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Episode 24 – Fasted Cardio



Welcome to the ATP Podcast, Episode 24 – Fasted Cardio.

Today we talk about Ketosis, the Fat Burning Zone.
• Intra Workout Amino Acids Inhibiting Fat Loss Goals
• Raspberry Ketones – why they don’t work
• FAQs
• Announce the winner of the ATP Project Podcast Rate it to Win.

Stay tuned, the ATP Project is about to start.

Welcome to the ATP Project with Matt and Jeff, your hosts.

Jeff: Mattie.

Matt: G’day.

Jeff: We just had Tony Freeman out here.

Matt: Yeah, it was fun.

Jeff: It was good. Now, there’s quite a lot of information that he was sharing and some things that you want to pick up on today, particularly Fasted Cardio, and specifically, Ketosis.

Matt: Yes. I’ve had so many questions from people. During the Seminars it was a hot topic that people had many questions about, and since then there’s been a lot of confusion and a lot of messages coming through wanting more clarification. Because, it is kind of a complicated thing.

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: As usual, we’ll try and explain it, and let’s make is simple.

Jeff: Well, last week’s episode on ‘If it Fits your Macros’ was really interesting.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Jeff: And, in fact, that was really great and we had some great feedback on that. And, ‘If it Fits your Macros’ can work if you’re looking specifically at body shape. What we’re trying to talk about with that is the long term effect, and in fact, we’re working with another expert over in The States who’s writing a book at the moment on the Importance of Gut Health, and it’s funny, it seems to come up quite a lot. We’ve spoken before, Matt, if you’re eating the right types of food, or if you’re eating food that is Probiotic or Prebiotic then it’s going to completely change your Gut Flora, which is going to change the way you assimilate food, which is going to change pretty much everything. So, that’s the real point that we’re trying to make. Yes, you can, short term, get results by ‘If it Fits your Macros—and, it’s funny because Tony was looking into that and found that was actually on a forum somewhere and this personal trainer who was quite well known and was just sick of answering the questions, “Can I have a banana,” “Can I do this?” “Can I do that?” and he just basically said, “If it fits your Macros.”

Matt: Yeah, right.

Jeff: And, from that it’s become this whole cult movement that says, “I can eat crap so long as it fits my Macros.” And, again, we’re just trying to bring a bit of balance there, bring a little bit of general health and wellbeing back into that conversation.

Matt: Yeah, get the general health and wellbeing.

Jeff: So, this is what you want to do…

Matt: They’re the same people that say, “It’s simple maths, ratios, energy in energy out.” But, if you went and said, “Okay, well that’s easy, I’ll just have a 500 Calorie Diet and I’ll be shredded.” First of all, if you don’t eat enough your Metabolism will shut down.

Jeff: Do you remember watching that movie, Supersize Me? And, there was another one as well, too, and it showed—or, was it Food, Inc?

Matt: I don’t remember.

Jeff: Great film, but I forget which one it was. But anyway, it showed that the burgers that were being made, to preserve them longer they were actually dipping them in Ammonia.

Matt: Yeah, wow.

Jeff: So, if it fits your Macros, if you considered grass fed steak, beautiful pristine preservative free, no antibiotics, anything like that, versus meat that has been dipped in Ammonia, then ‘If it Fits your Macros’ goes out the window. Anyway, enough about that, Matt, all I’m trying to say is, we’re trying to help people to live healthier happier lives, and look good at the same time without killing themselves, which is something, Matt, because we see a lot of crazy things out there.

Matt: Oh yeah, it’s good fun.

Jeff: So, let’s get into Fasted Cardio, which is a huge topic right now and there’s lots of pros and cons and for and against and all the rest of it. But, Tony seems to be a big fan of it, and he’s certainly a big guy and he’s certainly getting the results.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: So, let’s talk about it.

Matt: And, it’s not just Fasted Cardio, it’s just training Fasted in general. The whole concept of it is to stimulate the body to Burn more Fat. It’s a very simple concept really, the body has got two potential sources of fuel that it wants to Burn, either Sugar or Fat; Sugar always wins, your body wants to Burn Sugar first. If the Sugar’s not available, then it will Burn Fat. The by-products of Burning Fat are these things called Ketone Bodies, and they’re a fuel, they’re a brilliant fuel source for your Brain and your Muscles and everything like that; it’s actually preferred source of fuel for your Brain. When I’ve got a heap of study to do I always follow a Ketogenic Diet to make a heap of Ketones because it makes my Brain sharper. In fact, the Ketogenic Diet, for the last 80 odd years, has been used as a dietary strategy to control Epilepsy and Seizures in young children, and more recently, Behavioural Disorders and Learning Disorders in young children, because the Ketone Bodies are such a great fuel for the Brain.

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: So, the whole concept with this Fasted Training is, if you haven’t eaten for a while so your Blood Sugar level is as low as it’s going to be, your Glycogen is in a depleted state.

Jeff: And, Glycogen is just stored Carbohydrates?

Matt: The stored Liver and Muscle Sugar, mainly. So, it’s just the stored Sugar in your body already. So, if you’ve got bugger all Sugar in your Bloodstream because you haven’t eaten for 10 or 12 hours, your Glycogen is starting to get depleted—somewhere after your evening meal, for example, that Sugar is going to be starting to drop, the body will then start tapping into your Glycogen to maintain healthy Blood Sugar levels throughout the evening when you’re asleep, which is mainly done by the Liver. So, then what happens, when you wake up in the morning your Glycogen is kind of depleted, your Blood Sugar is as low as it’s going to be, your Insulin is quite low, so there’s an opportunity for you to go out and stimulate your body to release Fat as an alternative fuel source.

Jeff: Now, your Cortisol is also quite high at that time as well, Matt, but that’s a good thing.

