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Gut Health and Performance

First of all, it is pretty obvious that if you are doubled over with gut pain and cramping or rushing to the toilet with diarrhea that you will not be performing to your genetic potential because of your guts.

But what about a nervous tummy, or allergies and food intolerance’s, what about making a bit of extra gas and crop dusting on the bike leg? Does your gut health really make much difference to your performance?

Yes! It sure does. Let me show you how…

Think about the supplements you may have seen or articles written on improving physical and mental performance. What are our targets?

  • Vasodilation and blood circulation for delivery of nutrients and oxygen and removal of waste
  • Intracellular energy production via Krebs cycle / citric acid cycle
  • Control of inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Control of hormones while under stress
  • Metabolism and burning of fuels for energy and body shape

Now consider that there are 10 x as many bugs living in your guts as whole cells of your whole body, they have 100 x the genetic material that you have. They get your food and supplements first and they control who uses what fuels. Not you.

We suspected gut flora would influence performance when they showed that you could cancel out the vasodilating effects of beetroot juice by using an antimicrobial mouthwash and wipe out the mucosal bacteria in the mouth and beetroot failed to help circulation. In this study the bugs were essential for converting nitrite to nitrate and therefore no vasodilating nitric oxide.

With new advances in the ability to test and understand the different traits of the strains we carry we have found some interesting patterns in regards to performance and gut flora.

Firmicutes are types of bacteria that love to feed on sugar. They make you crave sugar and usually eat it. But they want it. So to get as much of your sugar as possible they poison other cells around them and stop them from feeding on sugar. They put a toxin into their Kreb cycle to block the ability to feed on sugar and they die off. Now, pay attention to this bit. I can measure those toxins in your urine along with the metabolic wastes showing that this toxin goes through your whole body from your bowel to get into your urine and along the way it blocks your ability to burn sugar effectively.

Not surprisingly an elevated level of firmicutes are seen in obesity, depression and fatigue syndromes and is also a common finding in insulin resistant syndromes, such as PCOS.

Firmicutes also drive inflammation, oxidative stress and can contribute to the “acute phase response” in your liver, which makes your blood sticky and reduces circulation.

Inflammation, oxidative stress, metabolic acidosis are all associated with too many firmicutes in your guts. These factors drive stress responses and subsequently create hormonal imbalances and again interfere with performance.

So you can see how one imbalance can interfere with your performance. And this is something you may never had addressed and something you could easily implement and see if that gives you that bit extra that was missing.

Firmicutes feed on sugar but in nature sugar comes with a hidden catch, Modbiotic™ polyphenols.

Modbiotic is a complex of polyphenols, polysaccharides, glucans, lectins and other compounds that modulate microbes through combinations of antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic actions that reduce excessive firmicutes and increase deficient bacteroidetes. These are poisons hidden in and around the sugar and a lot of them are actually sugars themselves. In nature every time you got some sugar it came with a big dose of modbiotics.

Now our food has changed and really deficient in these modbiotics. So we need to supplement our standard diet with more peels, pulp, fibre, seeds and skins etc. from plants to get more of these compounds in because they not in our food anymore but for athletes that may use extra sugars and in some cases scientifically developed sugars designed to have a specific rate of absorption and delivery you will need to use even more polyphenols that anyone to compensate for that extra fuel source that is not offset with natural compounds that may interfere with its pharmacokinetics.


And take 1 teaspoon 3 x daily for 10 days to reduce microbial load while following the specific carb diet plan //

And then drop back to 1 teaspoon daily after that to maintain good gut health and follow the Modbiotic ™ diet plan long term to maintain. Get Your GutRight