ATP Science Episode 40 – Detox v Healing Crisis

Welcome to the ATP Project, Episode 40 – Detox versus Healing Crisis.
• What is a Healing Crisis and how it differs from Detoxification or simple Intolerances?
• Lots of FAQs –
• Excessive Muscle Production
• Fat Inflammation
• Jaundice
• Celiac Disease
• PCOS and Endometriosis
• Getting and Staying Pregnant

Welcome to the ATP Project, you’re with your hosts Matt and Jeff.

Jeff: Matt?

Matt: G’day.

Jeff: Happy New Year.

Matt: Oh, Happy New Year to you too, and everyone else. It’s good to be back. Did you like that? There’s no one else in the room that’s why it sounds kind of weird.

Jeff: It’s just not sincere, is it?

Matt: Bullshit, I’m sincere; Happy New Year everyone.

Jeff: Oh, a bit more forceful.

Matt: There you go.

Jeff: Matt, good to be back. Did you have a good break?

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: It’s good to have some time off, isn’t it?

Matt: Bloody oath.

Jeff: We get so busy, and that’s one of the funny things, I guess, is that you can feel guilty about taking time off, and with how overworked and overstressed and hardworking most people are these days it’s good to take some time off.

Matt: Yes.

Jeff: Now Matt, before we get into it we’re going to be talking about Healing Crisis today, and we’ve also got a heap of FAQs so we’ve allowed some extra time on that.

Matt: Cool.

Jeff: But, before we get into that I do have a little announcement that I’ve got to read out, and it’s about the ATP Live Seminar that we’re doing. This is a new concept that we’re going to be launching in Melbourne, 2016, it’s actually on Saturday the 20th of March down in Melbourne from 8am to 11am. It includes a full buffet breakfast as well, Matt.

What we’re going to be doing at that is we’re going to be taking in some FAQs, so anyone who registers for the even we’re asking them to write in an FAQ that we’ll read out live. One of the benefits of it being live is it’s interactive. Typically, Matt, when we’re reading out people’s FAQs, and I know the number of times that you come back and say, “I need to find out some more information,” or, “I’m going to have to make some assumptions based on this because I can’t actually ask the person some questions.” I know the work that you do when you’ve actually got someone in front of you, you can actually deduct or deduce information from those people by asking them, “Does this happen?” or, “Does that happen?” and that’s invaluable to you. So, the good news is, if you like the FAQs, which I always get a real kick out of, even when I’m doing the interview with you, Man, or when we’re doing the case studies, we’re going to be able to talk to you and ask you some more questions. So register, and we’re going to cover, basically, anything that you want that’s in our area of expertise. Right Matt?

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: And, we’re going to be able to interact with you and delve especially into some of those health issues. Matt, I’ve said before, you’re a hormone and energy pathway specialist, that’s what you understand best, and I mean your scope of knowledge has probably improved since we first met, but that’s still probably the foundation of where you would consider your sweet spot.

Matt: Mm.

Jeff: So, anyway, each ticket holder will get a chance to submit their case study and question to Elsa, so you just email her, and Matt and I will try to get through as many of them as we can on the day, so bring a pen and paper to take some notes.

Matt: But, we do a full seminar and that sort of stuff too, so we have a proper chat, a proper talk and then deal with some FAQs and that sort of stuff.

Jeff: Yeah. And, it’s the first one so obviously we’re keen to get some interaction and get some people down there.

Matt: That’s the same weekend as The Arnolds.

Jeff: Yeah, well that’s why we’ve done it, Matt, because we know a lot of people, not just from Australia, but internationally, are going to be coming down to The Arnolds, especially more of the health and fitness type of people.

Matt: But, the other way, for anyone who is interested in our event, and if you’re not already booked in to go see The Arnolds, make sure you go to the Arnolds and come and see us at our ATP Booth after it.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, we’ve got big stand in there this year, so we’re going to be highly visible and people can come along and have a chat; there’s always interesting stuff.

Matt: Well, we get time to actually sit and chat to a person in that situation. So, you and I will both be there working the thing with our athletes, so make sure, after your breakfast and that sort of stuff, come on in.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s going to be a really good day. I don’t think it’s particularly expensive to get through the gates, either.

Matt: No.

Jeff: Alright, so jump onto the website, go to the shopping cart and you’ll actually see a fantastic picture of Matt and I, Matt’s got his Yoda ears on and I’m pulling the worst face in the world possible, thanks marketing team.

Matt: They’ve only got so much face to work with, Jeff.

Jeff: It’s true, there’s not a lot they can do.

Matt: No, but they’re artists not miracle workers. We’ve still got to know it’s you.

Jeff: The magic of Photoshop. I just want to look like George Clooney.

Matt: But, you looked like a dropped pie.

Jeff: I know. It’s unfortunate. But anyway, jump onto the website, it’s available internationally and also in Australia, it’s $45 US, and we price everything in US dollars, it’s just the way things are done, I guess, because we’re shipping internationally, so whatever that converts to. So yeah, go from there. Okay, so that one out of the way.

Matt, Healing Crisis.

Matt: Yes.

Jeff: We’re into a New Year, a lot of people with New Year’s resolutions…

Matt: Detoxing.

Jeff: It’s funny, because you see some of the rants out there about whatever you want to call it, going, “This is my gym, piss off,” if you’re here for the first time, and it’s like—everyone started somewhere. And, a New Year’s resolution to get someone into the gym that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Matt: Let’s see what happens by Chinese New Year. Just understand that between the Western New Year and the Chinese New Year is the soft launch for New Year’s resolutions and that sort of stuff, and you’ll see a lot of people doing it, but just see what happens after, because we’ve got Australia Day and those sorts of things, and see what sort of resolutions are hanging around by Chinese New Year and then you can commit for the rest of the year. If you can hold onto it between our New Year and Chinese New Year, then perhaps you can last for the year.

But, I am getting flooded with questions and stories and queries regarding Detoxes and Healing Crises, and, “Am I poisoning myself? Am I taking too much?” or, “Am I allergic to something?” or, “I’m intolerant to it,” or, “Is it just a Detox, is it a Healing Crisis?”, “Are my headaches coming from Purging a Tumour or the fact that I’ve just stopped coughing?” There are so many questions coming through at the moment that I think we might be able to help people and simplify it a little bit and get an idea of whether you’re having an Allergic Reaction or whether you’re having a Toxic Reaction, or whether you’re poisoning yourself or whether you’re just Dehydrated. So, we should be able to go through and work out a fair bit of that and make it a bit easier, so a lot of people that are sending in the questions might be able to self-diagnose and sit there and go, “I know exactly where I am and what to do.” Even if you don’t know where you are at the end of it you’re going to know what to do.

Jeff: Well it’s funny, Matt, running a retail store for a long time, January would come around and a lot of people were jumping into the Liver Detox, and I know it’s a personal pet peeve of yours, Matt, the Liver Detox, but just the over focus, if you like, on just the Liver.

Matt: Yeah, that’s all that bugs me.

Jeff: I mean it’s not a bad thing to do a Liver Detox but it’s just…

Matt: Just understand how it happens.

Jeff: But, people would come in for whatever it was that they were using, it used to be a combination of Theanine, which I know you also have a pet peeve against.

Matt: Oh, Theanine bugs me.

Jeff: A back load of Homocysteine.

Matt: And, the fact that it’s in everything we eat.

Jeff: And, Oxytokin, Choline as well, too, I think were the other two things that people were taking to help with Liver pathways. The other thing they use a lot for Liver…

Matt: Lipotropics, all the Amino Acids associated with the ability to process Fat Soluble Toxins into Bile, so that’s where they talk about all these Amino Acids involved in a step that helps to convert Fat Soluble Toxins into Bile so we can eliminate them, but it doesn’t mean loading up on those things it’s all going to go to the Liver and all force the Toxins to go to Bile. And, that’s the same with a lot of Nutrients and Amino Acids, and we’ve all fallen into the trap but we love to just look at an Amino Acid and go, “I want it to go into my body to specifically Burn Fat, or to specifically Build Muscle. I’m going to direct this Amino Acid to nerve synapses in my brain only.” It doesn’t work that way, a lot of these supplements that we put in they just go into a pool and the body will do what the hell it likes with it, so they’ve all go other functions as well as the one that you’re looking at. So, when you’re researching an ingredient for a particular purpose do that, it’s great, you work out the dose and all that, but then go back and have a look at that ingredient just in general and see what else it may be doing in your body. Because, sometimes, what people do is they take a particular—like we talked about Glutamine the other day, and that’s an easy example, so people might take Glutamine to help Muscle.

Jeff: That’s reasonable.

Matt: Yeah, which is fine, and they have that target and, “Because I want lots of Muscle I’ll take lots of Glutamine,” but then it goes into this pool and it can either go and form Glutamic Acid and start irritating the nerves. So, they’re taking it for one function and taking a mega dose for that one function, but it’s just loading up a pool that has a lot of other adverse effects. And, then there’s people going, “Oh, so this Glutamine I’m taking maybe it’s irritating me because it has a Detoxification effect, or something,” and then they go back to the person that sold it to them and go, “Man, ever since I’ve been taking this thing I don’t feel quite right,” and then this person goes, “Oh, possibly a Healing Crisis,” you know. It’s often a cop out they use. And, the funny thing is, if it is a Healing Crisis, if you are actually triggering a Detoxification process that is making you feel worse before you get better, and you do just push through it, you’ll come out the other side feeling better.

Then, what happens, people do that, they go away, the just push through, they go through a phase of feeling horrible and then they come out the other end and they’re sometimes better for it. Otherwise, they go back to Old Mate at the shop and say, “I’m not better for it, it’s actually getting worse,” and then he’ll say, “Oh, you’re probably Allergic to it, it must be an Allergy or an Intolerance. Perhaps you should stop and request your money back from that company,” they’re the sorts of things that you see happing all the time.
So, to simplify things; if you are taking a supplement and you have an adverse reaction, or you don’t get the results that you’re expecting or you get symptoms you’re not expecting, we need to be able to work out whether it’s the sort of thing that you just push through and you’re going to get better, or if you should stop immediately. There is always a certain amount of trial and error because you’ll find symptoms overlap.
For example; let’s start with the Gut. If you’ve got an Allergy when you eat something—the weird thing with an Allergy is it’s a measureable objective thing, and it’s not always dose dependent, meaning the smallest little snippet might come through and trigger an allergic reaction. But, the funny thing is, after you’ve had that Allergic reaction, it’s a typical Allergic reaction, so you’ll get Allergic symptoms, Sneezing, Hay fever, Itchy Eyes, Skin Problems, and local problems in your Gut, like a flushing Allergic style reaction, pain or whatever. You stop taking the thing and the Allergy gradually disappears or subsides. If you were to use an antihistamine or something like that, when you’re experiencing those symptoms it will often stop them and you can, again, confirm that you’ve had an Allergic reaction to something.

