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Garcinia DOESN’T Work and Irreversibly Poison Testicles!

Garcinia – With Dr Oz claiming the magic miracle berry that allows you to burn as much fat as you like without changing your diet and exercise; and with every celebrity that has lost some weight in the last decade having their image used to promote Garcinia; I shouldn’t be surprised when I get asked every day how Garcinia works.

Luckily the answer is simple. It doesn’t.

Let me summarise the findings from a recent review article “Updates on Antiobesity Effect of Garcinia Origin (−)-HCA” by Li Oon Chuah et al. published in July 2013.

  • It possessed limited or no effects on weight loss in human subjects
  • Garcinia has no effect on satiety or calorie intake 
  • Preclinical studies on rats were promising but it does not work in humans. 

Garcinia – Why?

  • It only worked in rats fed a diet of almost pure simple sugars; no fiber, negligible protein, and fat. With prolonged high blood sugar the HCA (hydroxy citric acid) inhibits the storage of the excessive sugar as fat by inhibiting ATP citrate lyase. This only worked when the diet was almost exclusively sugar without fiber, protein, and fats. 
  • Fiber binds and blocks the absorption of the active ingredient HCA 

One last thing on Garcinia…

I actually stopped looking at Garcinia as a good fat loss supplement back in 2005 when I read this study that states Garcinia “caused potent testicular atrophy and toxicity”!!! WTF it poisons your balls??? Check out the Study here!