Matt: Yeah. In that sort of situation, the Cortisol is used as a Catabolic agent to stimulate the release of Fat as well.

Jeff: And, that’s the thing. I think a lot of people when they hear about Catabolism they’re thinking purely about losing Muscle Tissue, but we’re talking about Catabolism as the breakdown of tissue.

Matt: Yeah, to release fuel.

Jeff: Which, could be Fat?

Matt: Yeah, it could be Fat or it could be Sugar. So, basically, what’s supposed to happen is you get up in that depleted state, shortly after doing whatever you’re doing you’re going to deplete more of that Glycogen, your Blood Sugar levels can drop, and the plan is that the body is supposed to freak out a little bit and say, “Wow, you’re running out of fuel, we better liberate a heap of Fat so that way you can use Fat as an alternative fuel supply.”

During that actual Cardio and during the training you’re not doing a huge of Fat Burning, you’re not necessarily just stripping Fat out of your body, but you’re liberating the stored Fat, you’re releasing Triglycerides into your bloodstream as a source of fuel.

Jeff: And, that’s getting the body onto Burning your Body Fat for energy…

Matt: Yes.

Jeff: …as opposed Sugar or Muscle or supplements, or whatever else there is.

Matt: Yeah. Basically, then what happens is—what people do to confirm they’re Burning Fat or gone into Ketosis, is you buy these things called Keto Sticks at the chemist or whatever and you wee on them and if they change colour you’re Burning Fat. How much they change colour may be an indication of how much Fat you’re Burning, or it may be an indication of how diluted the Ketones are, have you drunk enough water, you know. I don’t want people to obsess over the colour of Ketones on a Keto Stick, because they just end up dehydrating themselves to show that they can get really high Ketone readings.

Jeff: Well, it’s funny. I actually used Dave Palumbo’s Keto Diet a few years ago, got into the best shape of my life using that diet, and there are some pros and cons, and people will come back and go, “Hang on, what about your fruit,” and, “What about this and that?” but if you’re eating well, if you’re eating good quality sources of Fats, things like Avocado and Fish and things like that, and you’re getting plenty of your Leafy Greens in as well…

Matt: And Fibre.

Jeff: Lots of Fibre.

Matt: That’s a big thing that I found in my clinic when people were switching to a Keto Diet, is their Bowels shut down. So, maintaining healthy Fibre levels is excellent.

Jeff: Mm. For me, it worked absolutely brilliantly, I felt great on it. The strength went down maybe a little bit, but not a huge amount. Whereas, my wife cannot do it, for whatever reason she just either doesn’t get into Ketosis properly, maybe doesn’t stick with it long enough, but she hates it, she doesn’t enjoy it.

Matt: There are a lot of different reasons, which we can go through, of why it doesn’t work for everyone. But, the key features are, you’re supposed to liberate a heap of Fat and then those Fats get Burnt, go through a process of Ketogenesis, which makes Ketones, and then you excrete the Ketones. The fact that in a lot of studies to confirm Fat Burning they’re using Ketone Urination as a measure or a marker to show that you’re Burning Fat, but there are a lot of other tricky ways of doing it. And, remember what I was saying, Ketones are the preferred source of fuel.

Jeff: For the Brain?

Matt: For the Brain especially. So, to understand, supplementation and that sort of stuff around Fasted Cardio is where a lot of the questions will come in, because it’s Fasted Cardio, we’re Fasting, and then people want to know which Pre Workout to use while doing Fasted Training, and often you’re going, “Well the whole purpose of it is for you to go down really low with energy levels and available fuel, and force your body to go into an Adaptive Response to release more. So, the whole concept of supplementation around that is a little bit strange, because we want to force the body to make Ketones out of the Fat that’s on your body. So, the plan is to Burn Fat from you, from inside your body, not Burn the Fat from a supplement, or Burn the Fat from something else, or supplement necessarily with Ketones that are going to switch off Fat Burning, unless you use the Ketones as a source of fuel. Does that make sense?

Jeff: It does, but maybe give us some examples, Matt.

Matt: Okay. For example; before Fasted Cardio you’ve got low Blood Sugar, you haven’t really gone into that Fat Burning process properly, so you usually feel terrible, you’ve got no energy, you’re Tired, you’re Fatigued and you’re Exhausted, your Brain doesn’t work, your body doesn’t work. It’s not until your body makes those Ketones out of your Fat from off your Hips and that, that those Ketones are then the fuel for the Brain, and all of a sudden you’re switched on, so midway through your workout, once you go into Ketosis, once you’ve got enough Ketones floating around, all of a sudden your Muscles want to perform, your Brain really wants to work, and your sharp and you are training really well, but at first you feel lousy.

If you supplement with Ketones it goes in and acts as a source of fuel, so it works like a Pre Workout, it makes your Brain sharp, it gives you all this energy, so you actually do a much better quality workout by supplementing with Ketones. The problem can be–and it depends on what your priority is, so if your priority is to get in, screw around, liberate those Triglycerides, get a really hard core workout done first thing in the morning, then supplementing with Ketones will fuel that and you’ll get a better quality workout. But, you’re not making those Ketones from Burning Fat, you’re taking those Ketones.

Jeff: So, things like Raspberry Ketones, Matt?

Matt: Yeah. So, with those things coming in you’re putting Ketones into your body. When you get a certain amount of Ketones building up you get a thing called Ketoacidosis, which basically means you’ve got so much Keto Acids in your bloodstream that you’re becoming really acidic, and then what happens is your Kidneys and that are trying to pee out the Ketones, that’s why they show up on the Sticks, but if you get enough Keto Acids in your bloodstream it sends a message back to your body saying, “Whatever you do, don’t make any more Ketones, we’ve got too many.”

