Different types of sore joints

Low grade inflammation

  • Wear and tear – osteoarthritis, degenerative discs
  • Long term low grade (usual / normal) inflammation eventually degrades the joints
  • Adrenal exhaustion – inadequate anti-inflammatory cortisol and DHEA
  • Menopause / andropause – inadequate anti-inflammatory gonadal hormones i.e.  testosterone, estrogen, progesterone
  • Cold and white

High grade inflammation

  • Acute injury
  • Reactive arthritis
    • Spider bite,
    • staph,
    • blastocystis hominis
  • Autoimmune – rheumatism
    • Rheumatoid arthritis,
    • Ankylosing spondylitis,
    • Mixed connective tissue disorder
  • Hot and red


  • Uric acid
  • Rice like lumps
  • Red deformed / dislocated
  • Often settles when you settle
  • Worse with dehydration
  • Other uric acid signs – itching, swelling, fluid retention

Nerve pain (neuralgia)

  • Shooting pain often referring down the limb and starting from neck or back.
  • Sharp, instant twinges with loss of function.


  • Spurs
  • Post injury
  • Surgery
  • Skeletal fluorosis – more common now (tea drinkers and fluoridated water)

Muscle, fascia, CT causes

  • Imbalance in muscle tone and tension pulls on joints and changes structure and function
  • E.g. Iliotibial band / tensor fascia later / sciatica / GB channel stagnation (acupuncture) causes tension on lateral muscles and fascia of quads and pulls knee cap out of the groove, making it harder to activate medial quads and you get knee pain in behind the knee cap.

Frozen shoulder

  • Rotator cuff muscles
  • Nerve impingement
  • Bursitis


  • Pressure receptors pick up fluid and make more because it is leaking
  • Fluid build-up and loss of function.

Lipitor (statins)

  • A cause major pain
  • Possibly due to acid build up from poor oxygenation of tissues. The acid settles into the joints during rest to degrade
  • Shilajit, coq10, BCAA

Swelling and fluid retention

  • Allergy, intolerance, LPS
  • Electrolytes imbalance
  • Salicylate accumulation
  • Inflammation
  • Circulation
  • Thyroid
  • Carpal tunnel

Treatment strategies

Capzea – rub it on and the pain will go

  • But I know I tell people to be realistic and expect miracles BUT don’t be fooled into thinking just because you have no pain you are fixed.
  • This is cheating really it just takes away pain to give you the chance to function and rehabilitate.

Eliminate your causes of inflammation

  • Gut
  • Immune
  • Structural
  • Functional / lifestyle
  • Stress?

Build up natural anti-inflammatories

  • Gonadal hormones (balance not just load) – Alphas
  • Adrenal hormones – Cort Rx (to manage) and alpha mars (if exhausted and especially around meno / andropause)
  • EFA balance


  • Oils need balance!
  • Omega 3,5,6,7,9 – AMP-V
  • Support conversion pathways – turmeric and Multifood
  • * turmeric can enhance conversion pathways so well that turmeric can increase epa and dha greater than eating fish containing EPA and DHA (but do all of it)

“bone on bone”

  • Hard to know.
  • End of bones are chondrocytes that make cartilage. If cartilage is worn and chondrocyte layer has gone than don’t think you can build back but if chondrocytes there than feed them and it can grow.
  • Plump up enough cartilage to give cushioning and pain can go.
  • Osteophytes grow through the holes in the cartilage at the end pf the bones and they are pointy and hurt. Sometimes they too long and pokey for cartilage to cushion around.

Rebuild cartilage with cartilage

  • Cartilage / collagen only in animal products e.g. green lipped muscle, bovine collagen, maybe avoid pig if reactive arthritis as I have a theory about pig and autoimmunity (Arachidonic acid shouldn’t be in the collagen)
  • Vegans use mucopolysaccharides to support gylcoaminoglycan (GAG) production – slippery elm bark, oats

Gouty – uric acid

  • Uric acid comes from breaking down protein
    • Protein foods, protein powders, seafood, red meat, OUR MEAT (exercise, training, massive muscle load breaking and making)
  • Holds fluid around joints. (bodybuilders and physique people need to listen here)
    • Fluid joints makes your muscles look smaller and reduces definition at origin and insertion points. Diuretics don’t clear away this type of fluid and can often make worse because if you get deficient in sodium your body preserves uric acid to use in its place as a nerve switch and fluid mover.
    • Blood tests or symptoms
    • Makes u itchy after hot showers, itchy legs when doing cardio, itchy back after hot shower, migrating joint pain
    • It forms crystals like shards of glass in the joints and it just catches you and then can disappear
    • Drinking and wee as much as possible is the treatment
    • Celery seed (meh), hibiscus (yum), juniper berries (yum), rosehips (yum but look like kangaroo poo), devils claw (horrid) is my tea