Otherwise you stop taking it and within a few days the symptoms disappear, wait a couple of weeks, put it back in at a low dose and see if you get the same reaction. Then, you can confirm, “Gees, I’ve got an Allergic reaction to that particular product or ingredient, and I’ll memorise that and I’ll go through the ingredients and have a look and see if I can find a pattern or I’ll do a similar challenge with those sorts of things.”

Intolerances are a little bit harder than Allergies, because what happens with an Intolerance is your body just can’t handle a particular ingredient, either it can’t digest it or it doesn’t know how to process it, or the stuff just builds up in the body, or you already have too much of this stuff in your body and it doesn’t want anymore. With a typical Intolerance you get very similar symptoms to Allergies, so you get a lot of the histamine style reactions but you’ll also get other symptoms that are specific to the particular compounds. So, with an Intolerance what you’ll actually find is sometimes it affects you and sometimes it doesn’t. And, what that means is, you’ve got a certain threshold for symptoms in your body.

So, let’s talk about Salicylates, for example; Salicylates are very common Aspirin like compound that are found in a lot of Herbs. A lot of ATP products, the CORT RX, and it’s in a lot of spices and a lot of Herbs. The thing is with Salicylates is they’re hard to digest and they’re hard to breakdown, so over time they can gradually accumulate into our body. So, for example, your levels of Salicylates are maybe coming and going all the time, but then you might binge on cherries or something around Christmas and all of a sudden get a massive load of Salicylates that tops you up, or you might get one of these Detox inspirations and start doing some smoothies and some juicing or something in the morning that you’ve never done before, and your normal Salicylate load that was coming in and out from eating curries and eating salads and having your herbal teas and stuff like that, your body was capable of handling that, and all of a sudden you’ve got a massive dose on top. So, all of a sudden you can start reacting to the Salicylates, you get Burning and Irritation, like Burning around the Mouth or Heartburn, Reflux, Irritability, Burning Sinuses, that sort of stuff, Flushed Face, a lot of weird symptoms. Actually, we’ve got a heap of info about Salicylates on our webpage if anyone wants to look into it more.

Jeff: Under the FAQ Section, is it Matt?

Matt: Yeah. But, with an Intolerance what you’ll find is, if you have avoided Salicylate foods for a long period of time leading up to this your load was so low that as it came in it’s not high enough to trigger the symptoms, so then you might take these products for a period of time, maybe only a few days or weeks, or maybe months, and then, all of a sudden, this load of Salicylates has built up and then every time you have a Salicylate food or a tablet all of a sudden you start reacting. The key with Salicylates is you avoid them—so, with any intolerances you avoid it for a particular period of time and your load within your body drops and your symptoms disappear. Then you can put these things back in and it takes a while before it gradually builds back up again. But, that’s talking about Salicylate Intolerance, but the same sort of thing can happen with Lactose and that. You know how some people notice that—and, the other key feature with Intolerances is it is dose dependent, the more you have the more reaction you’re going to get and the more you avoid it the faster the reactions disappear, and then you can avoid it for a period of time, whack in a little bit and it’s not so bad.

Lactose is a weird one because our body struggles to digest it at the site of the Gut and then it Ferments, so you get a lot of Farting and Gurgling, Nausea, and similar things with Gluten.

So, the point I’m trying to make is, if you’re Allergic to one of the ingredients you’ll get a reaction pretty much straight away, and if you avoid the thing the reaction disappears, you put it back in and you’re going to react again.

With an Intolerance it’s a bit hit and miss, it’s something that after you take it for a period of time you start feeling a bit lousy, or your body just struggles to process it, which means immediately in your Gut your body is going, “I’m not dealing with this,” and you get Bloating, Farting, Gurgling.
But, with both Allergies and Intolerances you have a break from the stuff, and it kind of disappears.

Jeff: So, let’s put that into context against the Detox Matt, true Detox. Again, from a lay point of view, so talking to the people, we’re putting things into the body or abstaining from things which are releasing Toxins into the body which is then having a manifestation in the body of a certain type. When I used to give people these Liver Detox formulas, and Milk Thistle was one that was obviously used a lot…

Matt: Yeah, it’s good.

Jeff: …with some of those other Amino Acids, you would have Headaches, low grade Headaches, consistent Headaches, you’d have fluid Bowel Motions, all those sorts of symptoms which I’m sure many people who have gone on these sorts of Detoxes—and, that’s a genuine Detox reaction, Matt?

Matt: Yes and no. You hear about it all the time in hospitals and things, it’s common but it’s not normal. We don’t need it. Let’s have a look at the Detox reactions, and there are different types of Detox reactions you can get. The first one that I always think of, because again everything we take orally and a lot of stuff starts in the Gut, and so we can start there. Some bloke named it after himself, it’s called the Janisch-Herxheimer Reaction, originally discovered when they used to do the mega doses of Penicillin to treat Syphilis, it’s one of the side effects associated with that, the same with the big doses they give to people to treat Lyme’s Disease. So, it’s the medical word, it’s not a Naturopathic word, so we’re right to talk about it, but the medical world were the ones that found this one. And, what it actually is, it’s a die off. So, as you poison off the bugs in your Gut—so, anything that can kill of bulk bugs in your Guts can cause a release of a particular Toxin called Endotoxin, which a Lipopolysaccharide, probably one of the most Inflammatory things known to man. They use Lipopolysaccharide all the time in scientific studies to inflame things to see how good anti-inflammatories are, and where it all comes from is Bacterial Cell Walls.

So, as you’re killing off your Gut Flora you’re releasing all this Endotoxin and your body treats it like an Infection, your body is going, “Man, what the hell? There must be so many bugs here, there are so many Inflammatory Triggers coming.” [So, what happens is, the body goes and does a crazy—treats an Immune][something is missing here, it doesn’t quite make sense] [0:18:16], like you’ve got a Gut problem. So, it gives you Diarrhoea and Vomiting and Boating and Farting and Gurgling and noise, and some guy named it after himself.

So, basically, the big die off kills everything. That’s a common reaction when using anything that’s Antimicrobial. A lot of Herbs and Spices, like Garlic and things like Raspberries and Radishes, a lot of those sorts of things are very powerful at killing off bugs, and things like Turmeric, like you’re saying, are very powerful Antimicrobials. So, a lot of these things can go through and cause a bit of a die off, they can cause Bloating, Farting, Gurgling, and that sort of stuff.

Also, understand that the other way you can cause a die off is by starving them. So, if they’re not getting their food, and the favourite foods of the bugs are Sugars and that, so if you make a significant change to your diet you can get a die off. One of their other favourite foods is Hormones. So, if you make significant change to your Hormonal Profile—we’ve had a couple of people comment about this with the ALPHA VENUS, sending messages thinking they’re having a Healing Crisis, and they’re talking about Bloating and Diarrhoea and stuff like that, and this is what prompted some of this podcast. They’ve sent in some requests saying, “I don’t know if I’m Allergic to the ingredients or if I’m having a Healing Crisis, but I’ve just started it and now this is happening,” and what’s happening is it’s a purge sort of reaction, and that’s a Herxheimer Reaction. If you have a look at something like ALPHA VENUS that’s got the Brassicas, but it’s got the Kelp, it’s got the Rosemary, very powerful Herbs at starving off Bacteria by taking away their available source of food from Estrogen.

So, what happens, all of a sudden, these bugs that were thriving on this food, all of a sudden the food is taken away and they die off. Before they die off they shoot spores and stuff around so the eggs can wait until there’s food available. So, a very common reaction is a die off, it’s called a Herxheimer Reaction, but it’s isolated to the Gut only, it’s Burping, Farting, Gurgling noises, and maybe a bit of a Flu like feeling, like you just don’t feel quite right, but you don’t get crazy reactions everywhere, except if the spores—you know those bugs we’re killing off, if they shoot spores sometimes they might head off to the Reproductive Tract and they might trigger Thrush or something, temporarily, or Fungal Infections under the nail, or on the Skin, or an Aggravation of Sinus where the spores have found somewhere else to hopefully live and find a food supply.

Jeff: Smart little buggers, aren’t they?

Matt: Oh hell yeah, Man. Well, there are 10 times as many bugs coating our Gut Wall as there are cells in our whole body.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s amazing, eh?

Matt: It’s insane.

Jeff: So, they’ve found a way to multiply and keep on existing?

Matt: Yeah, by creating us as vectors for transport to cover across larger areas. No, I don’t know. I’m just speaking rubbish there.

So, basically, with your Detox reactions the Herxheimer Reactions are most common, and it’s a temporary thing, and it’s a die off. You can also relieve it, usually, by loading up with some good Probiotics, so you go and put in something like a Lactobacillus Plantarum, it starts occupying some of those sites and that sort of stuff, but it’s only temporary, you just push through it, it’s just a die off of a lot of the bad bugs. And, the people that get it are people that have previously had things like Candida overgrowth, Thrush, other Intestinal Dysbiosis, which is just too many of the wrong kinds of bugs. Histories of Bloating and Farting and that sort of stuff, anyway. And, it can happen from a Diet change or it can happen from killing it off, or it can happen from reducing a Hormone load, and it’s only temporary.

Jeff: So, if people are taking a product, whatever it may be, but let’s say, in our case specifically say the ALPHA VENUS, and they do come up with these sorts of symptoms, they’re not dying, they’re not Intolerant, they’re not Allergic, it’s just the body going through a natural process where it’s killing off these bugs, and basically your body is at war, all the bugs are fighting back.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Would you suggest if it’s particularly acute maybe backing back on the dose a little bit?

