Hyperthyroid = Excessive thyroid hormone activity = Thyroid is too fast.

Thyrotoxicosis occurs when you are exposed to excessive thyroid hormones as part of hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease, thyroid storm, excessive intake of exogenous thyroid hormones etc.

Graves’ Disease is an autoimmune condition that induces hyperthyroidism. In Graves’ Disease, the body makes “Graves’ autoantibodies” (called TSI or TSH receptor autoantibody) that tells the thyroid to release more thyroid hormones.

Women are 7-8 x more likely to develop Graves. You have a higher risk if there is a family history of autoimmunity (type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disorders) than a family history of thyroid disease. Regarding family history, it appears as though an autoimmune immune profile or gut and adrenal weaknesses are inherited more than the potential for thyroid dysfunction.

Pregnancy is a common trigger for Graves. Pregnancy is associated with a shift in immune profile along with the dramatic changes in hormones. Many autoimmune conditions go into remission during pregnancy but Graves’ tends to flare up or initiate during pregnancy.

The key feature with Graves’ disease is the autoimmune cause and the thyroid hormone response that creates the symptom picture and life threatening complications. The typical management plan is to target the thyroid and the released hormones to control the end result of the autoimmunity and more often than not the autoimmune trigger and associated weaknesses that allow autoimmunity to occur are not addressed.

Initial treatment is to use anti-thyroid drugs and if they fail the next step is to destroy the thyroid gland with radioactive iodine or surgery. Once thyroid hormone producing cells are destroyed or removed the patient then manages thyroid hormone levels by supplementing with thyroid hormone prescribed from the doctor.

Autoimmunity is often preceded by adrenal dysfunction and defects in the gut mucosal immunity. To simplify the process; the immune system fires up to kill something and most of these messages and action happens around the gut mucosa. The adrenal glands then give the immune system to have a chance to work and then it releases cortisol to tell the immune system to back off and stop or otherwise it just keeps going and can get confused and start eating our own tissue. Cortisol from the adrenals is released to protect the host (you) from your own defence mechanisms.

If the autoimmunity, gut weakness and adrenal dysfunction are not taken into consideration as a cause and treated accordingly than there is ongoing hormonal disruption, cortisol fluctuations, inflammation, cytokines, adipokines, and toxic stress that can continue to create problems even after the thyroid gland has been eliminated.

Thyroid hormone replacement uses T4 and/ or T3 to compensate for the lack of natural thyroid hormones. The conversion of T4 to T3 and T2 is essential for maintaining control and keeping you in the correct thyroid window of not too fast and not too slow. Inflammation, toxic exposure, cytokines, adipokines, cortisol all can interfere with the conversion pathways and send thyroid hormones down a path of reverse T3 which can screw up the whole picture.

T3 is 7-10x more potent than T4 but if it goes down the wrong pathway and makes reverse T3 than the reverse T3 has only 1% of the activity of T4 but binds into T3 receptors competing and blocking. What makes it tricker is that the pituitary gland in the brain can’t tell the difference and if the T3 receptors in the brain get all full they think the thyroid is actually awesome or too fast and will slow it down. Reverse T3 should always be measured as part of the thyroid hormone testing with T4, T3 and ALL of the thyroid autoantibodies. Remember Graves’ is a name given to a group of symptoms caused by a particular antibody. You may have all the other antibodies creating chaos and not know. Don’t forget it is an autoimmune condition first and foremost so that is probably still going off.

Important Tip – Check iodine status. There is a school of thought that Graves’ antibodies can be created to compensate for nutrient deficiencies slowing down the gland. This is big in Japan. Test Iodine and only supplement if deficient. 180 to 250mcg of iodine is needed per day to maintain healthy iodine status. Check it out.
Zinc and selenium are essential components of the selenozymes (selenium dependant enzymes) that are essential for thyroid hormone production and conversion. If deficient you will create extra reverse T3 and struggle to control your thyroid replacement therapy.

Testosterone:estrogen ratios have a massive impact on immune profile and thyroid hormone profile. Estrogen dominance is a big risk factor for Graves’ disease.
Use Body temperature charts and symptom picture questionaires / diaries / lists to monitor your own thyroid status rather than wait for testing. Work with your doctor and pharmacist to share your notes and together you will work out how to use nutraceuticals and supplements to work with the drugs to keep you in the perfect window. For example manty people take 100mcg of thyroxine and that is usually fine for them but some days they feel they need more and others they have had too much. Unfortunately, if the drug comes in 50mcg jumps and can’t be broken up they can struggle to control their thyroid hormones with changing doses up or down by 50% from one day to the next. What may be perfect is 110mcg for example but can’t be done with the drugs. This is why you work with your medical team to use Nutraceuticals like T432 Plus containing coleus, zinc, selenium, tyrosine, kelps etc. to enhance the efficacy of the drugs and keep you in the window. You can take anywhere from 0 to 6 of the T432 Plus per day to complement the pharmaceuticals. It can be tricky but with supervision and guidance you can get the hang of using symptoms and body temperature to know when to spike up the drugs.

The rest of your plan is to treat the person and not the disease. Look for gut and adrenal issues and treat appropriately. Even using a product like Cort Rx which a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune modulator that can really help to support adrenal function can help to manage while fixing the cause.

T432 Plus Temperature Chart Below: