New Information on Toxins and Exposure

Historically all chronic disease is borne from nutrient deficiency or excess. Think about.

Micronutrient deficiencies is easy to understand. We know there are essential vitamins and minerals we must have to survive. Micronutrient excess may refer to lead, mercury, aluminium and even iron toxicity regarding accumulation of trace metals. But also, over the last 50 years with synthetic supplements and food fortification with the synthetic versions of vitamins has led to diseases associated folic acid and niacin toxicity.

Macronutrient deficiencies and excess are also easy to understand with disease from body composition imbalances.
• Obesity.
• Sarcopenic obesity.
• Anorexia.
• Cardiovascular disease.
• Diabetes.

The Historical Solution to Prevention of Chronic Disease

Balance. Make good healthy food choices, prepare it to preserve the vast array of micronutrients. Tailor food combinations to cover the macronutrient requirements for your body composition goals. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Drink lots of water.

This is all so perfect and correct. This is common sense. This is what we all know we should do.

The New Catch with Food

We should be able to get all of our nutrients naturally from our foods, this is ideal because nature is so much smarter and knows how to combine the micronutrients in the correct ratios and all of the different forms. We also understand that foods contain natural toxins. Our body is prepared to deal with the natural toxins and poisons found in our foods while taking out the required nutrients. We have evolved or been created for this. The plants are there for us to eat.

The problem is food has changed. The toxins are high and not natural. The nutrients are lower and the balance has been lost.

Glyphosate (Round up) is used everywhere and is on everything unless you go out of your way to buy organic. The makers and users will say no evidence in humans of toxicity but if you think outside the box and understand that it is designed to change the environment so bugs can’t live on the foods. So not surprising to find that it is extremely disruptive to out gut flora / microbiome. There is so much research and investigation into how altered gut flora can cause obesity, behavioural and mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and the list goes on. You don’t need to research humans directly as the same bugs live in animals. Animal studies show that glyphosate can significantly alter and damage your gut flora.

Fresh air

If you got it or can get it, suck it in. The rest of us will churn through extra nutrients to protect us from pollution. This is snowballing and we are losing balance…

Drink lots of water

Water is not dead H20. (Unless of course you are one of those that drink distilled water… don’t do that)

Water is alive with altering molecular structures, micronutrients and electrical charges due to the included colloidal minerals and trace elements.

The simple common sense instruction of drinking plenty of water now leads to a discussion regarding tap water, filtered water (reverse osmosis, gravity filter etc.), recycled water, chlorinated, fluoridated, smart water and dumb water. And then we need to know it’s whole life story to know about plastic contamination and exposure of the plastic to heat.

Go get some fresh air

Ok just tell me where and I will book a holiday.

You are probably on your phone or at a computer right now

I’m trying to spread the word about invisible and subtle toxins that will eventually kill you and the only effective way I can do that is by asking you to listen on your phone or read on your computer. Our mission is to help save the world and we have a code of ethics “first do no harm” so I have a moral obligation to tell you to get away from your phone and computer or protect yourself from it at the very least. And to be realistic, where are you going to go without your phone? And where are you going to go to get away from everyone else’s phone.
They create an electromagnetic field it is a large area of exposure. It may not even be your phone doing the damage.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by using electrical machines, tools, industrial instruments, power lines, and communications devices is becoming harder to avoid.

– Changes brain chemistry influencing learning and behaviour
– Damages endometrium causing fertility issues in women
– Reduces testosterone and damages sperm in males
– Can increase CK, AST and ALT on blood work and this can be via changes in brain amino acid chemistry and not a sign of liver or kidney damage necessarily.
– Alters brain chemistry significantly – GABA, serotonin, glycine, glutamate and aspartate etc.

Exercise and Sweat

We eliminate a lot of toxins and excessive nutrients via sweat. We don’t sweat as much or enough anymore. Air conditioned cars, workplaces, schools and gyms.

The silent assassins are inside you!!!

The end result of us using common sense and following the laws of nature as we see them as a consumer and member of the general public is that we are being lied to and tricked into thinking it is our fault!! We just think we don’t work hard enough, we don’t sacrifice enough, we are not strict enough, we eat too much bad sugar and too much bad fat etc. etc.
No one wants panic or for everyone to demand a clean-up. There is way too much money to be made and they been covering it up for so long now how on earth can they come out and say oops now.

So, what can we do?

Why aren’t we all dying then? Well we kind of are, just slowly. In the meantime, our performance and quality of life is damaged and we are all on a mad chase to find why me.

You may have seen the massive surge in genetic testing, gene defects, e.g. methylation defects with MTHFR polymorphisms, sulfation defects and we are starting to get excuses for why me but it doesn’t change the end result. For many reasons, everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to these stressors. Genetic variations in genes is one reason for this.

Do I rush out and get toxin testing? Do I need to map my genetic profile and know my weaknesses?

You can for a point of reference, for a black and white objective marker that can be used to asses change. But it doesn’t really change the prescription. It is much the same strategy used regardless of which genetic polymorphisms you may have.

Most genetic polymorphisms are enzyme defects or variations. This makes it hard to convert, eliminate, store and use nutrients.

Genetic polymorphisms – doesn’t change the prescription when using natural sources with all of the active forms to bypass the defective genes.

Detoxification and Protection

Correct / prevent nutrient deficiencies

• Multifood – for the other categories I will list ingredients so you can look for them anyway you like and supplementation is optional. For the food sourced multivitamins than I do not know of any other way to explain it. Multifood is the only product that I know of that the ingredients are made using full biodynamic principles and are clean and the finished product is processed to preserve the natural nutrient balance and is then tested to confirm the nutrients are included in the right amounts. You can find food made well but unless it is tested you guarantee what is in it but if made organic and biodynamic at least you know what is not on it or in it and that is the chemicals. Do both, eat clean quality food and take a 3 Multifood most days and you will get a good mix of the necessary nutrients.
• Water soluble Vitamin B complex, vitamin C.
• Fat soluble vitamin A, D, E.
• Zinc and selenium.

NRF2 gene activation

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, upregulates detoxification pathways to combat toxic exposure.
• Rosemary.
• Turmeric.
• Schisandra.
• Gingko.
• Withania.
• Brassica sulforaphanes.

Other stuff

• Shilajit – fulvic acid, humic acid may help to protect from toxins by chelating and binding to aid elimination.
• Some interesting research looking at humic acid in particular for protecting gut flora from glyphosate.
• Gut flora support and probiotics.


• Sweat.
• Breathe.
• Sleep.
• Eat clean.
• Beauty clean too – cosmetics can be loaded with heavy metals and toxins, deodorants often contain aluminium.