Matt: Yeah, you can reduce the dose, or you can use things to relieve the symptoms too, like Charcoal, Papaya, just something to break up the Gas and the Bloating and that sort of stuff. Often we’ll give people a fibre blend or something like that just to soak up the moisture that’s in the Diarrhoea, and I use a lot more fibre for Diarrhoea then I use for Constipation. It’s funny eh? Anyway, we’ll talk about that another day. I was just about to go onto a weird tangent about poo again.

Jeff: Well, that’s your specialty, Matt.

Matt: It is.

Jeff: You work with crap, and you’re surrounded by crap people.

Matt: Yeah, I love it. Send it in.

Jeff: Green bananas, apparently, for Dysentery. I just thought, “Well, if you’re going to throw in a random fact then I’m going to throw in one.”

Matt: Yeah, but you’ve just got to make sure the green banana is the right size, otherwise it doesn’t plug up properly.

Jeff: Oh.

Matt: So, anyway, the first one is the Herxheimer Reaction, that’s a common one. The second one, you can get these weird Detox reactions, and what you’ve got to understand is, the Liver has two phases of Detox, Phase 1 and Phase 2, and we’ve talked about it multiple times in our podcasts. Phase 1 is designed to make Toxins water soluble so they’re capable of being cleared out of the body. If you’re doing any sort of Detoxification process, if your Phase 1 is going too fast then what happens, you make a lot of water soluble Toxins and the next thing you know you’ve got to get rid of these water soluble Toxins, so it can create a purging sort of reaction. Water soluble Toxins have to get out, and while they’re trying to get out it can contribute to Fluid Retention and that, you know, Lymphatic sort of stuff, but otherwise you can get Skin Problems as it’s trying to come out through the skin, like Itchy Skin after hot showers or during exercise, Pimples, Rashes, Eczema, and typically the Rashes and Eczema will be in the hot spots, like the creases of the elbows and the armpits, groin, behind the knees. The other thing that will happen you can get Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Sweating, that sort of stuff, and they’re all water soluble Toxins trying to clear out from your body. The funny thing is, if you drank more water to assist that process eventually they would go. The key is, to slow down the Phase 1 though, and you can slow down the Phase 1 with things like Turmeric, Grapefruit, that Milk Thistle you talked about before, Saint Mary’s Thistle, the Silymarin compound it that, that slows down Phase 1 really, really well, and things like Schisandra Berries and that sort of stuff. So, just understanding, as you’re trying to clear this stuff out, your Phase 1 will just jump up a little bit fast because of previous exposure and survival techniques that you’ve learnt, so your Phase 1 has previously helped you deal with a life threatening stress, so maybe it’s there to help you deal with it again.

So, just accept the fact that you’re making a lot of water soluble Toxins and you’ve got to clear that stuff out. And, you’ll have a Local reaction in the Gut where you can get the looser stools and that, and you can have a Systemic reaction as well that can cause the Nausea and sort of stuff.

The Phase 2 Detoxification includes the process of throwing these Toxins into the Gall Bladder as a form of Bile. If you’ve got any problems with the Gall Bladder and that, you can get a lot of Nausea and Intolerance to Oils and Fatty Foods and feel a bit spewy, and that can even backlog and cause problems like Jaundice, which causes those yellow eyes and that sort of stuff. Another key feature if you’re Phase 2 is backlogged and your Bilirubin is built up you get really itchy again, a really bizarre itchy.

Jeff: What’s Bilirubin?

Matt: Bilirubin that’s the yellow part of Bile, but it comes out of our red blood cells predominantly.

Jeff: Is that the stuff that makes you turn yellow?

Matt: Yeah, it’s yellow and it backlogs and your body goes, “Oh, we’ll just shove it somewhere,” and it just infiltrates your tissue and makes it look yellow.

Jeff: I’ve seen people with yellow eyes, it’s weird.

Matt: Yeah, it’s wild, eh? And, that’s how you can tell if someone’s got Jaundice or if someone’s got too much Vitamin A; with Jaundice it affects the whites of the eyes, but with Vitamin A it doesn’t, and with Vitamin A you’ll see they get really yellow hands and yellow skin but their whites of their eyes stay clear, but if they look like they’re on the Simpsons and they’ve got the yellow eyes as well then it’s probably Jaundice. So, that’s the healing process, and the key there is to just support the different phases of the Liver and make sure you’re having plenty of water to eliminate it out. Now, this is an interesting thing, because this leads to the third type of Healing Crisis, which is basically associated with the side effects of purge.

So, if you’re making a heap of water soluble Toxins and you’ve got to clear all this stuff out, like I said, have plenty of water to support the process, but as you’re eliminating this stuff, this stuff and all the water that’s with it, you can strip Salts out of your body.

Jeff: Of course.

Matt: So, it’s very important, and people don’t realise the importance of actually maintaining your Salt levels. If you’re peeing and pooing a lot and sweating and that sort of stuff, and probably Detoxifying a little bit and changing your diet, blah, blah, blah, make sure you’ve got your Salts right. Because, if you are constantly removing Fluid associated with the Toxins then you can get simple things like Magnesium Deficiency, and a common side effect of that are things like Headaches, Irritability, that sort of stuff. A good example, Acetaldehyde is the hangover chemical, the breakdown product from alcohol, it actually displaces Magnesium from nerve endings and those two will compete for actions on Nerve Synapses, meaning that Magnesium is normally a relaxant compound, it provides an off switch, Acetaldehyde total screws with it and it ends up becoming an irritant. So, the point I’m trying to make is, when you get a hangover, okay so it’s a Healing Crisis, so you’ve dehydrated yourself, you’ve stripped out a lot of the Toxins, so your body has been trying to clear out the Toxins and those Toxins have been made water soluble, so as it’s going out it’s leaving your body with a whole heap of water and also stripping out your Salts. Now, a classic feature of a hangover is the Acetaldehyde induced Headache, Irritability, potential Cramping, Twitching and that sort of stuff, and all can be relieved by loading up with Magnesium to block the Acetaldehyde from Nerve Synapses. So, loading up on things like Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, make sure you get a good variety of Salts coming through with your water to make sure you’re not going to go and get those classical side effects of Detox, which is Irritability, Headache and Cramping.

Jeff: I remember, and again, I think we have spoken about this, the guys that were on the Kokoda Trail that were drinking plenty of water, but actually died on the trail because they didn’t replace their Salts. It’s amazing, so you can be drinking all the water in the world but if you don’t have your Salts…

Matt: And, in my clinic, Man, I had so many people coming into my clinic all spastic, and I mean spastic, all locked up fingers and weird stuff like that, and they go to all these specialists or whatever and they’re trying to work out what this weird nerve condition is, you go and talk to these people and they’re smashing between four to seven litres of water a day and not replacing any of the Salts, so they’re just diluting all the Salt in the body and stripping it all out.

Jeff: Flushing.

Matt: They’ve got mega Sodium Deficiencies and things to the point that they can’t control their Electromagnetic Conductions, and then you tell them to load up on Salt, and they go, “Oh Man, I crave Salt, I love it but it’s so bad for you,” and you’re sitting there going—this is an interesting thing with Salt—and, again I’m going on about weird table Salt—but, our body is we’re deficient in things our body sucks it in really fast, it actually uses Active Transport Pumps to suck in Nutrients that it craves. Once our bodies fix that Deficiency it switches off the Active Transport Pumps and just allows for passive diffusion, which means it will just slip on when it’s ready.

So, when you’re Deficient in Salt the Salt gets absorbed so quickly that you don’t taste it, it doesn’t taste salty. When your Salt levels are built up you don’t absorb it very fast, it just floats around so things taste salty. So, if you are craving Salt, or if you’re always, “My food needs more salt,” and you’re adding a Salt—and, I always end up almost going down the path of wife bashing, but I always have this thing with my wife where I want to add Salt, sometimes I add a heap of Salt and sometimes I add no Salt, because I go by taste, and she’ll get mad at me and say, “I’ve salted the food,” or, “There’s enough Salt,” or, “There’s enough Salt already found in the vegetables, you don’t need to add more,” and I’m like, “No, but want more, I’ve been working hard and sweating and I’ve been doing this weird thing in this steam room, and that sort of stuff—that sounded strange, I haven’t actually been doing a weird thing in a steam room…

Jeff: Was John there?

Matt: No, everyone left.

Jeff: I’m not surprised.

Matt: They reported me, and it wasn’t my steam room. But no, so basically what I’m saying is, if you’re Deficient in Salt then you’ll add salt to your foods and it’s absorbed so quickly that it doesn’t taste salty, but as your Salt levels build up things start tasting salty so you don’t need to add as much, and you don’t add as much because things start tasting too salty. So, follow your intuition, we’re not all idiots, bloody hell, just because someone comes out and says that in the ‘50s they believed this coating on the eyes was a combination of Sodium that was contributing to hardening in the arteries and they called it The Salt Ring, and that’s going to cause Heart Disease and we’re all going to die, and we’re still doing it. But, it’s actually Calcium that was the problem, but, “No, we can’t tell everyone to start avoiding Calcium.”

Jeff: “We need our milk.”

Matt: Exactly. “We need the industry.” What were we talking about?

Jeff: No, that’s fine, you can go for the Dairy Board all you want.

Matt: So, basically, when you have a look at the Detox reactions, if it’s not Allergy or Intolerance it’s going to be a form of Detoxification reaction. So, we’re basically trying to work out which one it is; with Allergies they get classic Immune systems that are relieved with anti-histamines, and avoiding the product, but with Detoxification they’re very vague weird symptoms, and it’s usually systemic as well, it’s not isolated just to the Guts and that sort of stuff. The Herxheimer Reaction is probably the most common reaction that we hear of, the most common reaction to expect with ATP products because they’re really powerful at actually controlling Gut Flora.

Jeff: So, basically, ride through that and if it’s an Allergic reaction obviously you want to cut it out, if it’s an Intolerance it will build up over time but you should be aware of that, and then when you remove the stimulant or whatever it is, the ingredient, that should displace that problem and then if it’s a true Detoxification or a Herxheimer Reaction your body will deal with it over time.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: So, maybe drink a bit more water and watch your Salt levels and it should go away over time.