Jeff: Yeah, good point.

Matt: And, Ketones are made from Fat.

Jeff: Right.

Matt: That’s why, Raspberry Ketones and that—the only studies on it that have shown anything good are either done Ex Vivo, meaning they’ve taken Fat Cells out of animal and done a test tube study, or they’re actually doing it In Vitro, so they’re not doing human studies. And, what happens there is, if you are taking the negative feedback loops out of the study then, yeah, of course you can show that, “We can do all these beneficial effects,” but you don’t ever get that switch where the body says, “Man, you’re making too many Ketones, we better switch off Fat Burning before your Kidneys get overburdened.” It kills Diabetics because they get the high Blood Sugar and the high Ketones, and their body just freaks out, it can’t keep up.

Jeff: Wow! Okay.

Matt: And, that’s the other important thing, when we were talking about it before, the colour of the Ketones. People think, “The higher the Ketones on my Keto Sticks the more Fat I’m Burning.” Well no, not necessarily, it’s that you’re urinating out more Ketones, and if you’re supplementing with Ketones it’s possible that that’s what you’re measuring on the Keto Sticks.

Jeff: So, it’s not taking your Fat?

Matt: It’s not taking your Fat out. If you’re putting in the by-products of Fat Burning, it sends a message back to your body saying, “You don’t need to Burn your Fat, we’ve already got Ketones here, and we’re using those as a source of fuel, thank you very much.” It’s fantastic for your workout because you’re providing fuel, but the plan is to use your stored energy as fuel not put fuel in. So, it gets a little bit weird like that.

And, what I was going to say is, drink a shit load of water, because if you get too much Ketones in your bloodstream, if they get too concentrated in your urine it will shut down Fat Burning. So, you need to keep them diluted so your urine doesn’t get too acidic.

Jeff: So, there’s one thing that never changes about Fat Burning and that’s drink plenty of water and flush out the Toxins?

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Matt, with a lot of people that are looking at training, doing Fasted Cardio, and or training, whatever it might be, first thing in the morning, a big trend at the moment is using Amino Acids during their training, right the way through or towards the end of their training session. But, there could be a problem with that?

Matt: Well, Sugar is the hierarchy. So, what that means is, your body only really goes into this Fat Burning if there is no Sugar available.

Jeff: Yeah, because Insulin blunts us immediately, boom, you’re straight out of Ketosis, it’s almost impossible to Burn Fat.

Matt: Yeah. Insulin blocks Carnitine, Palmitoyltransferase with is the driving factor of the Lipolysis and the Ketogenesis, so Insulin blocks that. So, whenever you have something sweet the Insulin release from the sweet sensation is going to switch off Fat Burning and say, “There’s Sugar coming through from somewhere.” Now, if that Sugar is not coming through from [0:15:43] it doesn’t make any bloody difference because your body’s still changed all the hierarchy saying, “Switch off the Fat, we’ve got to save that, and we’ll switch over to Sugar Burning because we’ve just been told by the tongue there’s Sugar coming in.”

Jeff: Yes.

Matt: Then, what happens is, if the Sugar doesn’t come through it doesn’t matter, it’s still going to make Sugar out of something, so it’s going to make it out of Protein, which is either the Protein you’ve supplemented with, so the Aminos, all through your Muscle, and then that will release Insulin and switch off Fat Burning and tell the body, “We’re back into Burning Sugar, this miraculous source of Sugar has come through right in the middle of our fleeing from Stress.” You know what I mean?

Jeff: Yeah, it’s simple, it’s easy, the body can convert it quickly.

Matt: Yeah, and so, basically, it just goes back into that sort of process and switches off the Fat Burning. But, the other trend is Dietary Fats, so people are doing it and going, “No, well if the Sugar hierarchy is switching off Fat Burning then in theory I just load up extra oil and I’m going to Burn more Fat.

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: And, guess what? It’s true. If you put more Oil in, then you make more Ketones. So, if you’re doing Fasted Cardio and you supplement with Oil then, yeah, you make more Ketones.

Jeff: Cool.

Matt: But, what is the Fat we want to Burn? Do we want to Burn the Fat off the teaspoon or in the bottle, or the Fat off your hips?

Jeff: Well, the hips.

Matt: So, that’s the thing, that’s what I’m saying, we can supplement with a whole heap of Oil to counteract that and it’s going to stimulate some Oil Burning, but that’s just providing another substrate. There are ways of tricking up the Oils and screwing around with the body a little bit to force the body to Burn Fat, to trick it into thinking you’ve got an ample supply of Oils coming in. Just like, Artificial Sweeteners trick the body into thinking you’ve got excessive amounts of Sugar coming through, you can do the same sort of thing for Fats, but I’m not going to tell you anymore about that yet.

Jeff: No, well it’s exciting. I can let our guys know that Matt’s been working on a Fat Burner Pre Workout…

Matt: For about 10 years.

Jeff: For a long time, and you’re pretty close. The first prototype is looking extremely good, in fact, so much so that…

Matt: First prototype? It’s probably about the fiftieth prototype, but it’s the first one that everyone else will get to have a crack at.

Jeff: Yeah. So, that’s really exciting and we should hopefully see that before the end of the year, maybe. We’ll let you know when it’s coming out but I’m excited about that too, I think it’s great.

Matt, what about non-flavoured Branch Chain Amino Acids? So, if someone wakes up first thing in the morning, but they’re paranoid, as most guys and girls are, they’re doing their Fasted Cardio, they want to take Branch Chain Amino Acids, specifically Leucine or even HMB—you don’t hear so much about HMB, but mainly Leucine these days.

Matt: It just tastes bad.

