Alpha Mars – Is It For Women?

There is a time and a place for Alpha Mars to be used in women to make estrogen and that is during Menopause.

Now don’t freak out men if you are using Alpha Mars right now! You don’t have ovaries!

FSH released from the pituitary gland triggers estrogen in women but in men it tells your testicles to make sperm.

As a naturopath I consult many women of various age groups. When I started working in the sports industry I was blown away by how many women were taking so called “test boosters” to boost their testosterone levels to burn more fat and build more muscle. These test boosters are made for men; not women. However very similar formulas have been in use for many years to treat menopausal hot flushes and estrogen deficiency in women. They make estrogen if you have ovaries

The included herbs such as Tribulus, Epimedium, Shilajit and Peony have all been used for centuries in women to boost estrogen levels! D-aspartic acid (DAA) will stimulate testosterone production and release from a testicle; but it will make estrogen in an ovary and stimulate conversion of testosterone to estrogen in fat tissue. 

Abstracts from studies can be used to make it look as though these herbs boost testosterone in women too by taking quotes from studies on animals and women with their ovaries removed.

The ingredients in Alpha Mars are perfect to treat menopausal symptoms in women. The combination will aid estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and DHEA in women while reducing and elevated stress hormone cortisol.

Alpha Mars can be used to reboot menstrual cycle post comp and post weight loss. Alpha Mars can be prescribed to women to “reboot” the menstrual cycle post comp or post weight loss or in other cases of low estrogen. Excessive stress, training, dieting etc can all lead to menstrual cycle irregularities and in some cases it can stop all together. You may go to the doctor and be told you have menopausal levels of hormones and be recommended to use the oral contraceptive pill or some other form of HRT to supplement your hormones to protect bone etc. In these cases you can use Alpha Mars for 1 to 3 months to wake up the hormonal system and bring the menstrual cycle back naturally.

Alpha Venus will be launched by December 2015. It is made for specifically for women wanting to boost testosterone naturally and safely. It is designed to detoxify excess estrogen to reduce estrogen dominance and boost natural testosterone, progesterone and DHEA. By the way the included herbs have been studied on women with ovaries.

  • Jessica

    I am competing as a fitness model and I am interested to know if this will assist in reaching my goals? My trainer says that because I am on the pill it can have some effects to how I lean out, is this true? and would this product be of some help?

    • Hi Jessica,
      The Alpha Mars is really only for males to use unless you are going through menopause. I would suggest trying the Alpha Venus if you are competing as that has a test booster in it for females and it will also help you to detoxify any bad estrogen out of your body which is important especially whilst prepping for a competition.

  • Ann

    As I have had a complete hysterectomy does this mean I should be taking Alpha Mars and not Alpha Venus?

    • Hi Ann,

      You can take both, Alpha Mars helps with menopausal symptoms but the Alpha Venus can help to balance your hormones. I hope this helps :-)

    • Sharon

      Can I take Apha Mars if on HRT?

    • It should be fine but we recommend checking with your health care practitioner first :-)


  • Mat

    I have a new client that has been competing hasn’t menstruated for 6 months, she has been to the doctor and they have told her body isn’t making oestrogen, she doesn’t have PCOS, all her weight is On hips and legs,
    I going to start her on Alpha Mars but wanted to know if I should start her on Alpha Venus as well?

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes definitely have her on both the Alpha Mars and the Alpha Venus. The Alpha Mars will help her to get her menstrual cycle going again and the Alpha Venus will help to balance out her hormones. She will only need the one bottle of Alpha Mars or until her cycle has returned and then she can stop it.

  • Alanna

    Iv just started taking the alpha Mars to start my menstrual cycle as Iv not had a cycle for a little over 2 years due to being lean and competing . Is it normal to feel Nauseous and dizzy ? I’m taking 1 Mars am and 1 pm with 2 alpha Venus am and 2 pm .

    • Hi Alanna,
      No it is not normal to feel sick and dizzy so if symptoms persist we would recommend stopping the products and contacting your health care practitioner. Common causes could include blood sugar or blood pressure problems that will need to be excluded by your GP. Thanks!

  • Stace C

    Hi. I’m just wondering how long you would use the Alpha Mars for if you are going through/post menopausal. Thanks for yr help.

    • Hi,
      Alpha Mars can be used around menopause to help aid in the following symptoms:
      – Hot Flushes, dry skin, mood changes, fatigue and libido.

      We would recommend taking 2-6 capsules a day until those symptoms subside.


