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Are you getting bloated or an upset stomach from Noway? Hydrolysed collagen and the specific bioactive peptides made through this process are extremely low reactive with a long history of safety and very low allergenic potential. The likelihood of the product creating allergies and intolerance’s is extremely low and cases are so rare they are practically non-existent in the literature.

Why would I get changes in my gut from drinking Noway?

First step is to confirm if it is in fact the NOWAY

Stop taking NOWAY until the symptoms disappear. This may take up to 3 days for bloating or loose stools to resolve. If you suspect a systemic allergy / intolerance causing skin rashes for example than it may take up to 2 weeks to clear the immune complexes. * If your gut symptoms don’t improve after 3 days or if your skin rash doesn’t clear after 2 weeks it is not likely to be a reaction to NOWAY.

Once symptom free re-challenge with the NOWAY by drinking it again and see if the symptoms return.

Gut flora

The Herxheimer Reaction – Changes to gut flora can create gut symptoms such as bloating, nausea, gas, flatulence, belching, gurgling and rumbling stomach and changes to stool formation either constipated or loose diarrhea stools. Whenever you change the fuel supply that enters your guts you are making changes to your gut flora.

Intestinal flora overgrowth can also be a cause. If you have too many of the wrong kind of intestinal flora than they can create symptoms as part of a die off if you have restricted a food supply such as carbohydrate or dairy. Conversely they can also try to feed on the amino acids creating gas and amino converson in the inetestinal tract.

If your symptoms are associated with gut flora than you will need to address your unique intestinal microbial profile to resolve.

Any other diet or lifestyle changes?

– Any other supplements?

other supplements used in combination with noway may be creating the problem. eliminate the noway and/or supplements and rechallange. Always wait up to 3 days before reintroducing the next item to challenge for example. Eliminate everything until symptom free and then reintroduce one thing at a time every 3 days until you find the trigger.

– Food changes

  • changes to macros and calories can impact gut flora.
  • changes to foods used to make up your macros.
  • elimination of dairy for example can often make you worse before you get better as the gut flora that was feeding ion the dairy dies off.
  • changes to the type of sugars consumed from simple to complex.
  • changes to fibre.
  • changes to types of fats consumed.
  • any new foods at all.

– Lifestyle changes.

  • changes to coffee and tea consumption.

– Detoxification and the healing crisis.