Jeff: Yeah, it does taste pretty bad. But, where is the flaw in that? Because there’s no Sugar, there’s no flavour, there’s no Carbs, but they’re taking Branch Chain Amino Acids or Leucine, to stop Muscle Tissue breakdown. So, tell me.

Matt: It has a Muscle sparing effect, we know that, but it does that by being a source of fuel.

Jeff: Right.

Matt: So, actually, in a depleted Fasted State, your body if it’s not breaking down Fat it’s going to break down Muscle. These Amino Acids will work as an alternative to breaking down Muscle to make Sugar. So, basically, by supplementing with Branch Chain Amino Acids, whether they’re flavoured or not, they will then compete with the Fat in your body as a source of fuel, and then the body will use them to replenish Glycogen or fuel the exercise through Gluconeogenesis.

Jeff: So, why not push the throttle full forward, get into Ketosis all the time and just Burn all your Fat off in a week? How can that not work?

Matt: Yeah, well the body is too adaptive for that, because this whole Ketosis is an adaptive response to Carbohydrate restriction. So, basically, your body will adapt to the Ketosis at a certain point and shut it down and say, “Sorry, you can’t Burn any more Fat,” and then what it will do is start screwing around with Lactic Acid and forcing Lactic Acid down the Kreb Cycle to switch as an alternative fuel supply. So, it gets a little bit weird, the body will adapt and switch off Fat Burning if you do it too much.

Jeff: As like anything, we always say, “Everything in moderation, there’s a time to be Anabolic and there’s a time to be Catabolic,” and if you can focus on the Anabolism for Muscle Tissue and switch the Catabolism to body Fat you’ve got the perfect scenario.

Matt: Yeah, that’s right.

Jeff: So, how do you get that?

Matt: Like I say, it’s always about the hierarchy; the key is, if you get up in the morning and you’re as low as you’re going to be with Carbohydrates, you deplete the rest of your Glycogen through your Fasted Cardio and that sort of stuff, you’ll stay Insulin Sensitive and you’ll stay Burning Fat up until the moment that you replenish that Glycogen. Once that Muscle and the Glycogen’s been replenished you become more Insulin Resistant and that sort of thing, so then you just start the process again.

Jeff: Okay. So, if you stayed in a Ketogenic Diet the whole time, you don’t introduce Carbohydrates back in, in theory, if you get the Calories correct, because obviously there’s always going to be a tipping point, a spill over point, then you should be able to stay in the Fat Burning zone a lot more frequently. Would that be fair?

Matt: Yeah, a lot more frequently, but it’s all about balance. For example; what we’ve learnt from those children who were doing it over a long period of time, to treat Epilepsy and stuff like that, they had a lot of Nutrient deficiencies because of the exclusion of certain fruits and Nutrients and that sort of thing. Ketosis itself, because of the increased urination, that comes with the Ketosis itself, can actually screw around with Electrolytes, cause deficiency.

For example; Biotin. People that are on Keto Diets for a long period of time, it can actually trigger and aggravate a Biotin Deficiency, and one of the side effects of Biotin Deficiency is Eczema Dermatitis and male pattern Baldness. So, it’s funny, there are a lot of other side effects that happen with everything out of balance, and that’s why we do things seasonally, that’s why we try to do the Fasted Cardio and then you can reload later in the day, so you spend most of the day in that Insulin Sensitive State, and as long as you’re keeping the Calories in Calories out under control, and as long as you’re doing all that sort of stuff you will continue to Burn Fat periodically throughout the day.

But, the whole plan of Fasted Cardio is just to liberate as much Fat out of storage as possible, so you’ve got it as a fuel supply. And, as long as you don’t go crazy trying to replenish that Glycogen as fast as possible you will keep that Metabolic Rate high all day.

Now, just for the listeners, just to remember, we’re specifically talking about these techniques for Fat Loss. You’d have a totally different protocol for Muscle Gain. So, for example if you were doing a Muscle Gain, like our friend Tony, he uses a Ketone fuel source because he’s not doing his Fasted Cardio necessarily to strip out a heap of Fat, he’s doing it to keep the system chopping and changing, so he’ll use a Ketone product before his Fasted Cardio, and it will mean that he’s not Burning as much Fat but he gets a better quality workout, then he can replenish his Glycogen and that sort of stuff, because his goal is to grow, he’s in a bulking phase. But, as part of a cutting phase when we want to Burn off Fat we’d probably screw around with that Fasted Cardio pre-workout strategy and actually go for a totally different effect to force the body into Burning Fat.

Jeff: I was having a chat with Mick Galle, one of our sponsored athletes, the other day, and he was saying that for him—and this is where you’ve got to know your own body as well, as individuals, he finds that when he’s cutting down he doesn’t use Carbohydrates post training, whereas if you talk to other people, Chris Thomas—I hope I’m not talking out of turn here, Chris—Carbohydrate replenishment post workout for him is a must. So, I guess knowing your body as well, too, and how your body responds…

Matt: Or, work with someone like Mick and Chris that can do the skin folds, the callipers. They ‘ve got multiple strategies that they employ, but the key thing that they do awesomely is they know when to chop and change, they know when you’ve hit a plateau, they know when it’s not working, and they just switch it on. Because, it’s one thing to trust the process, but my dad always used to say, “Practise makes permanent.” A perfect practise makes perfect. So, the thing is, you don’t know, you’ve got to go through and say, “Focus on your goal but take accurate measurements along the way so you know when you’re steering away from the target.

Jeff: Makes sense. So Matt, how else can you increase Lipolysis? Because the whole thing about doing the Fasted Cardio and setting the body up, and again, first thing in the morning, low Blood Sugar levels, high Cortisol levels?