  • Lil

    I have had my mum taking alpha Venus & alpha Mars to help with her menopausal moods. Whilst it has enhanced her moods significantly, she has been experiencing far more ‘hot flushes’ then previously. Her diet and training have remained the same- the only real chang being the adding in of alpha Venus & alpha Mars. Would you suggest taking one of these out? Adding something else in?


    • Hi Lil,
      We would suggest taking out the Alpha Venus and taking 1 Alpha Mars 4-6 times a day (throughout the day) until the hot flushes subside.


    • Lil

      Great! Thanks Elsa :)

    • Leanne

      I am going to take the alpha Mars to treat menopausal hot flushes and night sweats – the dosage you recommend is 2 to 6 capsules a day – what is best time of day to take them and how would you determine how many to take ? Many thanks ????

    • Hi Leanne,
      I would recommend having x2 caps in the morning with breakfast and then x2 caps at night with dinner, see how you go with this dose, you should see a change in symptoms with that :-)


  • Brie

    Hi, wondering if while taking alpha Venus, plus contraceptive pill, could effect a woman’s cycle?
    Or make it start early?

    • Hi Brie,
      Thanks for your comment :-)
      Unfortunately legally we cannot say whether it does or doesn’t as every single person is different so we always recommend that you check with your health care practitioner if you are worried :-)

  • Lynda

    Hi, I’ve just been told my body is going into early menapause since stopping contraceptive pill 18+ months ago and no menstrual cycle since. It looks like Alpha Mars would help but I’m 5 weeks out from a comp, would you recommend waiting until after to start taking or could it help? I am still holding fat whilst cutting. Thanks

    • Hi Lynda, always best to wait until after competition but let us know how you have gone with your cycle and if it has returned :-)

  • Megan

    Hi I heard that alpha Mars can help with PCOS. Iv been taking alpha Venus and T432 but on a podcast it says to try alpha Mars. Could you please explain this further?

    • Sam Tone

      Hi Megan,

      Alpha mars does not help with PCOS. We recommend for people who have PCOS not to take Alpha Venus. T432 Plus has great benefits for anyone who suffers PCOS as it helps with the insulin sensitivity.

  • Kari

    I have PCO (not symptomatic) and am 50 / starting menopause. I have found it extremely difficult to lose weight, can you please advise if just t432 will help or if I should also take Venus & Mars

    • Sam Tone

      Hi Kari,

      The T432 plus will definitely help with that. We do not recommend taking the Venus if you have PCOS.

  • Debbie Campbell


    I have gone through Menopause which started about 4 years ago. I have been on natural progesterone lozenges that are administered orally at night and also they supplied me with a natural oestrogen cream that is rubbed into the stomach area at night also.

    I recently had a blood test for the hormones and the levels are still very low. I now have run out of this Medication and I thought I would try your products.

    I use to be very slim but have put on a lot of weight in the last 12 months and now feel very uncomfortable.

    Which product would you suggest that could raise the levels and combat the fluid retention and fat gain?

    Many thanks for a reply.

    • Hi Debbie,
      We would recommend trying the Alpha Mars for estrogen side of things and you can also give the Alpha Venus a god for the progesterone side of things. I would recommend taking x2 caps of each with breakfast and dinner :-)

  • Natasha

    Hi, I am 32 years old and went through premature menopause in my late teens. Since being diagnosed I have been on the contraceptive pill in order to receive oestrogen and progesterone. I struggle with being able to lose weight anxiety, and low libido and was wondering is alpha Venus would benefit me?

    • Hi Natasha,
      We would actually recommend stacking the Alpha Mars and the Alpha Venus together. The Alpha Mars will help to increase your estrogen levels and the Alpha Venus will help with your progesterone :-)

  • Eli

    I started alpha Venus 4 weeks ago, I missed my period which hasn’t happened for the last 4 years, my breast are tender and swollen and I took blood test and ultrasound and I’m not pregnant. Is it possible that the supplement makes you feel this effects?? Does it has happened to other woman? Thank you!

    • Hi Eli,
      Generally when you put anything into your body to start balancing hormones your body may react in a certain way (everyone is different) but this shouldn’t last too long, if it does we would recommend consulting with a health care practitioner, thanks!

  • Debbue

    My husband has recently brought me Alpha Venus with T432. I am menopausal, have had a partial hysterectomy, just starting to put on a little weight, bad sleeps, night swears etc. My oestrogen levels are low, is this the right product to take and how will it help ?

