Alpha Mars – Stimulates Testosterone Production and Release

One of the many reasons I love my Job is that I can finally control the way a product is developed. I am focused on results first and for that reason – I start at the end and work backward. What I mean by that is I don’t go looking for the latest ingredients or what hot right now and morph it into a product that I know will sell because people are googling it. This is, believe it or not, where most companies start. I prefer to start by researching how to achieve a desired outcome in humans, which may be disease treatment or how to increase or decrease hormonal activity in the body. I then spends hours searching for the most effective tools (ingredients) and modes of delivery to hit those therapeutic targets and ensure the products get the results you deserve.  

I am very proud of our test booster – Alpha Mars.  Test boosters are used to increase Testosterone levels and activity to maximise muscle growth, fat loss, increase mood and motivation, and enhance recovery. There are many Test boosters on the market that claim to increase test levels, but without a systemic strategy it will only be a short lived surge followed by a sudden crash in Test levels. 

Humans require a holistic approach to get ingredients to work in real life…

It is very easy to find a long list of ingredients that can trigger short term testosterone production and release but if you do not focus on creating a systemic strategy that allows that testosterone to be free and active and stay up long enough to have anabolic effects than you will not get results in human beings.

Humans have many systems running simultaneously that can stop supplements from working in real life as they do on paper and in theory. I am sure you have noticed this in the past. You research a whole heap of fantastic ingredients with brilliant research but when you use them they just don’t work in you like they did in the study.

Humans are adaptive organisms and creatures of habit and will fight against surges in particular hormones and use negative feedback mechanisms and conversion pathways to cancel out spikes in any one hormone to force us to adapt and maintain homeostasis (return to normal). Plus we have so much other stuff going on; immune, inflammation, stress and survival systems can all block testosterone activity.

Anabolic maintenance and repair or catabolic survival…

The human body is split with two involuntary nervous systems that must decide your immediate priority; short term survival or long term maintenance and repair. Short term survival always wins. After all who really cares how your muscles will grow and recover if you do not survive the day? Our innate defense mechanisms do not allow us to wait and see if the stressor is life threatening or not; just in case. You can’t afford to wait and see if it is allergy or infections in case it is a poison or venom; you can’t afford to wait to see if it is exercise and training or if the pain and inflammation is from loss of limb and shark attack. You can’t afford to wait and see if the adrenalin rush is from excitement and pre workout stimulants or if it is fear and gut instincts telling you to get the hell out of there and sacrifice your muscle to fuel the escape. Your survival mechanisms kick in instantly and give you what you need to survive. This is catabolic (breaking down muscle tissue and energy reserves) and will block Testosterone activity.

Over-ride adaptive response to testosterone spikes…

Once we manage to get the body to make extra Testosterone we must keep it high enough for long enough to get the results we desire. To maintain high testosterone we must manipulate the negative feedback receptors in the brain; otherwise the brain will just decide you have too much and tell your body to stop making it. The active ingredients in Alpha Mars can block these negative feedback receptors and trick the brain into thinking you do not have enough testosterone; a message then goes to the body to make more. The organs and glands responsible for this will get better and stronger as opposed to when we add testosterone in from outside the body and a signal goes from the brain to the body to stop making testosterone and the testicles shrink and shut down.

Another way that the body can stop testosterone spikes is to convert it to something else like estrogen and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Blocking these conversion pathways will backlog the testosterone and keep it high. At the same time it will enhance the testosterone effects and prevent the common side effects of man boobs, love handles, acne, and relocation of hair from head to your back.

Alpha Mars has multiple systemic targets and provides a complete strategy to maximise testosterone production and activity…            

In short Alpha Mars directly stimulate testosterone production and release; blocks conversion of testosterone to estrogen and DHT; blocks negative feedback to keep the testosterone pumping out; creates the ideal hormonal, nervous system and immune environment to maximise testosterone activity; and reduces the catabolic stress reactions to promote anabolic maintenance and repair processes. Plus it could make a jellyfish hard and turns you into a sexual T-Rex which is always a great thing for testosterone.