Diabetes is a condition that makes it hard to control steady blood sugar levels. Insulin’s job is to take sugar out of the blood. In diabetes insulin is not doing its job properly because it either doesn’t work (type 2) or isn’t there (type 1).

Type 1 Diabetes

10% of cases – autoimmune destruction of the pancreatic cells that make and secrete insulin. Therefore “Insulin dependent” and must monitor blood sugar and inject insulin. In most cases treatment protocols are focused on management of blood sugar levels and prevention of long term complications associated with spikes in blood sugar that can cause damage to cells within the body, in particular the eyes, extremities and kidneys.

– GTF (Glucose tolerance factor), B group vitamins and chromium
– Oils
– Hawthorn berries and Bilberries to protect eyes, feet and kidneys

Type 2 Diabetes

85% of cases – acquired insulin resistance.

Other types – Gestational (during pregnancy) and Pre-diabetic syndromes – PCOS, insulin resistance syndrome, metabolic syndrome and “pre-diabetes”.

Insulin resistance in muscle

This is a very important concept with type 2 diabetics and all insulin resistance syndromes; as well as for anyone looking to build muscle and burn fat.

Insulin resistance occurs in the muscle. This means that the muscle is resistant to the growth stimulation from insulin and insulin-like growth factors. The muscle cannot easily take in the sugar to replenish muscle glycogen and fuel growth and the insulin receptors are also resistant to insulin-like growth factors such as IGF-1.

The fat will happily take up the sugar to get it out of the blood.

This results in various types of obesity and creates a vicious cycle as obesity via adipokines and excessive blood triglycerides can create insulin resistance.

Liver regulates fasting blood sugar

The liver has antennas that measure the sugar level in blood. If the sugar levels are low the liver releases sugar into the blood. Insulin resistance, inflammation and fatty liver can cause the antennas to not work. The liver then thinks you have no sugar so it releases some. This is a common cause of elevated fasting glucose.
Gymnema, berberine, biotin, PPAR receptors modulators (AMP-V oils) can help this.

Common causes of insulin resistance

Inflammation, obesity (adipokines, triglycerides), Hypertension, genetics, indigenous populations are at a much higher risk.

Common supplements to help diabetics

  • Biotin
    Lipoic acid
    GTF (vitamin B3, chromium, glycine, cysteine, glutamic acid) found in brewer’s yeast.
    B complex vitamins
    Omega 3,5,6,7,9 oils