    • Hi Debbie,

      The Alpha Mars is the better option while going through menopause as it will help with your night sweats, estrogen etc as mentioned in the blog above :-) You can take 1-2 twice a day with food, let me know if you have any other questions :-)


    • Debbie

      Hi have switched to Alpha Mars for menopausal reasons and I am taking t432 plus, could the t432 plus have side effects like sweating or making me feel really hot ?

    • Hi Debbie,

      Yes the T432 Plus can increase your body temperature so I would suggest dropping your dose to just x1 capsule in the mornings for the time being and then if that is fine you can try another with lunch but that should be enough to still do the job :-)

  • Tony

    Hi I have been recommended Alpha Mars by a female body builder to boost my wifes failed labido, she is about 18 months into menopause and suffers from dreadful hot flushes/ swets etc and her labido is as if someone has just flicked a switch to the off position. We are both early 50’s and in the gym doing weights and cardio but she I feel she needs a boost. Unfortunately she suffers from high blood pressure and is on prescribed medication. I can see from the blog and comments that Alpha Mars could probably help? Two questions 1. Effects with high blood pressure anyknown? 2. Expats living in the UAE, any banned substances that could attract attention from authorities? Thanks in Advance for your advise. Tony.

    • Hi Tony,

      Yes it does sound like the Alpha Mars would be great for your wife :-) We suggest checking with her prescribed doctor for the high blood pressure medication as we cannot advise if this will interfere or not as everyone is so different. There are no banned substances however we always recommend checking the list of ingredients with your authorities to double check there is nothing they disagree with on there :-)


  • Ilda

    Training to compete but I haven’t had my cycle in 5 months now, should I take Alpha Venus or Alpha Mars !?

    • If you would like to bring your cycle back then the Alpha Mars is the best product for that :-)

  • Dawn

    I previously had a virus that affected my liver. I have been advised to be careful with herbal remedies . I suffer with menopausal symptoms night sweats hot flushes ..can I take this

    • Hi Dawn,

      While we do recommend the Alpha Mars for women going through Menopause we do always recommend that you check with your health care practitioner to see if it will be suited to you.


  • kristabella mudge

    I had a full hysterectomy some 14 years ago, and am experiencing terrible hot flushes and huge weight gain with water retention. Have tried all the usual remedies but nothing seems to work, and my weight and hot flushes are extreme now.

    • Hi Kristabella,

      The Alpha Mars would be a good option for you but just check with your health care practitioner to double check :-)

  • debra fenech

    Hi – I have been scrolling though comments and just want to clarify that Mars would be more suited to me than Venus. I am 50+ and peri-menopausal. I have hot flushes, carry extra weight around hips/stomach but do work out daily. I purchased the Venus but am a bit hesitant in starting to take them.

    • Morning Debra,
      No worries at all, it can get quite confusing but yes Alpha Mars is perfect for hot flushes etc you can still take it with the Alpha Venus if you wish as that will still help to detox all of the excess estrogen out and promote a healthy balance of hormones :-)


  • Helen

    Hi I’m 46 and have just entered peri menopause
    Have low estrogen levels and tried alternate natural methods to over come symptoms but have no resorted to HRT
    I have always trained hard and been very slim.
    I have started to carry around the belly and can’t budge this
    Am I able to take alpha Mars/Venus when on Hrt
    And which of the two should I take

    • Hi Helen, I would recommend trying the Alpha Mars x2 caps with breakfast and x2 with dinner and see how you go, this should help with your symptoms but also to clear any testosterone build up around the stomach area :-)

  • julie

    I’m 54 and going through menopause. I take 2x Alpha Mars 3 times a day. I’m nearly finished the first bottle. Should I stay on Alpha Mars at the same dosage or go onto Alpha Venus or both.

    • Hi Julie,

      Maybe try reducing your dose to x2 Mars twice a day with meals and you can add in Venus x2 twice a day aswell :-)

  • Briana

    Is there any risk to women with family history of breast cancer ? Could raising estrogen put them at risk of elevated cell growth if taking alpha Mars .


    • Hi Briana,

      This is something to check with your health practitioner on :-)

  • Donna

    Hi.. I’ve just purchased T432 as I suffer from an underactive thyroid and and am slowly putting on weight (I train each day and eat clean). I’m also going thru menopause and am desperate to get rid of hot flushes.. will the Alpha Mars assist and can I take both of these supplements??
    thanks Donna

    • Hi Donna, I think the combination of the Alpha Mars and T432 Plus will be perfect for you. I recommend taking x1 cap of T432 Plus 3 times a day with main meals and then x2 Alpha Mars with breakfast and dinner and see how you go :-)