Matt: Absolutely.

Jeff: Matt, we have got a tonne of FAQs to get through. We’ve been away, and again, we’re not going to get through all of them, but we’ve got some here that I want you to look at today.

Matt: Yeah, we’ll have a crack at them.

Jeff: And again, this time we did something a little bit different, we actually went through a pre read some of these, Matt, because we want to be as succinct and on the ball as possible.

Matt: Well, we’ve got some crackers, some pretty heavy ones.

Jeff: We do, yeah. Well, let’s get straight into it.

This one is from Michelle. And, the way guys, everyone has said some really nice things, which is great, but I’m just going to get into the body of the email, just so we can get into it.

Matt: Yeah, get into it. I always feel a bit weird giving ourselves compliments.

Jeff: Well it’s not us, it’s somebody else, it’s just me reading it.

Matt: Yeah, wierdo.

Jeff: Okay, this is from Michelle: “Hi guys, I’m a 47 year old female. I was diagnosed 15 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis, since then I have been committed to health and fitness in order to optimise my quality of life. I am doing amazingly well, I am lean and fit. People often ask me if I am training for figure competition, I am not, however lately I have found that I am a little too muscular for my comfort. My thighs and upper arms have really started to build more Muscle than usual, and I’m not sure why. I have a history of Hypothyroidism, and I am on a combination of Cytomel and Armour—it depends if you’re French, I guess—to treat it. I was also diagnosed in 2002 with PCOS and having fertility issues. In the last 15 years I have had more time with Menses than without. I had trouble conceiving but take Follicle Stimulating Hormone to help that. I take a small dose of sublingual Progesterone and was taking Estrogen but saliva tests showed unusually high levels of Estrogen so I since stopped the latter.

I do about 75 minutes of Cardio and 35 minutes of strength training six days a week, Kettle Bells and Sandbags, Pullups, Wall assisted Hand Stands, Push ups, Dips, Box Jumps. I do 120 pounds of weighted Back Squats with 55 Dumb Bell chest presses twice a week.

I’m wondering what I should do to shed this extra Muscle, I want leaner legs, I don’t relish the thought of any more Cardio. I heard I need to do this to Catabolise the Muscle. I follow a whole foods diet, no processed foods, no dairy, pretty much grain free to reduce Inflammation. A few years ago I had a Parasite which caused me to become extremely thin but I eradicated that bugger and was able to gain considerable lean mass. I do seem to have reoccurring issues with Candida, though not currently, and SIBO.” What’s SIBO?

Matt: Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

Jeff: “It seems as if I experience both of these every 12 to 18 months. My Functional Medicine practitioner says my Autoimmune vulnerability makes me susceptible. In any event, as a result I am vigilantly working on ensuring a healthy Gut and healing Intestinal Permeability. As a result, I take a fistful of supplements from Berberine to Zinc; I couldn’t think of a supplement starting with A. I have a feeling Matt is going to suggest some of your awesome supplements, which I would love to take, but frankly, they are beyond my price point. If there are any specific Herbal supplements that might help as it’s possible for me to purchase them individually, and are there particular brands you recommend? Can you recommend brands? I live in the US so that is something to consider.

A long story short, sorry, but I wanted to give a decent picture of my situation, I’m a bit of a unique snowflake, but I can’t be the only woman who builds Muscle a little easily. Thanks so much for your advice and time. PS: I just got my test back on my Thyroid, TSH is at 4.42 with a Free T4 of .6.”

Well, just really quickly on this, and I appreciate where Michelle is coming from. In terms of looking at our products as well, it’s interesting, we always look at our products in terms of the value based proposition as well. And, we find it difficult to be able to recommend other brands, simply because we can’t be assured of their Quality Assurance or Quality Control. One thing is, we take a great deal of length in sourcing our raw materials, our Herbs, from all over the world and we work with some great suppliers but we also work directly with some of our growers and we test our products to make sure they’re effective and efficient. One of the things Matt does incredibly well is combine products in a synergistic way where the products work together to improve their effect and also improve their absorption. Most of the products on the market, Michelle, that we have looked at, and many, many, companies that we looked at, and Matt’s worked with a lot, I’ve sold a lot, don’t understand this. Either they’re naïve to it or they’re just simply trying to manufacture products as cheaply as possible.

I look at our products, and yes they are a bit more expensive, but I believe they’re of exceptionally great value because they’re effective. And, while we don’t sell everything, and we will suggest a Herb or Matt might suggest a Vitamin or what have you, we won’t recommend a product because we just can’t be assured of their Quality Control and their Quality Assurance. Matt, do you have anything to add onto that?

Matt: No, I’m still reading through this.

Jeff: It’s a lot to take in. And, interestingly enough, there’s not too many females—and, I know there must be some out there that grow a lot of Muscle, but it’s not something that you hear too often, having too much Muscle.

Matt: No.

Jeff: Anyway, Matt, what do you think?

Matt: Well, there are definitely some interesting links found through here, and just hopefully I can explain it well enough for everyone, but I know Michelle will get something out of it and a bit of a goal. But, for starters, building bulk onto the upper Arms and upper Thighs and that, bulking up in those sorts of areas, it’s very—so, we’re looking at some sort of Anabolic process, some sort of proliferative process. It’s very interesting to see the history of the high Estrogen, because what’s interesting about that is, Estrogen in recent research, there are certain Estrogen Receptors that have been shown to be more Anabolic that Testosterone.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s amazing.

Matt: The ability for Estrogen, when binding into a particular Estrogen Receptor number 2, I think, can stimulate significant Anabolic growth, and even compared to IGF-1, Testosterone, Dianabol, Dihydrotestosterone, Insulin, DHEA, Estrogen was shown to be more Anabolic.

Jeff: That’s amazing.

Matt: What’s interesting in those particular areas is that it will also preserve and hold Intramuscular Fat, so it will hold—you know, like marbling in the meat?

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: It will do that to that area as well, so you get a combination of the Estrogen creating more of an Anabolic effect at building more Muscle in some people, and this is a weird thing because we’re talking about blood levels of Estrogen. It depends on how many Fat Cells there are, how many Receptors, where the Receptors are found, and it also depends on that thing you said down here about the 75 minutes of Cardio, the 30 minutes of strength exercise six days a week. So, someone else with a high Estrogen load, and that sort of stuff, may be losing Muscle and preserving Fat, but someone with the ability to do that sort of exercise and not have a huge amount of subcutaneous Fat Cells, just genetically or whatever, then this Estrogen is going to have more of an effect building Muscle and holding Fat in those particular areas than the average person.

Interestingly, when you look at the history here, with the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome leading to Insulin Resistance, the history of the use of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone as part of a fertility treatment, a lot of those things can also result in high levels of Androgens. So, at the same time as having a high Estrogen load she may also have a high Androgen load. You’ll see there are a lot of assumptions I’m making in here because we can’t have the proper discussions, unless you want to come from America to our breakfast and we can talk more.

Jeff: Absolutely.

Matt: But, there is a potential there, and I’d probably go and measure levels of such things as DHEA; DHEA is an Androgen that’s commonly high in conditions associated with Insulin. What’s interesting about these Hormones, if that Hormone load does go up quite high all of these Hormones, the Estrogen and the DHEA and other Dihydrotestosterone and things like that, all totally screw with the Immune System and can aggravate such things as MS. For example; DHEA is a very powerful way of boosting up the Cellular Immune Defence which may, potentially, aggravate such things as MS and also be able to build Muscle. So, that’s very interesting to see that this Estrogen in certain people, with the right amount of training, can actually be a very powerful Anabolic. We do a lot of work with modifying Estrogen Receptors to build Booties and Glutes and Hammies, but we avoid just having high Estrogen levels in the bloodstream because it can do whatever the hell it likes. But, if you’re the type of person that trains that way with a particular genetic structure then those Estrogens then can go through and build Muscle.

There was a section there where she was talking about Candida and that sort of stuff; interestingly, one of their favourite foods is Estrogen, so again, having that history of a high Estrogen load could have fed those bugs and got them to be quite high, or vice versa. Using a Hormonal treatment at the same time as having an overgrowth of Candida, it recycles the Estrogen and pumps it back into the body and just keeps recycling the Estrogen keeping the Estrogen high.

The funny thing is, and I never do this, but I’m going to anyway; the Functional Medicine practitioner who said the Autoimmune is what is predisposing her to the Candida, I would look at it almost the opposite. If you’ve got an overgrowth of Microbes—understand that Multiple Sclerosis is an Autoimmune condition associated with Cellular Immunity where the Immune System is challenged by some sort of a Microbe, and any Microbe that challenges the Immune System can aggravate the Autoimmunity. So, if there is a Hormonal problem causing a steady supply of Estrogen and everything to be coming through the Bowel keeping the Candida and the Dysbiosis happening, that can be a challenge that’s aggravating the MS, as opposed to the MS predisposing to an infection. I would look at it the other way.

Jeff: Swap the order.

Matt: If you go through and smash out and kill off—if you take the burden off your Immune System by eliminating the Candida and the Dysbiosis, the triggers to the Immune System for MS to attack your body will significantly be reduced. Plus, the Gut Wall will have a chance to heal; 80% of the Immune System is all programmed from the Gut. So, the Immune System in the Gut is constantly sampling bugs sending messages to the body saying, “There’s bugs here, kill it,” but there’s a confusion where the Immune Cells roam around the body and instead of killing bugs they’re attacking nerves, and that’s what causes MS. So, wipe out that load, fix the Hormones and wipe out the load of bugs and see if a lot of the MS symptoms kind of start calming down, or the things slow down.

In regards to a protocol to do that, what you need to do is we need to be Detoxifying the Hormones, strip out the Hormonal load and you won’t be bulking up as fast.

Jeff: Right.

Matt: The way to do that, the products that I would have recommended of ours are the new ALPHA VENUS, and the CORT RX.

Jeff: Well look, Matt, being overseas and for Michelle because she hasn’t asked for anything here, we’ll send her one of those over, so she can try it.

Matt: Oh yeah, send it. But, what you basically do, while you’re in America there is some cool stuff to get to add to it. What you want to do is, you want to look for Activated Folates, 5-MTHF somewhere between 1 to 5000 micrograms of that every day, Methyl B12 at about the same dose, you need to load up on ridiculous amounts of Brassicas from the diet instead of using as supplement, you only need to smash out like bulk, ridiculous amounts of Brassica every day.