Matt: I’m not going to tell you yet. Just give me a chance to get these product samples done, because I’m making something for it and I’ll give away all my secrets, you know.

Jeff: Alright. Well, let’s talk about things that already out in the marketplace that you could use.

Matt: Yeah, things like Carnitine and that sort of stuff.

Jeff: Carnitine is great.

Matt: Well, like I said, that Enzyme that Burns down Fat, that Catabolises the whole process is made out of Carnitine. So, utilising Carnitine to make sure you don’t hit a plateau and just ip-regulating that Enzyme is great. If you’re going to do a pre-workout, if you’re going to do a pre-Fasted Cardo use the Acetyl Carnitine and don’t use flavouring and don’t mix it in juice or anything like it says on the back of the bottle; it says to mix it with juice. But, you get the Insulin.

Jeff: Just take the fish.

Matt: But, the Acetyl Carnitine is just Acid anyway.

Jeff: Just like vinegar?

Matt: Yeah, so just do the Acetyl Carnitine pre-workout works really well. I’m not going to tell you too many of my cool things.


Matt: But, what we want to do is use things that are going to liberate stored Fat out of the storage sites that your body may not know is there. So, the best way to do it is to butter up with SUBCUT and PROTOTYPE 8, do the SUBCUT first, so put the SUBCUT onto any problem areas that you want to force the Fat out of, but make sure you use PROTOTYPE 8 everywhere.

Jeff: So, you use SUBCUT first then PROTOTYPE 8?

Matt: Yeah, just because SUBCUT is so much drier, you can get that SUBCUT in and working—it’s got some cool penetration enhancers and then you can throw the—it doesn’t really matter, but that’s just my theory. So, use SUBCUT first, get that thing onto the smaller areas, the areas that you want to mobilise the Fat from, and then you put the PROTOTYPE 8 everywhere, but focus the PROTOTYPE 8 on the areas that you want the Fat to go to. So, SUBCUT is the mass relocation, it’s pushing Fat out of storage into your bloodstream. PROTOTYPE 8 activates the stuff inside your Muscle Cells to utilise that Fat. So, if you do PROTOTYPE 8 and SUBCUT before your Fasted Cardio you can take a bit of Carnitines and that sort of stuff, but I’m not going to tell you any other cool shit that I’m working on; you can jus wait.

Jeff: No.

Matt: But, the key is the SUBCUT to liberate everything, PROTOTYPE 8 to force it to be utilised. So, put the SUBCUT on the Fatty bits, PROTOTYPE 8 on the bits that you want to utilise the Fat.

Jeff: So, with the PROTOTYPE 8, and I think some of our listeners might be familiar with our product PROTOTYPE 8, which most people look at as a Vasodilator to use on Muscle. But, when it is put onto a Fat Cell, how does it actually help with Fat Burning, Matt?

Matt: Yeah, it does, it stimulates Lipolysis through activation of uncoupling Proteins, but that also happens within the Muscle tubes themselves to such that Fat through. So, the cool thing is, with PROTOTYPE 8 it will force the Muscle and that to use the Fat, so it will increase the ability to Burn that Fat as a source of fuel. You’ll know, because you’ll sweat like a pig, they’re very Thermogenic the uncoupling Proteins. So, basically, you put the SUBCUT on to just get to the Fatty Tissue, to liberate the extra Fat into the bloodstream, the PROTOTYPE 8 you apply it to the Muscles and it’s going to suck that Fatty stuff through and use it as a source of fuel.

Jeff: Cool. That’s a good way to use it.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: It’s interesting. So, if we avoid Sugars, avoid creating an Insulin spike in the body, first thing in the morning do your Fasted Cardio, utilise your Acetyl L-Carnitine, utilise your SUBCUT, your PROTOTYPE 8, and your new wonderful product when it comes out.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Jeff: That should really, obviously, improve it to help get the Fat Burning engines going and get your body crossing over to utilising Fat as a preferred source of fuel. Perfect.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Well Matt, thanks for that. Before we go we’ve got a few FAQs and I wanted to leave some time because we’re getting a lot through, and I want to try and get through as many as possible.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Jeff: Apologies if you’ve sent in some FAQs and we haven’t got to them.

Matt: We’re getting there.

Jeff: We do run out of time. Oh, and before we get into that as well, thank you so much to everybody who entered the podcast, ‘Rate it to Win It’. Matt and I really appreciate the fact that you’re getting behind and supporting us. We’ve had some great reviews come through and it really helps us to get a bit more awareness when people are looking for podcasts to listen to. We do have a winner, Trish, thanks very much, and you’ve sent along a very nice blurb to put onto our website. Elsa is going to send you out an ATP prize pack valued at $150.

Matt: What?

Jeff: I know, right. But, anyway, thanks again to everyone that’s went into the ‘Rate and Win’, we are doing it regularly guys. If you could spend just a few minutes to rate the podcast and Matt and I would just really appreciate that.

So, Matt, without further ado let’s get into a few FAQs while we’ve still got some time.

Matt: Yes.

Jeff: Okay, first one is from Naomi.

Matt: G’day.

Jeff: “I just got to hear all about the Alpha Venus and the benefits of using this amazing product. I’ve also listened to the podcast on Gut Health, but I was wondering if there would be benefits to taking ALPHA VENUS if your Gut is leaky and not in good health? I’ve changed my diet and certain foods as specified in the podcast and my Gut Health is improving, but I want to know when I can get on the ALPHA VENUS?

Matt: Yes, now; use it now.

Jeff: Okay. Why Matt?

Matt: It’s really good for your Gut, for a lot of different reasons. But, in particular, it’s got Kelp, and Kelp is very important at stopping the un-Conjugation of Conjugated Estrogen that happens when you’ve got the wrong Bacteria in your Gut and if you’ve got a leaky Gut Wall. The Organisms, what they do is they free up the Bound Estrogen and put it back into your body and they feed on it, it actually contributes to bad Gut Health. The Kelp will help to break that cycle. Hook in.

