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Alpha Venus – What is it for?

Alpha Venus has taken many years to create with thousands of cases of estrogen dominant men and women trialing multiple supplemental strategies to finally work out how this whole hormonal balance stuff works. Estrogen dominance has become such a common problem that there have been so many new and exciting ingredients, concepts and strategies over the years. To fine tune and find the truth in amongst all of the conspiracy theories and marketing rubbish has been a challenge.

The key points I learned over this time was:

1. Hormonal ratios are more important than hormonal amounts. There is no point focusing on increasing or decreasing specific hormone levels on blood tests if you aren’t correcting the ratios. E.g. using high doses of DIM to detoxify both estrogen and testosterone at the same rate is pointless as the ratio remains the same.

2. Supplementing high doses of nutrient cofactors for detox does nothing unless you force the body to use them. The detox processes use amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrient cofactors to make sure you are capable of detoxifying. But unless you are using some driving force to increase the appropriate detox processes these nutrients will just go into a pool and used for whatever process your body feels is appropriate. It is essential to use some sort of botanical or compound that activates the necessary genes to increase specific detox enzymes and drag the supporting nutrients in to be used. E.g. activating Nrf2 will increase the specific detox pathways to clear and deactivate estrogen after it has been used for good before it can accumulate and do bad.

3. Look for the cause. Unless you have isolated and eliminated the cause of the hormonal imbalance then you are supplementing to manage an imbalance and not correct the imbalance. For estrogen dominance, the most likely causes are genetics, past and/or present environmental exposure and obesity.

4. Our diet is a mixture of carcinogens, mutagens, and protective agents that are all metabolized by detoxification enzymes. Any detoxification strategy must include reducing toxic exposure and clean eating of a balanced diet as the antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and other phytonutrients required to balance the phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways.

Alpha Venus was created out of necessity. Estrogen dominance has become such a problem in society and will continue to get worse as our environmental exposure continues to grow. The products and dietary aids to help correct this imbalance are largely ineffective and confusing. The therapeutic foods are unreliable due to farming practices and processing techniques e.g. broccoli naturally contains anti-estrogen compounds but modern farming and processing techniques have reduced this amount of active ingredients to be almost non-existent while at the same time has added pesticides to broccoli to make it one of the most toxic laden estrogenic foods.

Basically, Alpha Venus works on detox pathways, conversion pathways and the hormonal biochemical trap that is associated with the vicious cycle that is estrogen dominance.


100 replies to “Alpha Venus – What is it for?”

  1. Hi :)
    Just wondering if this product is able to be taken continuously over a long period of time or is it recommended that there be a break from it after a certain period of time? Thanka for your help

    1. Is this product safe to use whilst on birth control (deprovera injection) i asked my doctor but he was unsure about it.

      Thanks :)

    2. Hi Georgia,

      No worries, have a read of our blog below as I think this may help :-)



  2. Hi Elsa,
    I have recently had a Blood test with my doctor which has shown results of Low Hormone level & Very High Cortisol. Is Alpha Venus the correct product to use?

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      When you say low hormone levels do you mean estrogen? If your estrogen is quite low then we would recommend doing a coarse of the Alpha Mars to increase it back to a normal level :-)

  3. Hi!
    Just wondering what the difference is between the male and female versions of alpha venus?

    1. Sorry, I am looking at the Alpha Venus compared to the Alpha Mars….my mistake. I am trying to work out which one I should take.

    2. Hi Tanya,

      No worries, what were your goals firstly? The Alpha Venus is great for detoxing womens estrogen and balancing hormones, whereas the Alpha Mars is only for ladies going through menopause :-)


  4. I have been taking Alpha Venus and Metabolic Catalyst 2 of each twice a day for a week. How long do you expect you start to Notice a difference? Lady in the shop said straight away, I’m yet to notice.

    1. Hi Lisa, Everyone’s bodies are so different. It may take you a few weeks to see a difference. I know for myself it does not happen straight away but I have friends who can see/feel the difference in the first week.

    1. Hi Brooke, the new Alpha Venus is fine to take whilst trying to fall pregnant but we recommend stopping it as soon as you fall pregnant, thanks!