Jeff: So, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale?

Matt: Yeah, Kale, Cabbage, Broccoli, Watercress, Pak Choy, Bok Choy, all those sorts of things, but it has to be every day and eat a lot of it. A lot Rosemary, the cooking Herb Rosemary as well. And, you can try to buy these things in supplements, but my big fear is, if I go and tell you to look for these ingredients I’m more concerned about what else is in there that I’m not recommending, so if you go and find a Broccoli Sprout powder or something like the one we use, but it depends what they combine it with, it might be ruined. But, the other thing is, you’re not going to get a Broccoli Sprout powder better than ours cheaper anyway, but you can go and eat the foods, you’ve just got to eat a lot of them. So, you get Folate, B12, you’ll also need to use DIM, Diindolylmethane, but that’s in the Broccoli so if you were to use our product you’d get it anyway.

Calcium D-Glucarate is actually really important for this case; Calcium D-Glucarate, what that does is, after that Estrogen has been Detoxified and it’s been conjugated, those Bacteria I talked about and the Candida that feed on it, they liberate again, Calcium D-Glucarate stops that from happening, so it’s very important, and you get better effects out of Kelp, by the way, that’s why we put Kelp in the VENUS, but Calcium D-Glucarate you can take about 500 milligrams twice a day, because you’re going to have to do that or a big dose of the Kelp with the Fucoidans in the Kelp to actually stop the re-liberation of that Estrogen. So, they’re the main ones, plus you’re going to need a lot of Turmeric and that sort of stuff as Anti-inflammatories and also to cut down that Immune System.

Jeff: But Matt, if we send Michelle a VENUS and a CORT RX, and we’ll do that, otherwise she could go through and do all the other things, but she still should be doing the Brassicas anyway. Correct?

Matt: Yeah, throw them in the food anyway, because that way you don’t have to take these tablets forever, you’ll get some great habits that you can stop.

Jeff: But, outside of that, that should work, that should help?

Matt: Yeah, it would be a good place to start.

Jeff: And look, Michelle, let us know how you get on. I’ll get Elsa to send across to you a CORT RX and a VENUS on us, and we’d love to get your feedback and love to know how you’re getting on. And, Matt’s given you list of other products, and again, we can’t recommend any brands per se, we just simply…

Matt: Thorn, that’s what I used in my clinic.

Jeff: There you go.

Matt: No, I use the Thorn one for the 5-MTHF, so a Thorn Basic B Complex, or something, is the one that’s got the 5-MTHF, the B12, the B6 and that sort of stuff. Metabolic Maintenance is another American company that’s got DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate with a bit of Folate and B12. But yeah, just when you combine all these things you’ve just got to go back and do the maths. And, my bigger concern again, when I’m looking at this case, I want to know what she’s taking from Berberine to Zinc, because there could be stuff in there that’s stimulating the Immune System, there could be things in there that are building Estrogens, I don’t know, Man. Like even Berberine itself, Berberine yes it’s great for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome because it acts like Metformin and has that Insulin like effect, but the fact that it lowers Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, like it does, it liberates all Hormones, so you get all this free Test, you’re going to liberate all these Hormones and increase the load. So, the Berberine is actually going to aggravate your ability to build Muscle…

Jeff: Could I be so bold, Matt, and you tell me if I’m wrong, but to suggest that Michelle maybe stop all the other supplements and just those ones for now, the ones that you’ve recommended?

Matt: Yeah, well you can say it, you’ve got your own insurance.

Jeff: And again, leave me out of this.

Matt: Just insert the disclaimer.

Jeff: Please check with your healthcare practitioner, this is for information purposes only, Michelle, and again, because Matt can’t talk to you, even though Matt is a Naturopath, because we’re not right in front of you we can’t cover off on everything.

Matt: Oh hell no.

Jeff: So, that’s a place to start, anyway. Michelle please try that, we’re going to send those products out to you and we’d love to hear back from you and see how you’re getting on. Great. Alright, Matt, let’s keep moving because we’ve got a couple to get through here.

Matt: Yeah Man, go for it.

Jeff: This one is from Lisa.

Matt: Hi Lisa.

Jeff: “Hi Matt and Jeff,” she says some very nice things, skipping those. “I am 41, I’ve been weight training for over 20 years and have been a personal trainer for that time as well. My frustration is about what happens to my body when I train these days, I seem to put on Body Fat. A little background to help paint the picture; I have PCOS, but only the symptoms, not the full blown condition. I had to use IVF to fall pregnant with my girls then fell naturally 14 months later with the second, they are eight and 10 years old. I’ve always had very low levels of Estrogen and Progesterone, I’m currently on a bioidentical Progesterone for the past four months and this has really settled the anxiety I used to get around period time. I have a 7cm hemangioma on my Liver…

Matt: A blood blister.

Jeff: …apparently grown over the past 12 years from 1 centimetre. I have had low Thyroid levels and low Iodine levels, and I have not measured these for the last 12 months. I have suffered from Adrenal Fatigue Level 1 at the end of 2014 and cut back on the high intensity training as a result. I eat a very clean diet, protein in all three meals, lots of vegetables, some fruit, healthy Carbs like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Sweet Potato, I have a little dark Chocolate at night, about 25grams and I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t eat Dairy as a rule, nor do I have Gluten, both that I’ve found that I’m sensitive to. I exercise five days a week, no more than 45 minutes per session, was doing weight training but found in the last 12 months that I put on Muscle very easily,” there’s another lady, Matt, that puts on Muscle easily “without being able to lose Body Fat, which made me look chunky. Apparently my Testosterone and DHEA levels were slightly high, and then swapped to Metabolic style circuits. I also walk and jog one day a week and do a Yoga class once as well.

My frustration is that in the last 12 months it seems that every time I increase the intensity of the volume of my training, I do five sessions a week as opposed to walking and Yoga, I put on Body Fat. It’s only a couple of kilos but enough to make me feel yuk as I’m 165cms and weight about 64kilos, and it feels like I’m also retaining Fluid as my fingers swell and I can’t get the rings off my fingers and the skin on my legs feels tight. I am doing daily Meditation and I’m not feeling overly stressed and I sleep well. I use Metagenics Femmex supplement at night. What the heck is going on? I really love to train and have accepted that I need to balance the intensity and Yoga for my Adrenals, but want to be able to train three to four times a week and do some Yoga without some of the negative changes to my body composition.”

Matt: Cool. When you look at a PT doing this for the last 20 years, again, I have to always make a lot of assumptions, but I’m assuming that you’re measuring the putting on of Body Fat through skin folds and that sort of stuff, and probably a combination of skin folds and the scales. What’s interesting, and a lot of people aren’t aware of this, but Fat Cells, actually, contain water, somewhere between 10 to 80%, and that’s a big range, like a massive amount of range of how much water can be held in a Fat Cell. As part of an Inflammation—and, you might also be aware that Fat Cells create Inflammatory chemicals—so, when you exercise it triggers a Stress Response that your body doesn’t know if you’re running away from something and it triggers an Inflammatory reaction. And, in people that are predisposed it can create an exaggerated Inflammatory reaction, that holds a lot of Fluid, the Inflammation holds a lot of Fluid, she mentioned the swelling in the fingers and that sort of stuff. But, what it can actually do is it can swell the Fat Cells temporarily, so you get Fluid Retention basically, that looks Fat. So, it’s in all the fatty areas, and it actually can be included in the Fat Cells themselves, but it’s an Inflammatory reaction, most likely.

There are two causes for it, and they’re both linked, and they’re probably both happening anyway, so the most likely causes are, straight out Inflammation possibly from—there are a lot of different reasons, if you’ve got a lot of food Allergies, or Intolerances, or if your Oils in your diet aren’t quite right where you’re having too much Omega 6, too much of the Arachidonic Acid as well, not enough of the Omega 3, then you can get a lot of inflammatory reactions from exercise. And, iff you look, there are those people that take Arachidonic Acid before they train to trigger and Inflammatory reaction to build Muscle.

Jeff: Funny.

Matt: Yeah, funny eh? That’s mad. Anyway, in this sort of situation it’s most likely to be Inflammation, and secondly, again, we talk about Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Liver; if your Phase 1 of your Liver speeds up then you get a whole heap of water soluble Toxins that also contribute to Fluid Retention. The way I’d treat it is with high doses of CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a very powerful Anti-Inflammatory that you can use pre workout, it’s excellent for that. And, I’d combine it with CORT RX for a couple of reasons: yeah, good for the Adrenals and all that, a very good Antioxidant, a good Anti-Inflammatory, it takes away the Inflammation, takes away a lot of that Fluid retention and everything as well, and it also resets the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Pathways in the Liver. But, on another note it actually inhibits a process known as Angiogenesis which is the generation and production of new blood vessels that can go into a tumour, so it may actually slow down the growth of the Hemangioma with the Turmeric and that sort of stuff.

Jeff: Yeah, right. That’s cool.

Matt: Yeah, have a look into that. I’d do CLA, high doses or CORT RX, and assume that a lot of it isn’t actually new Fat Cells or a whole heap of swollen Fat Cells, and even things like SUBCUT and just push all that out, yeah.

Jeff: I was going to say the SUBCUT might help.

Matt: Yeah, you can do that.

Jeff: Definitely. Alright, so hopefully that helps.

Matt: Oh what’s that? “Also, I forgot to add, I also take Vitex one capsule a day.” That’s cool. The key is, go 1 gram a day. So, the key is with Vitex you want 1 gram a day. Yeah, four capsules our new VENUS gives you 1 gram of Vitex a day.

Jeff: Perfect. So, that would probably work out quite well for Lisa, as well.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Well, thanks for the question, Lisa, and again, please let us know how you get on and hopefully this helps. Yeah, we’ve had some unusual ones, Matt, these definitely don’t fit the normal mould, these feel a little bit different. Okay, moving on.