Jeff: Great. So, basically, get into it now and let us know how you go.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Obviously continue your good eating and the other things that Matt had suggested previously.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Caitlin: “As a consequence of over exercising and under eating I was diagnosed with Anorexia two years ago. After working my arse off I made a full recovery and an important note; mentally stronger than ever.” That’s great. “I am now currently 10 weeks out from a bikini competition. One thing that the doctors couldn’t tell though was why my Period hasn’t come back. First they blamed the Weight, which I gained, the Stress. After six weeks in Europe I thought that was Stress free enough. After numerous specialist appointments they still had no answer.

According to my doctor my eggs and everything internally were fine, but “my head” isn’t talking to the eggs. They noted I had Lower Estrogen and higher Testosterone than most women, however after being healthy for a while now my Period still has not come back. Would ALPHA VENUS help with this? Do you know what could be going on?”

After listening to your podcast on Gut Health and the impact on the Immune System could this be related? PS: Love your podcast, they get me through Fasted Cardio.

There you go.

Matt: Well, we’ve got a good podcast for you know.

Jeff: Yeah, there you go, Caitlin.

Matt: Well this is pretty cool. For starters, I’ll have to make a couple of assumptions, but when the doctor says, “My head isn’t talking to my eggs,” what he’s probably referring to is the Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis. The Pituitary Gland releases a chemical called Follicle Stimulating Hormone, and that matures your eggs, it talks to your eggs and tells your eggs to convert Testosterone to Estrogen to make a mature egg. And, then what happens, that egg sits there for about two weeks and then pops off.
So, you’ve probably got low Follicle Stimulating Hormone, which is what they’re referring to when they say the brain isn’t talking to the eggs. And, what happens in that case is you can’t convert Testosterone to Estrogen, which means you can’t make the Egg, which means you can’t Ovulate, so you get stuck in the first half of the cycle, or you never build the Period, you never build the egg, so you never Ovulate so you don’t get to the point of having a Period. The way to fix it is to increase Follicle Stimulating Hormone, secretion and activity, and the best thing to do that is actually ALPHA MARS.

Jeff: There you go.

Matt: So, it’s pretty weird, but if you did ALPHA MARS your brain will talk to your eggs, and it will mature your Follicles, and you’ll Ovulate, and then you’ll probably have a Period.

Jeff: Great.

Matt: So, that’s what you do is ALPHA MARS. But, you only need to do it once or twice, like one or two bottles. Usually people do one bottle and they get their cycle and then you just forget about it, it’s just a matter of kicking things in and once it’s started it’s started.

Jeff: I know before, Matt, you’ve spoken about the Full Moon thing. Is that important?

Matt: Yeah, we use that just to screw around with people. People know that in the past they always used to get their Period on a New Moon or a Full Moon, and what we do is we just try to recreate a cycle around that, and say, “Right, well start the ALPHA MARS when you’d normally get your Period,” and then it builds up.

Jeff: I think that’s where the legends of Ware wolves came from, the Full Moon.

Matt: Yeah, there’s heaps of theories about that, where women turn to Ware Wolves, and as well, depending on hunting and gathering and farming.

Jeff: Oh dear Lord, I think we’re both in trouble.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: So, moving right along. So, Caitlin, hopefully that helps.

Teagan: “Hi guys, I recently had some Hormonal blood tests done and it came back that I had quite Low Testosterone. Now, I understand this will fluctuate throughout the day, I had the test done at about 5pm in the afternoon, but Low Testosterone is certainly evident in my body composition as I find it very hard to increase Muscle Mass and decrease body Fat around my butt and hips.

Question: I’ve been taking ALPHA VENUS, CORT RX and T432, however, I’m wondering if it would be more beneficial for me to take ALPHA MARS than VENUS. Also, are there any other herbs that you can recommend to naturally boost my Testosterone levels? Thank you.”

Matt, Teagan? I definitely don’t think we should be putting her on ALPHA MARS.

Matt: No, the opposite to the last one. So, basically, don’t use ALPHA MARS, it will make more Estrogen out of your Testosterone, which is pretty [0:34:32] so we go to the other one. Definitely keep going with the ALPHA VENUS, but you can actually take extra Tangkat Ali if you want. Tangkat Ali is the most powerful ingredient in ALPHA VENUS that will increase Testosterone.

Jeff: For women?

Matt: Otherwise just jack the dose up to about two capsules three times a day, take about six a day of the VENUS, and your Testosterone will come up. Be aware that there are a couple of Nutrients that are really important for Testosterone production; it’s actually made out of Cholesterol, so you’ve got to make sure you’ve got adequate Dietary Fats coming through providing the building blocks to make the Testosterone.

Jeff: Throw in some Avocado, some Omega 3s?

Matt: Yeah, that sort of thing. Heaps of Zinc, heaps of Vitamin C, they’re a very important part of the Cofactors, and whenever you do Zinc you need Selenium. I’d pretty much start there. You can take extra Tangkat Ali, but just jack up the ALPHA VENUS because it’s going to work, you just need to get these systems right.

The other way of doing it is using things that inhibit the Enzyme Aromatase to actually build up Testosterone in the Ovaries, like Portobello Mushrooms and that sort of stuff, that might help.

Jeff: Yeah, delicious.

Matt: But yeah, that’s what I’d do, just jack up the ALPHA VENUS and hook in to get some extra Zinc.

Jeff: Cool. No worries.