  5. Can this product be taken with Thyroxine? I have had a thyroidectomy and struggle constantly with my blood levels.

    1. Hi Bettsey,
      We always recommend to check with your health care practitioner first as they will know your personal case better and whether it will be fine for you to take :-)


  6. I recently attended a talk at a suplement shop, they said Alpha Venus was ok to take while breastfeeding. But now that I have been reading up on it I’m not sure it is.
    Is it safe to take while breastfeeding??

    1. Just wondering if you could please send me the information also as to why breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t take your supplements?

      My husband is convinced that Alpha Venus and CortRX are things that I should be on, but I don’t want to rush weaning my 14mth old daughter to take them.

  7. Is this the same or equivalent of using DIM and Calcium D-Glucerate? Or would I take this and Cal D?

  8. Hi Guys.
    Im insulin resistant and have pcos.
    Which is the product for me. Alpha Venus or T432? I dont have any thyroid issues according to my latest blood test.
    Please help. :)

    1. Hi MissTee,
      It is always best to check with your health care practitioner first to see what is best for you but we generally recommend the T432 Plus over the Alpha Venus to people with PCOS and Insulin resistance. Just take x1 cap 3 times a day with food :-)


  9. Hi. I have just started taking Alpha Mars. My libido is not as strong as before. Do you suggest I should take Alpha Venus to compliment it?

    1. Hi kris,

      I would actually try adding in the Cort RX, sometimes when products like the Alpha Mars aren’t working as well as they should be it could be put down to other stressors on the body, internal and external so we recommend adding the Cort RX to help balance cortisol levels and adrenals :-)


  10. Hi there,
    I am really interested in your supplements as I am suffering hard with adrenal fatigue but notice you don’t recommend taking whilst breastfeeding. Bubs is 8 months old and has been on solids since 4 months. What advice can you give to get through until I have weaned bubs totally?

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately there is not much we can recommend to you when you are breastfeeding, we would recommend contacting your local health practitioner or naturopath as they will be able to recommend to you what will work best and what you can take whilst breastfeeding :-)


  11. Hi, I have been using Alpha Venus+T432+ added in Cort RX about 2 weeks ago. Your products are amazing. It did take about 3 weeks to really start to notice a difference but now OMG amazing. I took 2 bottles then had 5 weeks off waiting to have my hormones tested again and have been back on for 5 weeks. At 51 my libido was fading fast now it’s like I am 25 again, My husband is also using the same but with alpha Mars, we are both like kids again. If you are having issues I cannot recommend these products together strong enough but give it time, it may not happen in a few days.Happy.

  12. Will this product help to cause estrogen imbalances that are evident post-partum? And possibly help to fix the hair loss that occurs? My partner isn’t breastfeeding, so any advice is appreciated :)

    1. Hi Gemma,

      Not necessarily although we always recommend a healthy balanced lifestyle but no the Alpha Venus’s job is to detox the body of excess and bad estrogen build up which can cause things like cellulite, bloating etc So whether you are working out or not it will still get in and do it’s job :-)

  13. Hi guys,

    Could you please email me with some information?

    Basically I haven’t had my period in over 2 years since I finished my comp. I was recommended to try your products to kick start it.

    I’ve had ultrasounds and blood tests done, and all of my results came back in the normal range. The doctors are hopeless and are just putting it down to “being too active”.

    I also saw a naturopath for 4 months and took herbs daily, but still, no sign of a period.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    1. Hi there.
      I also lost my period after my competition. It has finally come back (only once so far, hoping I get my next one soon).
      I don’t particularly want to lose it again during my next comp prep.
      Is this something I could take to help???

  14. Hi I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a while now and have been working out and eating well, and my personal trainer mentioned I might have high levels of eastrogen, how do I find out if it’s right for me and how do I get started with alpha Venus?

    1. Hi Kaity,
      Generally high estrogen can mean you have excess estrogen fat stored in areas like hips, butt, thighs, triceps and lower back. So if you think you have fat in these areas that you cannot budge no matter what you do then I would recommend trying the Alpha Venus to help clear that excess estrogen away :-)

  15. If you have low estrogen, should you be taking this? Will this supplement by any chance help win regulation of a monthly cycle?