This one is from Jodel: and again, a very nice intro there, but I’ll get straight into it. “As a nutritionist and a female who tends to overtrain, is very active, eats very, very clean and sometimes with a good handle on the biomechanics of the body I am unable to understand the cause of my eyes being bloodshot and yellow a lot of the time. I have struggled with Adrenal issues, sleep issues, and was told by a Naturopath, a doctor here in the US, that my Liver is not well. Could this be the issue behind my yellow bloodshot eyes, and if I eat loads of veggies and eat good protein and plant based starchy Carbs as I have for years, shouldn’t this help my Liver? Would either T432 or CORT RX be something that would remedy the situation, or is it an Adrenal symptom or should I be concerned with my Liver. Thanks in advance from a female friend spreading the good word far and wide, Jo.” Thanks Jo.

Matt, we sort of touched a little bit on this.

Matt: Yeah. So, basically, firstly with the yellow, because we have touched on that, it’s usually associated with the Liver, it’s Jaundice, it’s a backlog of the stuff that should be pumping out as Bile. So, you look at your Gall Bladder and make sure that thing is actually flowing, get an Ultrasound to look at it. So, get an Ultrasound on your Gall Bladder, make sure it’s there and working, and not clogged up with stones and that sort of stuff, otherwise you slow down your Phase 1 that’s making all the Bilirubin and enhancing Phase 2 that’s pumping the Bilirubin into Bile. Those things you mentioned before, apart from Methionine, but that Inositol, the Choline, a lot of those Amino Acids, that are known as Lipotropics, help that process, and so does the NRF2 gene, so the CORT RX is the product we would use here because it actually does the Adrenals and it does the Liver, and interestingly it also does the blood.

So, when you’re looking at the red eyes—in Chinese Medicine they always talk about Liver, Heat Rising, wo it’s basically an indication of what we call an Acute Phase Response, which basically means, you Red Blood Cells are normally like little magnets with positive charges on the outside so they can never clump together. During a Survival or a Stress Response, or during Liver Stress or Inflammation, the body takes away those positive charges and lets the blood clump up, just in case of injury so that it’s easier to clot, and that causes a redness in the eyes. It usually comes with a bit of Frustration, a bit Irritability, feeling a bit Hot and Bothered. It’s funny, if you have a look at Google, like TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liver, Heat Rising, there’s a whole group of symptoms.

Otherwise it’s Allergy, so you could have an Allergy that’s making your eyes red, but that usually comes with Itching and other Allergy symptoms like Sneezing, Hayfever, Itch in the Ears, Itchy roof of the Mouth, that sort of stuff. So, if you’re getting red eyes and yellow its most likely Liver, so use the CORT RX, it will smash it.

Jeff: Okay, cool. Alright, thanks Jo. Hopefully that helps and let us know how you get on with that as well.

This one is from Andrew: “My question is about Multivitamins. I know you guys are developing one to be released soon, however I think I need to get one now. There are so many on the market but I’m not sure how to know the good from the bad. I don’t want to waste time and money on something that was never going to work. I’m 43 and have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for four years, so even when you release yours I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it as a few of your products have a disclaimer on them, “Made in a facility that also processes wheat.”

Anyway, since I’ve been diagnosed my hair has pretty much turned grey and seems now to be falling out. I have no family history of early grey or male pattern baldness so I’m thinking it is diet and nutrient absorption related. Since listening to your podcasts I have started increasing Zinc consumption and using Antidandruff Shampoo, so helpfully this helps. I also get pretty severe cramps during and after exercise, possibly a Magnesium Deficiency. My latest blood results show mild elevation of Bilirubin, a mild elevation of Iron Saturation. Have tested negative for Hemochromatosis, not sure how or if that all fits together somehow. Any feedback or recommendations would be much appreciated.”

Just very, very quickly on the manufacturing; we are looking at manufacturing where there will be no wheat around it, very soon.

Matt: Cool, so we can take that off. I think we already are, aren’t ‘t we? We’ve just still got the bloody thing on the label just because of…

Jeff: I’m pretty sure the place where we’re manufacturing now does not, and I’ll double check that.

Matt: Yeah, I don’t think they’ve got the wheat but it’s all in the disclaimer with the wheat, soy, nuts. So, I don’t think they’ve got the wheat but I know they’ve got Soy down there.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s it. And again, you have to be so careful, but Andrew, just to let you know, we might be able to overcome that very shortly, we’ll let you know.

Matt: We’ve got a plan.

I’ll skip to the bottom, the elevated Iron is a common complication with Celiacs, and then what it does is it then dumps into the Liver and it causes the Liver to Oxidise, so Iron Oxide in the Liver, so your Liver rusts a bit, and that causes problems with the elevated Bilirubin and that sort of stuff, so that’s all associated with the actual Celiac Disease itself. In regards to supplementation, Zinc is the most important thing, you’ve got to get it in, and you’ve got to get big doses of Zinc Picolinate so it can actually be absorbed because the Gut is going to be quite Inflamed and slimy, it’s hard to get Zinc in because it wants to bind to everything else in the meantime. So, I use about 50 milligrams of Zinc Picolinate and then you’re going to have to get some Selenium and Glutamines and that sort of stuff as well. And, then you’re right, you just need a basic Multi that’s got all the cofactors, and you don’t even want a really big dose one, you just want one that’s got lots of everything. I’ll probably have a look around and see what I can find and maybe shoot him an email with one that recommend, or maybe what I’d like to do, even better, is get him involved in our trials of our new product.

Jeff: Andrew, we’ve actually have all of the—and, Matt, am I correct? I’m jumping the gun here; have we’ve got all the…

Matt: Except one. FDA went on holidays so apparently there’s a backlog of the docs for one of the ingredients that hasn’t come in yet.

Jeff: But, we might be able to send Andrew over a test batch of our new Multi and see how he goes on that.

Matt: Yeah, let’s do it. The other thing too, when you said about the cramps, Magnesium is most likely Deficiency, but you’ve got to consider all the Salts, so you’ve got to do Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium, so you get the variety. I don’t know which one it is, any one of them can lead to cramping of some sort.

Jeff: Right. Brilliant. So, Andrew we’ll be in contact with you, we’ll send off an email and see if you want to get involved with trialling the new Multivitamin. And, keep up the Zinc and have a look at all the Salts, maybe try and incorporate a bit more. Again, Matt, Celtic Sea Salt, that could be a good source of getting that in?

Matt: Yeah, absolutely.

Jeff: So, try using that on your food. As Matt said before, keep using it until you’re happy with the taste of it, your body kind of works these things out.

Matt: You should try an INFRARED.

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: Because, it’s got all the Electrolytes, I’d love to know if he does a go of INFRARED and doesn’t cramp, it would be bloody lovely.

Jeff: Well, we’ll email and we might talk to him.

Matt: Do we have one of them we can give him? I don’t know how it works.

Jeff: Yeah, we do. Let’s do that.

Matt: I don’t want to say anything; you get in trouble.

Jeff: So, we’ll email you Andrew to see if you want to be part of the Multivitamin, Multiminerals trial; normally that’s only open to Tribe members…

Matt: Oh well, join the Tribe.

Jeff: Yeah, join the Tribe, we’ll send you out an invitation and go from there, and we’re probably going to get into trouble here.

Matt: Oh Mate, we’re going to be in trouble, regardless.

Jeff: And, with regards to the Tribe I know a lot of people are applying and want to be involved. The reason why we’ve limited intake, we have to make sure we get our systems right, we’ve got to make sure we don’t forget people, and it has kind of gone a little bit crazy. So, if you’re out there and you want to become part of the Tribe don’t worry, if everything looks good and you want to share the word and really care about health and helping other people, that’s great, but just at the moment we’ve just got to sort out our processes. But Andrew, anyway let’s organise getting something out to him. And, with regards to the 5-Alpha Reductase, Zinc is incredibly powerful for that, and hopefully that should help. As well as Hair Serum, Matt, that you keep promising me, you bastard.

Matt: I didn’t talk too much about the grey; you’ve seen my beard.

Jeff: Yeah.

Matt: I’m still working on that.

Jeff: Mine too, I’ve got a bit grey, and Andrew is a couple of years older than me.

Matt: It might be contagious; I didn’t have any grey hair until I met you.

Jeff: We’re just happy fun loving guys, nothing happens with us, it’s all just fun and parties here, isn’t it, there’s no stress whatsoever.

So, anyway, Andrew we’ll get in contact with you and we’ll work out something from there.

Matt: Yeah.

Jeff: Okay, this one is from Cat, and she says, “Hi guys, say hi to one of your new ATP Tribe members.”

Matt: Ahoy.

Jeff: Hey Cat, good to have you aboard. “I’m super excited to part of the brand I respect so much. I’m ordering some products in preparation for my first figure competition in April. I hired a coach and her supplement list is intimidating: L-Carnitine, Yohimbe, Caffeine Pills, BCAA, Primrose Oil, Fish Oil, Zinc, ALA, Magnesium, B6, NMA before bed. I’m not sure if all of them are necessary and even why I’m taking some of them. I know your products are stacked and I’m excited to use them to contribute to my success. What do you suggest to put in my prep stack, I’m tempted to get them all, but not sure what is absolutely necessary;2016 is going to be an awesome year. Thank you for your time, you rock, Cat.”

Jeff: Wow! This is a difficult one, Mattie.

Matt: Well it is, because I don’t know why your coach has prescribed the products and what is in your body that makes you need them, so I honestly don’t know. I can’t really say, “Do this, don’t do that,” I don’t know. There is always a reason why your coach will prescribe things, so unless it’s just a set procedure that you purchased in an eBook. If it’s a protocol that’s given specifically for you there’ll be a reason, so the question needs to go back to the coach to explain why each one is used and then maybe make a decision that way. As far as which products for us to add to the stack, again, when you’re working under the supervision of a coach we definitely wouldn’t want to step on their toes and come in, but our athletes use the whole range so it’s a bit hard to say it. But, I would suggest getting the coach onto our webpage and our Facebook, just have a look and see if the coach has any particular questions in regards to protocols and things like that, then you can shoot them through and I’d love to work closer with as many coaches as possible to actually start working on these protocols for everyone so we can get it across the board.

I work with a lot of coaches now, and in fact, a lot of our athletes are coaches which is why we picked them, because not only do they give us good information about how things work with them, but we can also work with a lot of their clients as well.

