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Episode 192 – Excipients – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In this episode of the ATP Project – Excipients – The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Matt, Jeff, and Steve discuss the excipients used in the industry, why excipients are used often in the process of manufacturing to limit damage to machinery and flow of ingredients. Which ones to look out for and avoid, but also which ones aren’t as harmful as we once thought!

Table Referenced in Podcast in accordance with TGA food colour guidelines: 

Australian Approved Name for Ingredient Alternative Names Colour Index Reference Number INS (international Numbering System) Rating for Safety of use
Allura Red AC16035129Bad
Amaranth 16185123Bad
AnnattoAnnatto Extracts (oil and Alkali Extracted)

Annatto Extracts (Solvent Extracted)
75120160b Good
Anthocyanins Grape skin Extract 163 Good
Beet Red162Good
Betacarotene 40800160good
Brilliant Black BNBrilliant Black PN28440151 Bad
Brilliant Blue FCF42090133Bad
Brilliant Scarlett 4RPonceau 4R16255124Bad
Calcium Carbonate 77220170OK
Canthaxanthin40850161 Small doses are OK
Caramel Colours ClassClass 1: Plain Caramel, Caustic Caramel150aBad
Class 2: Caustic Sulfate Caramel150b Bad
Class 3: Ammonia Caramel 150cBad
Class 4: Sulfite Ammonia Caramel 150dBad
carbon Black vegetable Carbon 77266153OK
CarotenesCarotenes (Algae)
Carotenes (vegetable)
Chlorophillins - Copper Complexes, Sodium and Potassium Salts, (Previous AAN Chlorophyllin Copper Complex)75810141Good
Chlorophylls 75810140Good
Chocolate Brown HTBrown HT20285155Bad
Cochineal 75470120OK-Bad
Curcumin 75300100Good
Erythrosine 45430127Bad
Fast Green FCF42053143Bad
Food Orange 6Beta-apo-8' Carotenal70820160eBad
Food Orange 7Beta-apo-8' Carotenoic Acid Ethyl Ether 40825160fBad
Green S44090142Bad
Indigo Carmine Indigotine 73015132 Bad
Iron Oxide Black 77499172OK
Iron Oxide Red 77491172OK
Iron oxide Yellow 77492172OK
Patent Blue V42051131Bad
Phloxine BNone allocated 45410Bad
Quinoline Yellow 47005104Bad
Red 2745410Bad
Riboflavin 5phosphate101OK
Sunset yellow FCF15985110Bad
Tartrazine 191140102Bad
Titanium Dioxide 77891171OK