  16. Hello. I have just received your alpha Venus @ e tox/ t432 plus. I am menopausal, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and under active thyroid. Have I ordered the right products? Many thanks

    1. Hi Lesley,
      The T432 Plus will be great for your thyroid, the Venus will be good to detox your hormones but the Alpha Mars is perfect for menopause and the Cort RX would be perfect for your adrenal fatigue and anxiety :-)

  17. I would love to start taking Alpha Venus to achieve my weightloss goals but my doctor wasn’t sure on all the active ingredients. Do you know if it would counteract/cause negative effects when taken along with an SSRI antidepressant (Lexapro)?

  18. is it something that women trying to gain weight could use; or find helpful? I’m tying to get back up to the healthy weight range – mostly lean muscle? I’m wondering if it will assist in regulating my hormones and also keep my anxiety at manageable levels … i currently just take Cort RX which is incredible! massive help!

    1. Hi Becca,
      If you are wanting to gain muscle then the Alpha Prime will be best (this is the original Venus formula) which has a female friendly test booster in it to help build muscle :-)

  19. Hi – I have recently started taking Alpha Venus + Subcut + T432Plus in order to drop body fat, on the background of 10kg weight gain in the past 8 mths! Plus feelings of water retention, bloating etc. I assumed part of the issue may be hormonal, and thought I would give Alpha Venus a go. However, at the same time as starting I also had some blood tests done, which have actually showed LOW oestrodial levels. Will taking the Alpha Venus be harmful? Will I get any benefit?

    1. Hi, I have been recommended alpha Venus by my coach in prep for my Como in 12 weeks. I store weight around my legs and bum that won’t shift and I’m fairly lean elsewhere. Just wanting to know if this is due to estrogen imbalance will it help? And am I able to double the dose to see quicker improvement. Thanks for any feedback :)

    2. Hi Kailey,

      Thanks for contacting us and yes it does sound like you are storing weight in estrogen dominant areas so the Alpha Venus would be a great product to try, if you are competing you could also add in the Alpha Prime to help with body shaping aswell. If you were to try just one product I would recommend going with the Alpha Prime in the lead up to your competition and then post comp switch to the Alpha Venus :-)

    3. Hi Kara

      I am in a similar situation to you. I competed in a body building figure comp and have gained 10kg in 3 months. I started taking Alpha Venus. Got blood tests done last week and found out normal oestrogen levels should be between 200 (week pre period)-500 (week post period). My levels of oestrogen were at 60! I’m a bit worried if I should be taking Alpha Venues also as I am not oestrogen dominant.

    4. Hi Christina,

      This is generally the same for most ladies post comp as you actually strip most of your estrogen out of your bodies when you compete, if you need to increase your estrogen then you should be looking at the Alpha Mars. Like I said to Kara though the Venus promotes healthy levels of estrogen and isn’t designed to ‘strip’ estrogen only detox any that is stored on the body :-)

    5. Hi Kara,
      The Alpha Venus isn’t designed to lower your natural levels of estrogen, it is just meant to ensure your androgen to estrogen ratio is balanced. However if your estrogen is quite low then you may not need the Venus so the T432 Plus and Subcut may actually be the better combo for you :-)

  20. Hi, just wondering if there is a difference at all between the Silver and Pink label Alpha Venus?

    1. Hi Tegan,

      There was no difference between the two Alpha Venus products whether they were pink or grey. We have transitioned the Alpha Venus now into Alpha Prime and we have changed the pink Alpha Venus formula. Check out the blog below to see in better detail the change :-)



  21. Is it okay to take an energy pill with the original alpha Venus female e-tox, just for my 5:30am workouts… For a boost?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Irama,

      Is this being taken with a meal? As we recommend to take the Alpha Venus with main meals. Unless the energy pill is a prescribed medication I dont see an issue in taking them together.


  22. Hi.
    If I take alpha Venus with the contraceptive pill, will I still be protected from falling pregnant? That is, does the pill still work as a contraceptive whilst taking Alpha Venus?