Jeff: And, while our products, across the board, work well for a lot of people sometimes coaches might leave out an individual product for whatever personal reason it might.

Matt: And, it can be a strategy. For example, in my Naturopath clinic I always talk about building the stable state before I start pushing things around, you need to get a certain amount of Nutritional status before you start including other things. So, sometimes some of these protocols are there to make sure you’re not Deficient in B6, Magnesium and Zinc and that, before we start including Herbs to push these things around.

So, yeah, I would follow your coach’s advice, but you’ve got to open up good lines of dialogue. The successful partnerships with coaches and athletes are the ones where they can talk, they’re open, there are no egos getting in the way of people’s results. And, again, if you ask a question of someone and they can’t answer it well you’ve got to wonder why you’d follow their advice anyway.

Jeff: Good point.

Matt: So, just start the conversation with your coach, and I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you exactly why you’re doing everything, and if you’ve got any concerns and queries you ask the coach.
Jeff: Yeah. And look, talking to a lot of coaches as well, a lot of the ones we deal with, Anne Marie and Mick Galli and Chris Thomas,

Matt: Andy.

Jeff: Andy Bell. These guys don’t mind a fair question. I think the only time they get upset is if you keep asking or keep challenging them, because if you’ve submitted to a coach you want to trust the entire process, they might have a long term vision for you and they’re going to have a look at certain things, test and measure, like you were doing, Matt, when you used to have the clinic as well.

Matt: Yeah. And, that’s why you do follow ups every couple of weeks, get them back, throw in the questions.

Jeff: But look, Cat, great to have you on board. Jump into the Tribe as well too, start asking questions in there, there are some good people. Again, don’t piss off your coach, if you do trust them—not that we’re saying blind adherence, but trust them, ask them a question, if you feel comfortable just commit to the process. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that too, and again, just test and measure and see how you go, if you’re not happy then maybe we address things yourself in a short period of time.

Matt: Cool.

Jeff: This one is from Auntie Alberta.

Matt: Yay, Auntie Alberta.

Jeff: A new question this week with regards to Oils and Fats; “Is it okay to mix Oils together, for example, CLA, Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil, for salad dressings, and then Rosehip Oil and Almond Oil for the face and then Rosemary or Sage for the burning. I just want to know if they counteract each other. Thank you, Auntie Alberta.”

Matt: This is such an awesome and frustrating question at the same time. Oils are so amazing. You understand how powerful these things are, understand that they provide Macro Nutrients and the ratios between the cofactors they’re providing can totally determine your Oil Profile in your body. It is so important to get the right mix of Oils. So yeah, of course you can mix them altogether, but you don’t want to be mixing all of the same bloody thing together, you want to have a proper strategy to make sure you’re covering Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, you want to make sure you’re covering all of the building blocks for the whole Prostaglandin Pathways, the whole Free Fatty Acid cascades, you need a proper strategy there for the Oils. And, also understand that the cosmetic Oils you’re using are also having a systemic effect and they also do contain the similar Omega Oils as the ones you’d eat in a salad dressing. What you do put on the skin does get into your body especially when you’re looking at these sorts of Oils. Then, understand that the most powerful nature of the Essential Oils that you’re burning.

So yes, you can do all of those things, just we’ve got to create an awesome strategy. The cool thing is, I’m working on that, actually, now, like working on different Oil ratios, so that could be really cool, and I’ll have some cool information that I can share with you. And, as far as the Essential Oils go, just don’t disrespect how powerful they are; have a look at the Essential Oils and really be clever the way you rig up a formula. For example; Grapefruit is a direct stimulant to the Brain, it wakes you up, and a lot of the citrus ones do, Grapefruit is the strongest, they drive that Nervous System and wake your right up. The Antidote to that is Lavender; Lavender will flatten you, it does the exact opposite, and, these Essential Oils are scientifically proven to be so powerful as an upper and a downer. But, so many people combine the two together and you’re like somewhere around the middle. So, understand with the Essential Oils there are strategies you can employ to actually force stuff to happen in a particular way. But, that’s it Auntie, just keep in touch and we’ll get you all those recipes coming out soon.

Jeff: Yeah, that’s a good idea. Good stuff.

Okay, Matt, this one is really important, this is a bit sensitive. This lady wants to remain anonymous and I totally respect that, and I’m just going to read this, and the poor girl has suffered with a lot as well. So, Matt, I know your input is muchly needed here.

“I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and had surgery for Endo in 2013. My periods have never been regular and at a young age I was put on the pill to regulate my period, and this was before I was checked for Endo and had to demand to see a specialist for answers. My husband and I tried for a baby a few months ago and as I wasn’t falling or having a regular period I was put on Metformin which regulated me a little bit. I still didn’t fall so then had to take Clomid which was successful.

Unfortunately, I went into premature labour in September and at 25 weeks I had a Polyhedrons which I later found out was due to an infection most likely caused by a cold virus. Sadly, our son passed away after only five days.

Since delivering I have had two periods, my second was late by 15 days and not sure if by coincidence, but I started taking Vitex, one tablet first thing in the morning and within three days had my period, no clotting or much pain, thank God. My husband and I are looking to try for another baby in the coming months. I am concerned that I am not ovulating again or might have had trouble and want some assistance on a few things.”
Insert disclaimer, and we will, and we have, and we do. Consider disclaimer inserted.

“I read somewhere with Vitex that it’s a good idea to have it for 25 days and then have a five-day break, usually where you would have your period, but if you were irregular just having a break once you hit 25 days. Is this accurate?

I will also get my hands on the new ALPHA VENUS when I see it available in the stores but until then I was just going to use the Vitex. When I do start taking the new ALPHA VENUS how would you recommend that I take it? I have also read that Vitex can prevent miscarriages due to keep the Progesterone levels high in the first trimester. My obstetrician has said to me that I’ll be having Progesterone from six weeks to prevent another premature labour and will also have Aspirin to prevent Placental Abruption; mine is starting to Abrupt. Would it be best to stop taking Vitex when we start trying to conceive to avoid a drop in my Progesterone?

Like most females with PCOS, Endo, I have issues losing weight around my stomach, hips and thigh areas despite Fasted Cardio, Weights four to five times a week, and eating relatively clean, I still have issues. I’ve started using SUBCUT but not sure if I should use BLOCK E3 given my issues with PCOS, and any other pointers would be great. Vitamins I’m currently using: Fish Oils, a Multi with Iron, the 5-MTHF, Hydroxyl B12, Phosphatidylcholine, Glycine, Taurine, Pharmanac, using Fibre Blends Greens Blend, Red Blend, I use one scoop of each PM, and now only having AM and PM previously, but my stomach is starting to get a bit upset. I’ve also added T432 one tablet three times a day, and Vitex one tablet in the morning.

I understand that there are a lot of them folk here, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, can’t wait to listen to your podcasts, they make my one-hour journey to and from work more enjoyable.”

That is tough, and strikes close to the heart. My wife and I had similar issues with regards to our baby daughter that was born, my wife ended up having a rare blood disorder that was undiagnosed, called Factor V Leiden which causes blood disorders. We’ve now had two healthy children since then, actually, the second one being with Matt’s help as well too, with ALPHA MARS.

Matt: Protocols, and the supplement helped. I didn’t help any other way for your baby.

Jeff: Well, you were sitting there advising, Matt.

Matt: Filming?

Jeff: No, he doesn’t. But, the amount of times, Matt, that people have come to you and said, “You’ve made my wife pregnant, I’m so thankful.”

Matt: Yeah, and the amount of people that have gone to my wife and said the same thing, “Your husband made my wife pregnant.”

Jeff: Mm. Matt, so this one is obviously a sensitive one and obviously the poor guys have been through a hell of a lot, so what can you do?

Matt: I’ll go through the question; the first thing I want to talk about is that Vitex, that 25 days on, five days off, and that’s a legitimate strategy. The word Progesterone comes from Pro Gestation, it holds things up and in, so it will actually hold a period in as well. So, if you get high Progesterone—they can use Progesterone to prevent Miscarriage, they can use Progesterone to prevent excessive bleeding and that sort of stuff as well. So, some people, and not everyone though, they need to stop taking the Vitex to allow the Progesterone to drop enough to actually have the period. So, if there are people out there who are taking Vitex every day and they stop getting their periods, then yeah, you can have a break for five days and you’ll bring on your period, and it’s very rare that it actually happens. But, we used to do it in the clinic, more often than not, because it doesn’t actually do anything when you’ve got your period, so what we were telling people, “Have a break…

Jeff: Save your money.

Matt: While you’ve got your period save your money, there’s an extra five capsules in every 30 that you can save. And, what I used to do was put people on Vitex all the time and then stop them using the Vitex during a period, and then what we used to do, just if it was an Ovulation issue, we’d just do it from day 10 to day 14, and do that each month, but it gets confusing and you’ve got to start looking at calendars or use an iPhone App. Maybe we should make an App. We’ve recorded that if anyone else was going to steal our idea, take this as a time stamp for our idea.

Jeff: Alert for the husbands, too, “Bring flowers.”

Matt: Yeah. So, basically, in regards to when you had your periods, if you can remember when if you had a particular pattern, like if it came on certain days of every month then just take your five days off around then and hopefully it will create that cycle around there, and if you can’t just pick one, do it through the moon, the moon’s happening on a monthly cycle. In my clinic I used to say, “If you don’t know when, just choose the new moon,” so they’d have their period on the new moon because that way it’s too dark—oh no, what is it? You have your period on the full moon because that way blokes can be out hunting.

Jeff: Gees, that’s random.

Matt: Yeah, there’s a whole theory that goes back to different types of women, if you have your period on a full moon or a new moon it determines whether you came from hunting gathering stock or from farming stock. So, the hunters and gathers they used to do a lot of their hunting on the full moon, and so the men were out, not at home at night time with a full moon, so basically, the women that had their period on the full moon and ovulate on the new moon when it’s really dark had more babies.

Jeff: That makes sense.

Matt: Yeah. And so, the new moon is the time to have your period. Sorry, the full moon. I made that so confusing.

Jeff: Anyway.

Matt: Anyhoo. So, where are we up to? Yeah, so basically you can have five days off and 25 days on and just have your five days off whenever you’d have your period, and if you don’t know just do it around the full moon.