Christin: “Hi Matt, absolutely love your work, it’s such a pleasure listening to your podcast repeatedly through my week. While I feel I have been able to answer a lot of my questions from the information you provide I wanted to ask you about Carbohydrates and Weight Loss. In my experience over the years I have never been able to lose Body Fat when I eat Carbohydrates. I’ve done appropriate reverse Diets and been focusing on ensuring my Thyroid Health Carb Timing is appropriate. I believe I suffer from Stress and I’m likely to have elevated Cortisol. Is there anything you can recommend to help me to be able to digest and utilise Carbs better? Or, better yet, is a Carb Free Diet okay?

I have plenty of Fats to make up for it and I find that my energy and focus at work and in the gym are excellent. Love your work, thanks.”

Matt: Yeah, cool. We’ve got to do that podcast on the Carbs.

Jeff: Oh Fruit and Carbs, people are asking me, “When are you going to talk about Fruit and Carbohydrates?” I apologise.

Matt: Yeah, I know. So, we’ll do that, and as part of that we’ll talk about the types of Carbs and the Timing of Carbs.

Jeff: Do you know what we have to do, Matt?

Matt: What?

Jeff: Get off the beach and actually do some work.

Matt: Oh God.

Jeff: That’s a joke, seriously.

Matt: But, basically, the important thing for Christin to understand is that Stress, as a part of a Survival Response, the body induces Insulin Resistance to maintain high Blood Sugar levels, but that Insulin Resistance only occurs in the Muscle and everything, the Fat Cells never become Insulin Resistant. So, the problem is, it does this Adaptive Response to keep good levels of Blood Sugar, but then the Fat just sucks it up, and the Fat won’t give it up again because it thinks it’s got to hold it for a life threatening Stress.

So, when we talk about the Carb Strategies, it’s important to keep taking things like that CORT RX that maintain the Stress Cortisol Hormone and that sort of stuff. But, we’ll do that podcast and we’ll do it properly. I apologise for the delays, it’s my fault, I just—the hardest bit that I’m having with this Carbohydrate podcast is I haven’t had enough time to just sit down and talk to enough people about it. But, depending on the type of learning that you’ve done, is what the hell a Carbohydrate is. So, when I talk to all these people, these athletes saying they’ve got a No Carb Diet, and I’m assuming they’re not eating anything that’s defined as a Carbohydrate.

Jeff: Like Fibrous Carbs like vegetables.

Matt: Yeah, but they’re talking about just rice and white potato, that’s not even talking about Sweet Potatoes, and I go, “Hang on, how can you say that’s No Carb? Now I’ve got to start from the beginning.”
Jeff: No, so we need a bit more on that, but hopefully that should help a little bit there.

So Jess: “Hi, I’m taking T432 and ALPHA VENUS following Matt’s advice. I have suspected Gout in my right ankle and big toe. I’m just waiting for it to flare up to go get tests done for Uric Acid. I remember Matt touched on Celery Seeds being good for mobilising Uric Acid crystals from the joint in an earlier podcast. Is it possible to have a bit more of a chat about Gout and Arthritis and how you treat it? Any protocols? Thanks.”

Matt: Yeah, the key with Gout is Uric Acid, a waste product. Uric Acid comes from Red Meat, Shellfish, Crabs, Red Wine, that sort of stuff, Protein consumption, and Muscle Damage from training.

Jeff: Oh.

Matt: So, all the fun things and then the healthy things, so you’re stuffed. No, no there’s other ways of doing it. The key is, it’s only when you become Dehydrated that the crystal will pop out a solution and form like a shard of glass in the joint and cause a lot of pain and problems. So, Dehydration, you must make sure you never become Dehydrated, and then what you’ve got to do is pee constantly until the stuff gets out because it’s a water soluble Toxin, it’s just about weeing all day. There are things we can take to force more Uric Acid towards the Kidneys so you’re more likely to wee it out.

Jeff: Like what?

Matt: That’s your Celery Seed, Hibiscus Flowers as a tea, Juniper Berries. I used to make up this brew because I have bad Uric Acid all through my family with Gout, but I used to just get a big jug and I’d throw in some Celery Seeds, I’d throw in the Hibiscus Flowers, I threw in the Juniper Berries and the Devil’s Claw—it tastes like arse, it’s really horribly bitter.

Jeff: Mm. What does that taste like?

Matt: Arse.

Jeff: Is that what it tastes like?

Matt: No, Devil’s Claw, actually. So yeah, basically throw all those things into a bucket, add a heap of boiled water and then just drink it all day. The key is to just keep topping it up and keep drinking it. I reckon we should do a podcast on Fluid Retention too, because we can do another podcast just talking about where people hold Fluid and what causes it and different ways of diagnosing what type of Fluid you’re holding, because it makes it easier to get rid of it if you know what it is.

Jeff: Yeah, cool.

Matt: Add that to the list, someone.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s a long list, Matt. Alright.

Josh; guys write some more, we like them from the guys too, not that we don’t like the ones from the girls, but girls seem to write more than what guys do. Guys just sit there and…

Anyway, Josh: “Hi Matt and Jeff. To start with the obvious, I really love listening to the podcast, it really makes my trip from work enjoyable. I’ve been using some of your products for a while, however I love ALPHA MARS but find myself to be tired when on the product. My day starts at 4:30 and I will normally continue through to 23:00, so 11 o’clock at night. Why would my energy levels drop on a product that should increase energy?

Thank you for your help, please keep up the good work and information.”

Matt, I think I’ve got this one.

Matt: I think ALPHA MARS doesn’t like him.