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Have a read of our blog on this topic :-) I’ll pop the link below;



  23. Hi

    I may have pcos and am
    On the low dose contraceptive pill, I recently started taking the new alpha venus, t423 plus and cort X, I just read though that you don’t recommend alpha Venus to people
    That may have pcos? Can I still continue to take these supplements or should
    I not be taking the alpha Venus I’m a little
    Confused? My hormone lovely when tested all
    Came back normal.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      The new Alpha Venus is fine for ladies with PCOS it was just the old formula. As long as your bottle is pink and has ‘Female E-Tox’ on the front and not ‘Female Potency & E-Tox’ then it’s fine for you to take :-)


  24. Hi, I’m on a GP prescribed hormonal troche for early menopause (I am 46). The guy at the shop said it should be fine to take ATP Venus. I’ve only been taking it for 4 days and I now have my period , I haven’t had one for over a year. So is it OK to take in conjunction with my hormone troche?

    1. Hi Patricia, we would recommend checking with your prescribing doctor to ensure the Alpha Venus can be taken alongside that product as everyone is different so it’s hard for us to say. Thanks!

  25. I have endometriosis and find it really hard to shift weight, I am carrying about 5kgs extra weight then I would like to mostly around my hips and bum, I am changing from the depo shot to levlen pill. Would I be best on Alpha Venus or T342? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Alicia, we have had feedback on both working well for ladies with endo but we always recommend checking with your health care practitioner before starting them as everyone is different :-)

  26. Hi
    I am peri menopausal and exercise regularly. What is the appropriate product for me?

    1. It really depends how bad your menopausal symptoms are, if you are experiencing the hot flushes etc then it is best to start the Alpha Mars (x2 with breakfast and x2 caps with dinner) however if it is minimal then you can stay on the Alpha Venus to help keep everything as balanced as you can :-)

  27. Hello, Do you have a UK distributor, if not, how reliable is the service from Australia to Uk (in terms of delivery times).
    I am v estrogen dominant with M.E, IBS and an under active thyroid (though taking thyroxine 125mg per day) to battle. I am v active in the gym (weights), meditate & practice yoga, follow a clean plan (organic), avoid my allergies (dairy & gluten/wheat intolerance), and always in a kcal deficit (all under the guidance of a good ethical coach). She has recommended your product as I am losing fat v slowly despite working consistently hard (this is evident through measurements/pictures but not on the scales). I suffer from fluid retention which on a monthly basis goes as high as 1.5kg for no apparent reason. This is devastating for me. I have a history of anorexia but after years suddenly gained 20kg of weight despite continually cutting my kcals. This ironically was my turning point (2 yrs ago) Is Venus my answer to lose the fluid while treating the cause? Supplements I’m currently on are fish oils, zinc, magnesium, turmeric, vit D, Vit B, multi (all organic), ‘green’ drink. I drink between 4/7 litres of water a day and only have a moderate amount of salt. Please help!

    1. Hi Jane,
      We dont have a UK distributor currently however our delivery service from Australia to the UK is quite a good service and we haven’t ever had any negative feedback from anyone in the UK ordering with us (we do get a few). It generally takes about 7-10 business days to get to you :-) It sounds like the T432 Plus, Alpha Venus and Cort RX would be a great stack for you!


    2. Great. However, money is an issue, so will I lose the excessive water retention and start to shift the stubborn fat, if I prioritise my funds and opt just for Venus for now..?
      I want to give this a real go (just received 2 bottles as a present to get me going), but long Term- I can only commit to one of the three I’m afraid. High hopes..

    3. Yes the Alpha Venus will still help, it can take up to 3 cycles for the full detox to take effect but everyone is different so hopefully the Venus gets to work straight away :-)

    4. I’ve been on Venus for 2 months, and so far have not noticed any changes to my physique/weight, though I do experience some side effects (sore swollen breasts, temperature raises 10/15 mins after each time I take them, for a couple of minutes). Decided to invest in Cort RX (for acute stress), & T432 Plus (metabolic repair, under active thyroid & fat loss)-theyre both on their way. I’ve had a look on your site and can’t find directions for how to take T432 Plus. Please could you clarify, I know Matt’s mentioned it on the podcast but having it written down would be ace! Thanks

    5. Hi Jane,

      It can take up to 3 cycles for the Alpha Venus to really clear up some of that estrogen but keep us posted on how you go with the T432 and Cort RX :-) For the T432 Plus and Cort RX take x1 cap of each 3 times a day with main meals :-)

    1. Hi Carly,
      It just really depends on your hormonal profile and how it’s currently sitting, we get feedback that some have never had better skin whilst using it and then some say they get a breakout in the first week.