Jeff: But Matt, because the ALPHA VENUS has got other ingredients in there other than just the Vitex, is there any benefit to continue through if there’s no harm?

Matt: Yeah, sort of, like have five days off, it’s kind of cool to—it’s not a problem having those little breaks because the ingredients that are in it just they’re tweaking genes, they’re loading up on cofactors, they’re not the sort of things you have to maintain a steady blood level of like an Antidepressant or something. These things are constantly pushing on a particular thing and just nudging it in the right direction. If you miss out for a few days, it doesn’t matter.

Jeff: Perfect. So, not a bad idea to have a bit of a break?

Matt: It’s a really good idea. In regards to the Vitex, to prevent miscarriages, what we’ve always done—you should work with the doctors really closely for this sort of thing, but in my clinic whenever I worked with the fertility doctors they were on the protocol until the moment they said, “You’re pregnant.” These things are fine to help get you pregnant but you don’t need them while you’re pregnant, because your Progesterone levels are going to go through the roof way more than we’re ever going to make from Vitex. So, at this stage, leading up to the implantation and pregnancy you want to keep it as high as possible, there’s no interactions with combining Vitex with Progesterone supplementation as well, it doesn’t have an opposite effect or anything, they just work together nicely, and then, once you find out you’re pregnant you can pretty much stop it.

An interesting thing, though, that I do want to make a big note of before I forget, with that history, with the abruption and the premature, what is important when you’re going to have another baby, because of that there was a period of time where the Immune System had to go through and do a little bit of housekeeping, it had to go through and make sure there was no scar tissue—did we read before there was surgery for Endo?

Jeff: Yes there was, right at the beginning.

Matt: That’s another thing that happens, so with the Endo and with the surgery and with the previous fertility stuff there was a phase where the Immune System was working really hard in that pelvic region to clean up scar tissue, clean up messes, sort out all this sort of stuff, and, basically, what happens in that situation is the Immune System can get a memory and then what happens, next time you try to do the fertility, it’s got a memory for the Sperm, it’s got a memory for the fertilised embryos and that sort of stuff. So, what you’ll find happening, right around the Phase of implantation or right when you’re about to become pregnant, suppress the Immune System a touch, and I’m not talking about flattening it, but sometimes the doctors, nowadays, they’re adding Corticosteroids into the implantation Phase to suppress the Immune System, right around when they’re doing the implantation for the IVF. So, it’s starting to go over into the medical world where they’ll use the heavy stuff. Naturopathically we use Vitamin D at about 5000 international units, it stops your Immune System from being over reactive, and Vitamin E at 1500 international units actually suppresses the Immune System at the Mucosa and stops it from being over reactive at the Mucosa.

Jeff: Do you combine both of at the same time?

Matt: Yeah, throw them in together.

Jeff: Again, talk to your doctor, please.

Matt: Yeah, of course. I can’t see anything in there that you’d actually have to get rid of, I’m just saying add in the Vitamin D and add in the Vitamin E. The other things is, with the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the Endometriosis combination, it’s an indication that there’s possibly some genetic polymorphisms in some enzymes that are responsible for Detoxifying Hormones, because you’re building up all the—there’s too much Insulin, there’s too much Testosterone, there’s too much Estrogen, all these things they’re just too much. You want to strip them out and Detoxify them, and so, you can use the ALPHA VENUS…

Jeff: The new one?

Matt: Yeah. And, the funny thing is, the best way to take ALPHA VENUS for you, to get that Vitex to work properly is to take four in the morning, so take all four at once, just with breakfast, so you have 1 gram of Vitex every day for 25 days and then have your five days off, and that’s the way to do it here. Alternatively, you could use really high doses of DIM or Calcium-D-Glucarate or stuff like that, but the VENUS will cut it.

Jeff: Well, what we might to as well, is send out a bottle…

Matt: Yeah, send her a VENUS.

Jeff: Yeah, for Anonymous–I was just looking for the name but there wasn’t one—for this lady. And, again, please talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Matt: Definitely talk to the healthcare practitioner regarding the Immune System and possible addition of Corticosteroids or something like that, around there. Because, that is a common thing. If you want to research it I think the word is microchimerism, which is almost like an Autoimmunity.

Jeff: Well, best wishes from the team at ATP Science for having a successful pregnancy, and as I said, Toni and I know firsthand exactly how that is, and it’s tough, very, very tough. So, best wishes, and please let us know how you get on, and you can name your baby, if it’s a boy, Hashtag Jeff or Matt, it’s totally up to you.

Matt: Hashtag Jeff, that’s it; Hashi.

Jeff: Okay, this one is from Kellie: “Hi, I’ve been struggling to get rid of stubborn Abdominal Fat for over six months now. I’ve lost over 10 kilos in this time and have not been able to shift much Fat from my mid-section, particularly my lower stomach. I also suffer from Bloating which seems to be getting worse with my many attempts to help find the cause. I used to be under a lot of Stress, both at work and personal, and used to have trouble sleeping, I was very easily frustrated over the smallest things that would usually not bother me. Whilst my Stress levels have dropped dramatically I’m not sure if I’d still be impacting my body in any way.

I exercise at least six days a week, both weights and Cardio and I eat clean, but despite my efforts the Fat does not seem to want to budge. I’m just wondering if you are able to offer any help or recommend any products that may help? Thank you, from Kellie.”

Matt: G’day Kellie. Ahoy.

Jeff: Ahoy.

Matt: So, basically, what’s crazy about the body, there are two main types of Fat: you’ve got Subcutaneous Fat and you’ve got Visceral Fat. Visceral Fat is deep inside your body surrounding your Internal Organs and it’s full of Nerves and it’s full of Blood and it’s full of all sorts of stuff that the body can use to manipulate it. Subcutaneous Fat gets isolated, it lives less than a couple of mls under the skin and it’s often on the outside of our Muscle Tissue, and it gets a terrible blood supply, like it almost feels like cold dead tissue to touch; it gets almost no nerve innervation into it at all. Basically, Subcutaneous Fat is nowhere near as bad for your health because it doesn’t contribute hardly anything back into your bloodstream, but that’s what makes it so hard to move, it just becomes more and more isolated, and the fitter you get and the more Cardio you do that revolves around things like running and that sort of stuff, it becomes more and more isolated, and she can even grab it, there’s no real connection between it and the rest of your body, it’s just like a strip section that’s underneath your skin. So, taking stuff orally may not even get there, that’s the point. So, use the product SUBCUT, massage it in really hard, so grab the SUBCUT, rub it into those Fat rolls, do it twice a day and again before exercise, and massage quite vigorously so we can get that blood flow through there, and within about seven days or so you start feeling the puffy Fat in there start to feel lumpy and bubbly, almost like a bit of bubble wrap, it actually feels grainy. It’s quite a weird feeling and you’ll start to feel a change, and what it’s doing is starting to just work on those Fat Cells like a Fat Burner would and just liberate the stuff into your bloodstream so you’re capable of burning it.

That section, talking about Stress, is interesting but the Stress Related Fat is deep, it’s like a lot of Bloating, it’s like a round hard stomach, a lot of the Fat is behind the Muscle layer and in and around the Organs where it’s beneficial as part of a Stress Response, or beneficial if that Stress Response leads to you being immobilised or something and you’ve got to feed your Brain and Organs off your internal Fat Stores. But, the stuff underneath your skin it’s just sitting there looking ugly, and it’s hard to get rid of because the body doesn’t know it’s there, so you have to force it to change.

Jeff: I know a few of our athletes, Matt, have been getting great results by using the SUBCUT in conjunction with PROTOTYPE 8. Could that be a good strategy?

Matt: Yeah, that’s a good idea, because PROTOTYPE 8 is directly increasing the Circulation through there as well, plus the double whammy of the effect on the uncoupling Protein, so it’s actually a really good idea. And, even other things, like dry skin brushing even makes the SUBCUT work better. So, have a nice hot shower, it opens up all the pores, and get the vegetable bristle brush or the loofa and just go and rough it up, make it nice and red before you put the cream in and it goes in much faster. It’s funny, when I used to do it before we made the creams really cool, we used to have to use electrical currents to pretty much electrocute the skin to open up the channels to allow the stuff to go through and you’d get good results that way.

Jeff: I know that you’ve increased the Black Pepper and a few things like that to help it directly, which is good.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Jeff: I was going to say to Kellie that we’ll send her out both, but unfortunately we’re out of SUBCUT, and I know it’s still available in some of the stores, but it is actually coming in very, very soon. But, Kellie, we’ll send you out a PROTOTYPE 8 and if you can go and grab yourself a SUBCUT and let us know how you go, rub that into the skin. Preferably, Matt, before exercise?

Matt: What’s that, PROTOTYPE or SUBCUT?

Jeff: The SUBCUT.

Matt: Yeah, do it three times a day, the SUBCUT, showers before it morning and night, and then again before exercise. PROTOTYPE 8 just do it before the exercise.

Jeff: Yeah, and if you are wearing white clothing just be warned, obviously these things have got a lot of powerful Herbs in them which have natural colours in them, we haven’t bleached them out so they’re still effective, so just be mindful.

Matt: Especially if you’re wearing white leotards and targeting lower back Fat.

Jeff: How did that work for you Matt?

Matt: Green apple splatters is what it looked like.

Jeff: Oh. That’s not good. But, anyway Kellie let us know how you go, and we’ll send you out a PROTOTYPE 8.

Matt: Hang on, I wasn’t even wearing white leotards. I don’t mind having the green apple splatters but the thought of me wearing white leotards in the gym is just wrong.

Jeff: Well, it’s made everyone vomit, that’s for sure. No, Matt, you’re doing well.

Matt: That’s not a camel toe, that’s a moose knuckle.

Jeff: Oh dear. Well Matt, I think we’ve got through enough FAQs, and thanks people for bearing with us, there’s a lot of information in there. We’ve got some more FAQs which we’ll load up on next week. Matt, any last words?

Matt: Moose knuckle.

Jeff: Moose knuckle, that’s not even, that’s two—anyway.

Matt: Mooseknuckle.

Jeff: Thanks everyone for listening. It’s great to be back, and we’ll be back next week with some more.
Matt: I made it one word.


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