Jeff: No, because Josh is human. Is that 4:30 in the morning. You’ve got 4:30 but you’ve used 23:00, so it looks like, and correct me if I’m wrong and write in and let us know, but your day starts at 4:30 in the morning and you go through until midnight. Well we’re not…

Matt: No, we’re healers not miracle workers. But, the funny thing is, Josh, just quickly, the thing is ALPHA MARS is very powerful in its ability to regulate your normal daily fluctuations of Hormones including Cortisol fluctuations and that sort of thing. And, it makes you healthier. Right? If this is true, if you’re going from 4:30am to 11 or midnight, then that’s not healthy, and ALPHA MARS is being your friend and telling you to stop.

Jeff: And, go to sleep.

Matt: And, go to sleep. If you were going from 4:30 in the afternoon till midnight then the same thing is happening, is the ALPHA MARS is getting your daily fluctuations of Cortisol right, so from 6am to 6pm you should have good levels of energy and then you’d be naturally dropping off your energy at that period of time.

Jeff: So, shift work obviously throws out the balance a little bit, and with products like ALPHA MARS it’s trying to get you back into the right routine and right balance.

Matt: It’s trying to get you healthier, yeah. I mean I’d assume so, it’s a bit of a weird one.

Jeff: Josh, if you’ve got some more information let us know.

Matt: But, if you’re working from 4:30am to midnight then do something different, Man. Whatever you’re doing it’s not worth it.

Jeff: What happens if he’s an ambulance worker, or a policeman and he’s looking after us, Matt?

Matt: Oh well, I don’t want a fatigued person driving me around when I’m sick.

Jeff: Josh, don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know everything despite what he says. Alright.

Last one, Micros. “Do you guys have a recipe for a daily NutriBullet style consumption to assist with stabilising Hormones, Catabolic Factors, as you’ve recently discussed?

I’m a 40-year-old male that struggles with mid-section Fat and have lost about 50% of the hair on my head, male pattern Baldness style. I eat clean most of the time but have two to three crap meals a week and a few drinks Friday night. I work out three days a week and walk about eight k’s four times a week. If so, would this also be beneficial for my 16-year-old son who has bad Acne, as I have misgivings about the Antibiotics prescribed to him over the long term.

I like where you’re coming from, but it’s all related?

Matt: Yeah, the same thing, it’s all DHT; Dihydrotestosterone.

Jeff: It sounds like it might be a problem with the family, maybe there’s a predisposition for it in the genetic line, Matt?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Could be.

Jeff: He’s laughing at me. I’ll just shut up and ask the questions.

Matt: No, it’s true, Jeff. I was just thinking about your case of the Baldness and that it happens to be your family members breeding.

Jeff: Oh, shut your face.

Matt: No, so basically, Fat around you Gut, male pattern Baldness and Acne are all Dihydrotestosterone, and it’s an indication that there is an Enzyme system in this family that’s running a little bit too fast. That Enzyme converts Testosterone to Dihydro. Some people they just run fast, that’s why they’re predisposed to these things, and that’s why these things are inherited. In other people it’s acquired by Toxic exposure and that sort of thing.

But, let me answer your question; this is what you want to throw in your NutriBullet: Brazil Nuts, so three of four Brazil Nuts per serve—so, do this, do three or four Brazil Nuts, let’s say four—say it.

Jeff: Four Brazil Nuts.

Matt: Good work. Then, one tablespoon of Lycopene—sorry, a tablespoon of Tomato Paste, throw in a teaspoon of Turmeric—if you can get fresh always do that, and our NutriBullet is still bright yellow, so just be aware of that.

Jeff: Yeah, my blender at home and my juicer are both bright yellow.

Matt: Yeah, the wife will get mad at you.

Jeff: You can use lemon juice to help.

Matt: Yeah, apparently, but you’ve got to do it pretty quick. So, three or four Brazil Nuts, a tablespoon of Tomato Paste, a teaspoon of Turmeric, throw in some Pumpkin Seeds and some Almond Meal and that sort of stuff as well. Look out for this Herb called Epilobium, like don’t look out like it’s going to jump out you, don’t go into the health food store and go, “Hey, is there Epilobium here?” but just look out for Epilobium, and Saw Palmetto, and you can throw them in your NutriBullet, you can buy liquid extracts or capsules and throw them in as well, they’re very powerful, and you usually see them in Prostrate Formulas because Prostate Cancer is caused by the same thing—I don’t mean to alarm you or anything, but…

Jeff: It’s always a good idea to get the old finger check. Matt’s available for this.

Matt: Throw in a heap of Coriander, Water Cress, Parsley, Rosemary, throw all those sort of Herbs into your NutriBullet as well, whiz it up and drink it quick by the looks of that.

Jeff: Well, I’m thinking, maybe throw in maybe some Tomatoes, Celery, Carrot might actually work as a bit of a base. But play around with some other bases that you might want to use to juice.

Matt: Come on Man, toughen up, harden up, have that, you’ll love it. If it tastes that bad, you’ll know it’s good for you.

Jeff: If not, maybe just eat as many of those things as you can, but to make it into a juice, I reckon Celery, Carrot, or maybe Tomatoes might actually work if you blend that up.

Matt: Yeah, Beetroot would be good too, a bit of Nitrates for the Blood Flow.

Jeff: Yeah, that might mask a bit of the taste. Anyway, give that a try and that will certainly help. So, it definitely sounds like DHT is a problem. Matt helped me a lot when I started losing my hair with a formula that he made, which he’s going to make one of these days so I get more, but since I’ve started introducing a lot more Zinc into my diet I’ve had no further hair loss, my Zinc levels are excellent and my hair hasn’t changed in seven years since I’ve started doing that. But anyway, give that a try, hopefully that will help.

Matt: Yeah, too easy.

Jeff: Matt, any last words?

Matt: No. No.

Jeff: Just be good to your mum.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Thanks guys for listening, that’s it for this week, and we’ll be back with another podcast next week.