be seen when you rinse out the bowl).

Alternatively, you can use Yoghurt instead of Cottage Cheese in proportions of 1 oz (30 g) of Yoghurt to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) each of Flax Oil and of honey and blend as above.

How to prepare ‘THE MAYO’ (Mayonnaise):

Mix together 2 tablespoons (30 ml) Flax Oil, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) milk, and 2 tablespoons (30 ml) Yoghurt.

Then add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of Lemon juice (or Apple Cider Vinegar) and add 1 teaspoon (2.5g) Mustard plus some herbs such as marjoram or dill.

Turmeric in salad dressings for oil conversion.

– If not getting enough epa and dha directly. Make it


– Kiwi fruit – tenderiser.
– The water from the steamer – drink it hot, add lemon, lime or grapefruit or 5ml apple cider vinegar, can add pepper, turmeric, tomato paste, ginger, lemon peel etc. drink it with your meals. Must be hot and have acid or bitter principles to drive digestion.


– Australian bentonite clay to absorb and remove.
– Juice, soup, stew – coriander, rosemary most important ingredients for detox.
– Celery seed, hibiscus flowers, juniper berries, bilberries as a tea. Drink all day.