Eating and drinking is important. If you do not eat and drink you will die. Foods and drinks contain things that are essential for us to have every day to have life and maintain life. We call these things nutrients. To get all of the different types of nutrients we need to eat and drink lots of different things. We do not know how many nutrients are in our foods because they aren’t tested before they sell them to us; so we have our best guess and try to make sure we eat enough quantity and variety to get everything we think we need.

The problem is they tell us that we still are not getting enough; they blame farmers, food producers, the cook and even us for buying the wrong foods or eating them the wrong way.

They then trick us into buying foods or supplements fortified with synthetic man made versions of nutrients because they think it is too hard to work with farmers, food producers, cooks and inform us how and where to get the foods we need.

ATP Science made Multifood. Multifood is a combination of foods that have been grown really well by some very clever and passionate farmers; processed to preserve nutrients; tested so we know how many nutrients and then put into a capsule to make it easier to protect and also measure. Then all you have to do is take some of this stuff every day and then continue to do your best with stress, sleep, foods, water and exercise.  We will deal with the farmers, the scientists, the cooks, the testing labs etc. for you.

Multi concept

  • Water soluble vitamins (Vitamins C and full B complex)
    • Extracted using water
    • Stored and delivered in a form suitable for water soluble ingredients to maximise stability and bioavailability
  • Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K)
    • Extraction, storage, delivery, processing not compatible for combining with water soluble vitamins and should be in a different product.
    • Better used separately
  • Only positive nutrient-nutrient interactions
    • B12 is made by gut flora and is not extracted directly from plants. No real natural B12 sources and Vitamin C should never be combined with b12 as they destroy each other even before you can consume.
    • Phytates and tannins from herbs bind and block iron
    • Zinc binds and blocks iron and calcium
    • Too much B3 depletes methylation resources
    • Folic acid backlogs folate and methylation pathways when added and is not natural anyway.
    • Combining vitamin C with folate enhances a lot of the folate functions
    • Deficiency of vitamins C, B2 and B12 will stop folate supplements from working and if supplied at same time they work synergistically
    • Iron and iodine are both left out as they need to be taken in high doses short term to correct deficiency and in many cases they need to be avoided as body levels may be too high already
    • Vitamin C recycles vitamin E
    • B6, B12, folate and C all provide cofactors for iron absorption but iron should be taken separately

Not spiked botanicals – the ingredients are real foods, grown to our best ability, processed efficiently and tested to confirm the presence and levels of nutrients so we know how much to eat to get what we need. They are not synthetics mixed with herbal extracts and added to the rest of the list of ingredients from google keyword searches.

We discussed, Why no…

    • fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K?
    • iodine – t432plus and allergies and differing requirements means it should be used as a separate product as with iron.
    • Iron
    • Overload is common
    • Interactions between ingredients
    • Short term need high doses and long term low or none and in excess needs to drain so dose varies so much needs to be used differently
    • herbal antioxidants / botanicals? It is made of plants that yield nutrients, plus do the antioxidants etc. as they naturally contain the nutrients and cofactors for the nutrients to work.
    • Green tea – blocks iron
    • Herbs need to be high dose
    • “antioxidants” like resveratrol are actually prooxidant in wrong dose and research is a scam and we do not know how much is too much
    • Not studied in combination – until we have the data of what they do when blended together
      • Eg lipoic acid kills coq10 in the blender even before it gets to you and vitamin c does the same with b12. We do not know what the herbs do
    • Silymarin is added (milk thistle, st mary’s thistle etc.) and it actually chelates iron and copper as one of its jobs as an antioxidant (so why add that and iron and copper in the same cap?) interestingly one of the most antioxidant enzymes in our body needs copper to function.

Also discussed how B vitamins and vitamin C work on energy and performance.

B1 – enzyme cofactor. 24 enzymes. For every cell of our body for energy production, neurotransmitter production, BCAA, Muscle and nerve functions

B2 – “growth factor” from egg whites 1879. Co enzyme for growth and metabolism.

B3 – metabolism of sugars and fats plus vasodilation and masking prohibited substances

B5 – Makes Acetyl and acyl things like coq10, acetylcholine, steroid hormones

B6 – Amino acid metabolism and production of hormones, neurotransmitters

B9 – nerve, brain, blood and methylation functions

B12 – energy production and neuromuscular function

C – is actually the most stimulating vitamin via the adrenal gland and its ability to fuel our nervous response to stress.