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Block E3 – Estrogen Dominant Fat

Block E3 in the making was a journey, Estrogen dominant fat tissue is fascinating. It starts less than 2mm under the skin; it has terrible blood and nerve supply and becomes more and more isolated and compartmentalized. Basically, your hormone regulatory systems in your brain don’t even know it is there. So it is no wonder it is so resistant to diet, exercise, and supplementation.

What is Estrogen Dominant Fat Tissue?

Estrogen dominant fat tissue contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone (which builds muscle and burns fat) into estrogen (which holds on to fat and fluid). This estrogen can then bind into receptors in the very same fat cell or leach out to interact with neighboring fat cells. Because the blood supply to these tissues is so pathetic; very little of this estrogen gets into systemic circulation and back to the brain that is why I say your brain doesn’t even know it is happening and can’t really do anything about it.

This estrogen makes more fat cells which make more estrogen! It forms a vicious cycle. Again because of the pathetic blood supply it makes it really hard to get any oral supplements to the area to break the vicious cycle.

Block E3 Shaping Serum

Block E3 is a body shaping serum specifically formulated to target subcutaneous estrogen dominant fat. It is easier to access this fat through the skin than from the blood. The actives can penetrate through the skin, via hair follicles and sweat glands to access the subcutaneous layers.

Block E3 contains ingredients that work synergistically to inhibit aromatase conversion of testosterone to estrogen and block estrogen activity at the receptor site.

The Ingredients

Midnight Horror (Oroxylum Indicum) contains Chrysin to inhibit aromatase activity and Baicalein to block estrogen receptors.  Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) is a potent source of iodine and other compounds including fucoidan and fucophlorethols, which have demonstrated powerful anti-estrogen properties.  They also inhibit aromatase and the binding of estradiol to estrogen receptors. Black pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum) enhances transdermal absorption of the actives from midnight horror and bladderwrack.

Stacking Block E3

Stack Block E3 with Test boosters to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Stack Block E3 with an estrogen detox protocol to be able to force changes in these resistant sites. Combine Block E3 with Subcut when on a body shaping campaign to take the handbrake off fat burning in estrogen dominant tissue while Subcut pushes the throttle to speed up the fat burning and mobilization of stored fat.

Block E3 is particularly effective for man boobs (gynecomastia), love handles, lower back (bring out the Christmas tree for comps), glutes, pockets on the hips, hammies, lower abs, and triceps. (Aka moobs, saddlebags, front veranda, tuckshop lady arms and baby got back fat.)

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