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Alpha Venus, Alpha Prime and hormonal contraceptives interactions

Current research shows the ingredients used in Alpha Venus and Prime DO NOT interact with contraceptives.


Extensive investigations into the published scientific literature available to date have not found any evidence that the food ingredients found in the ATP Science Alpha Venus and/or Alpha Prime capsules interact significantly with drug medications. 

However, the standard warning for all sports food supplements remains the same. “Consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting any diet, supplement or exercise campaign. Supplements should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.”

The reason for the above statement is because research is ongoing and your healthcare practitioner will be up to date with interaction research and be able to update if new discoveries are made. A good practitioner will understand the fact that drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics will also change as you make changes to your body composition (altering muscle: fat ratios and total bodyweight); basal metabolic rate; digestion, absorption and bowel function; changing macronutrient profile (protein: carbohydrate:  fats) and altering fibre content of the diet and changes in microbiota (gut flora). 

What this means is; if you add oats (or other fibre supplements) to your diet and maybe start exercising and change how much protein, fat and carbs you eat as part of campaign to lose fat and build muscle; maybe even eat more probiotics or eat something with some bad bugs and food poisoning or irritable bowel syndrome etc. you will have drug interactions. 

A good PT and healthcare practitioner should be aware of these potential interactions and that is why the whole health industry uses these standard warnings and this is why the general public should be working under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner that has been trained and understands the seriousness of these general statements. 

In Summary; according to current research

  • The ingredients in ALPHA VENUS and ALPHA PRIME have NO KNOWN INTERACTIONS with contraceptives. 
  • The following things MAY INTERACT with contraceptives; obesity, fibre and oat bran, antibiotics and antivirals, pain medications, changing gut flora, diarrhoea and / or constipation, changing metabolic rate, changing body composition, changing macronutrient profile, changing micronutrient profile. WORK UNDER SUPERVISION OF YOUR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER FOR THESE REASONS. 12345678910



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5 replies to “Alpha Venus, Alpha Prime and hormonal contraceptives interactions”

  1. I don’t understand the part about irritable bowel syndrome and food poisoning in this article.. Could u give more info plz?

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Changes in gut flora, digestion, bowel function and transit time, vomiting and diarrhea have a dramatic effect on the efficacy of oral contraceptive pills. Irritable bowel syndrome, food poisoning, antibiotic use etc can all contribute to the oral contraceptive pills not working.

  2. I know that the Alpha Venus products do not interact with the birth control pill but can I actually benefit from taking them? I’m confused as to whether all the info given on the website and podcasts are for women not on any hormonal birth control. Any advice or info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      No it is definitely for both it just comes down to if you are estrogen dominant and have an imbalance in your hormones. So simple signs may be holding weight around estrogen dominant areas (for women this is hips, butt, thighs, triceps etc) that you cannot budge then this can generally indicate a build up of excess estrogen. Excess estrogen can build up due to many things in our world today (mainly toxins) for example plastics, pesticides, parabans and even the pollution in the air.

  3. hi

    my skin has started to break out and I’m getting the same headaches i once got when i was on the pill – do you think i should stop taking this product?

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