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Episode 72 – Fat Attack

This podcast was recorded live from 2016 Supply Side West Conference in Las Vegas Nevada USA. Jeff and I Ventured over to visit thousands of stalls and attended over 60 hours of seminars and workshops to discover industry trends, new exciting ingredients and meet with world leaders in innovation and education.

This podcast discusses some of our findings.

  • Ephedra and signs for caffeine going down same way
    • Media too powerful and can make or break an ingredient
    • Thousands of years of use and understanding
      • Athletes trying to protect their own reputation throwing ephedra under the bus, one particular athlete died and full investigation not carried out to protect reputation and in doing so allowed ephedra to take the blame.
      • Weird medical reports e.g. man with shotgun hole in chest and another case with blood alcohol level of 0.24 and head on crash was attributed to ephedra
    • Caffeine beverages now appearing in media in very similar fashion. Writing is on the wall for restrictions.

Challenges in proving efficacy of foods and dietary supplements without making them into drugs by accidently “curing” “diseases” such as fatigue and obesity. Where in reality obesity and fatigue are signs and symptoms of dis-ease and not actually diseases.

For example, if I want to prove to you my dietary supplement that is made to help people lose weight is effective I can only test it on people that are in a healthy weight range and free of any abnormalities on blood test or any other testing done as part of the trial. I can’t test a fat loss product on someone who has extra fat to lose!

With natural medicine this very problematic as natural compounds are actually healthy and good for you. They will help your body to maintain health. To force someone of a healthy weight range to lose extra fat is not actually healthy and is very hard to do. It is also very hard to show this weight loss is fat when someone with the correct muscle and fat ratios will typically lose both to maintain the healthy equilibrium.

These healthy people must also fit into following criteria to be allowed to participate

  • Must fit into healthy BMI 25 to 29.9
  • And must have had stable weight for the last 3 months
  • Agree to maintain their “normal” activity throughout trial and that “normal” activity must NOT include participation in structured activities such as resistance training, or aerobic exercise more than 3 times per week.
  • Healthy according to lab results, medical history and physical exam
  • It must include a mix of men and women between ages of 21 and 55, but the women if within child bearing age must use a medically approved contraception to make sure they don’t fall pregnant while trialling your products.

So this makes it hard to prove your product will help people strip out fat in people with too much fat.

Drugs and chemicals however work differently to herbs and foods and do not work with the body and these sort of trials are more suited to drug effects.

  • Natural medicines work systemically targeting all cells of the body; drugs have an isolated action and target single organs/ tissues.
  • Natural medicines are “homeostatically controlled” meaning they work with the body and do not push us away from homeostasis; drugs are not homeostatically controlled.
  • Baseline nutritional status affects responses in trials when using nutrients; drugs are not influenced by your nutritional status.
  • It is very hard to create a true placebo group with natural medicines compared to drugs.
  • Natural compounds often contain essential nutrients and insufficiency results in disease. Replenishing these nutrients can therefore cure such a disease (e.g. scurvy) and that is a therapeutic claim or action and that is only applicable for drugs. Once disease is identified the participant is excluded from the trial.

We also discussed the scientific communities take on the common equation that is used within the general population and those yelling “if it fits your macros”

weight = calories in – calories out

versus the equations the scientific world uses such as this

Weight =

( x method of preparation (α or 1/α) + blood sugar ^AMPK ^SUPPLEMENTS / Microbiome – Metabiome)

 (Culture x )/Hormones x Metabolism^sex + Leptin) ^ Medication

Lastly we discussed the controversial findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in September this year (2016) showing the corruption that led to the world push against fat and the acceptance of sugar that may be a driving force behind the sky-rocketing rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This campaign by the sugar lobbyists turned healthy foods like eggs and nuts and seeds into villains while high fructose corn syrup was allowed and encouraged to boom. The truth is coming out now but is it too late?

Kearns CE, Schmidt LA, Glantz SA. Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents. JAMA Intern Med. 2016 Sep 12.

Here is the link to the full text article