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Episode 85 – The Missing Link

The Missing Link – Podcast Notes


“Why don’t I get the results!” 

“I’ve been everywhere! Tried everything! Nothing works for me!”
“I can’t feel it”
“All my friends rave about it but it doesn’t work for me”
“I’ve spent all this money, when do I get to see my results”

Have you ever said these things or thought it? It’s not fair, is it? This podcast is for you.

Are you a healthcare professional, retailer or caring friend or relative that has heard this over and over? Than you need this podcast to help these people get the results they deserve from their investment of time, effort and money.

I’m an individual, you can’t fool me…

Everyone is an individual, everyone has a unique story, genetic make-up and acquired traits making everyone respond differently to diet, exercise and supplement strategies. There is no one size fits all and this must be taken into consideration when creating a protocol or supplement stack and also when dealing with the “non responders”.
Genetics, peri-natal and early life events, environment, prescribed and recreational drugs, lifestyle, smoking, structural imbalances, current and historical changes to body composition all change the way we respond.

Did you know?
Prior to most scientific studies the participants are often screened and the “non responders” are eliminated from the trial. The 5 of non-responders eliminated is not usually disclosed in the study details. Of the remaining participants, a success rate of 70% is acceptable to show efficacy and make a claim. Therefore, if you are expecting 100% success rate for a product or a protocol than you have unrealistic expectations and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

This is why each individual needs to work out a way to make sure they are one of the responders.

The “stable state” or “base foundation”

The body requires a certain nutritional status to have something to work with. Certain essential nutrients must be in your system for certain pathways to be capable of working. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential components to make sure the macronutrient changes, the amino acids, and botanicals are capable of creating change.
Basically, the big guns that are used to change hormones, strip fat, build muscle etc. cannot work if the essential micronutrients are deficient.
Refer to figure 1 and see where the well-known and the most commonly prescribed supplemental amino acids fit into our energy production cycle.


Figure 1 The amino acids used in the Kreb Cycle

Figure 2 the vitamin and nutrient co-factors that are necessary for the kreb cycle to actually fire and use the amino acids in figure 1.

Nutrient deficiencies are the most common cause of resistance to treatment

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can create road blocks in certain pathways and if deficient it can be impossible to force the body to change.
Vitamin and mineral cofactors are necessary for every system in the body to work. Production, activity, conversion and detoxification of the following all require the vitamin and mineral cofactors

• Energy production cycle in every cell of the body – the kreb cycle aka the citric acid cycle
• Hormones
• Neurotransmitters
• Immune
• Digestive and systemic enzymes

For example
Folate deficiency = inability to detoxify estrogen and contributes to obesity
Zinc deficiency = inability to control 5 alpha reductase and can’t fix testosterone: DHT ratios in acne
B5 deficiency = inability to control nervous systems and adrenal exhaustion
Vitamin c deficiency = scurvy = inability to regenerate collagen
Magnesium deficiency = inability to switch off

Kreb cycle defect = no active transport pumps to absorb nutrients from gut, systemic fatigue, excessive metabolic waste

The first place to start to make sure someone is capable of creating change is by making sure the base nutrients are supplied. 3 x Multifood caps daily supplies the essential water soluble vitamins that need to be topped up on a daily basis along with all of the trace elements and botanical cofactors necessary for them to work.

Grease and oil change

Cell membranes and the receptors that pick up on the neurotransmitters and hormones etc. are oily. The mitochondria that is our energy warehouse (where the kreb cycle action occurs) is folds of oil. Most of our body is water. Something like 70% on average. It’s the watery bits that hold the acidic waste and inflammatory chemicals etc. So, you can imagine these oils cop a hiding and need to be replenished otherwise we get hormonal resistance (e.g. insulin resistance, cortisol resistance).

Unfortunately, we don’t have a sump plug so we can’t just drain the oil and replace so we have to top up constantly and also protect them with antioxidants. No point just loading with unsaturated omega 3 oils. We need a broad spectrum supply of omega 3,5,6,7,9 as well as a good mix of saturated and unsaturated fats.

Use AMP-V to supply a broad spectrum of oils with antioxidants and then get a good mix of healthy dietary oils (avocado, coconut, raw nuts and seeds, animal fats) to fill out the macronutrient profile and get the bulk fats required.

Inflammation and oxidative stress

We are constantly exposed inflammatory and oxidative stress.

Stress, toxic exposure, electromagnetic radiation, pollutants, plastics, immune dysfunction, gut dysfunction, gut flora imbalances and probably a heap iof other things yet to be identified all cause inflammatory and oxidative reactions.

NRF2 gene activation is the secret weapon against this. The NRF2 gene is our force field and first line of defence against such stress.

Add NRF2 gene activators in from foods and supplements if diet needs supplementing; turmeric, Withania, schisandra, gingko, broccoli, bok choy, daikon radish, kale, watercress, rosemary and many more. Cort Rx and both Alpha Venus and Alpha prime are very powerful NRF2 activators that can be taken regularly and that takes the pressure off eating these foods every day.

Have you noticed most people will just blame stress for lack of results?

This is true and fair enough. It is almost impossible to avoid stress triggers and only a physical or chemical straight jacket can stop us reacting. But we can manage it.
Stress does a heap of hormonal changes and catabolic processes as we know. We have written and podcasted so much about adrenals and cortisol etc. but it is important to understand the main thing stress does on a daily basis is deplete nutrients, create oxidative stress and inflammation. This changes priorities and depletes the essential micronutrients needed to get back into balance.

The same protocol – nutritional cofactors (Multifood), grease and oil change (AMP-V) and NRF2 activators (Cort rx, Alpha venus, alpha Prime) will manage.

In Summary

To maximise results from any plan you must first build a stable state base foundation that involves the physical (diet, exercise, balance and exposure), mental (attitude, resilience, fortitude and commitment) and spiritual (belief, culture, imagination) planes.

Furthermore, you need to build a nutritional foundation to work with before you can force change (adaptation). For this you need to cover:

1. Essential nutritional cofactors – vitamins and minerals
2. Essential fatty acids
3. NRF2 actiators
You build this first and then see how much better you and your friends respond to supplementation, diet and exercise campaigns.