  28. Hi,

    I have small cysts on my breast since I was young and I had tried taking the pill for a year before I stopped. My acne cleared up but my cysts became a little bigger. Does taking Alpha Venus affects cysts or exacerbate it? Also, I have normal thyroid. Is it ok for me to take the T432 or will I be fine taking the Alpha Venus only.

    1. Hi Aliana,

      It is hard to say as everyone is so different especially when it comes to hormones. Alpha Venus is designed to really get in and clear up any excess estrogen and balance everything out. Some ladies have reported that initially they may get a skin breakout (due to the Venus beginning it’s detox) but after that it clears up and then others say the’r skin has never been better so it’s hard to say. T432 is a great product if you are looking to increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat throughout your day so it just depends what your goals are :-)

  29. Hi there, I carry stubborn excess weight around my Hips and lower back. I’m not sure if I have any hormone imbalances but was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome that came about because of a very stressful period in my life. I’m not sure whether this product or AMP-V would better suit me? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Shan,
      It does sound like it is hormone related and may be a build up of excess estrogen so might be worth giving the Alpha Venus a go but the Amp-V will be great too especially for your gut health :-)

  30. Hi there,

    I started taking alpha venus a month ago. I have been sleeping better, less PMS and mood swings so that side of things has been great. But the past 2 weeks my skin has broken out in a huge way and I normally have pretty clear skin. I also have noticed that my libido has decreased a lot too. Are these things linked?
    Should I be taking another supplement with the venus?

    Thanks heaps

    1. Hello,

      Great to hear you are enjoying the Venus, this could be due to your cycle coming on, we have found in the first couple of months some ladies have recorded that their skin around their period time has gotten quite bad but after the first couple of months it gets better. I would highly recommend including a good quality zinc supplement and B complex into your daily routine as these two will help your skin. Keep us posted if it sticks around or gets worse :-)


  31. Hello
    Ive just started to take Alpha Venus and T432 Plus to get rid of stubborn fat around my hips and waist and to improve my sex drive.
    Does these supplementary effect Blood pressure medication?

    1. Morning,

      No it shouldn’t but in saying that everyone is different so we always recommend checking with your health care practitioner to double check :-)


  32. Hello
    I’m wondering which supplement to take. I have normal hormone levels but excess fat around my lower back, lower stomach, hips and inner thighs. I found it happened more so when I quit smoking. My doctor said you’re strongmen levels can raise when you quit smoking. I am using amp v and loving it during my work outs, giving me more energy. Should I be taking alpha prime or alpha Venus for those stubborn areas? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Anna,

      So glad you are enjoying the Amp-V :-) You could definitely try the Venus or Prime but I would suggest trying out the Block E3 cream as this will target those areas specifically, have a read of our blog on the Block E3:


      Let me know if you have any other questions that we can help you with :-)


  33. Hi – I’ve just brought the alpha Venus but I’m also taking androfeme to increase my testosterone, is this recommended ?

    1. Hi Jodi,
      Great to hear that you have the Alpha Venus, unfortunately we dont know too much about the Androfeme so we would recommend checking with your health care practitioner.

  34. I started alpha venus 1 tablet in the evening over a week with food. To date I have had no side effects and have increased to taking 2 tablets in the evening with dinner. Is this the best time to use it or am i better to take it in the morning?

    1. Hi Mish,

      Thanks for your comment :-) It’s up to you, you can either take x2 caps with breakfast and x2 caps with dinner or you can just have x4 caps with breakfast each day. Just see what works best for you, I find I prefer the x4 with breakfast as I dont have to remember to take it again :-)

  35. Hi Rebecca,

    It sounds like it has begun it’s ‘detox’ with regards to your skin as some ladies report that the first week or two they have a breakout and then it goes away and clears right back up so just monitor it. With regards to the headaches that could be the disruption of the hormones, just keep an eye on it and monitor them to see if they persist and then we would recommend stopping the product and checking with your health care practitioner :-)


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