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Our Mission

We believe that “Nature knows best” and “Science proves it!”

At the heart of our company is a desire to take ancient knowledge from cultures from around the world and refine our understanding of how the body works and what it needs through the evidence of science. As our world changes and knowledge increases in health and performance, ATP Science aims to push the boundaries of what is possible through modern technology whilst maintaining the belief that nature has the answers we need.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world that embraces the opportunities of nature enhanced by scientific research. We strive to apply this knowledge to deliver world-class information, education, and products so that everyone can to live life on their terms.

Our Belief

We believe in three foundation principles –Research, Educate, and Create.

ATP Science offers solutions in Health, Performance, and Food, delivering award-winning, unique, and patented products across all of these sectors. From concept to manufacturing to our practitioners and our education platforms, ATP Science understands health from every angle.

So whether you want to feel better, perform better, or eat better ATP Science is your partner for life.

Our Founders

Co-Founders Jeff and Toni Doidge and Matt Legge could not be more different in what they bring to the business and yet at the same time driven to help people through their shared belief that “Nature knows best.”

Matt Legge – Director of Innovation is an expert on Hormones and energy systems in the human body with a deep respect for unbiased and well-executed research. From working as a clinical Naturopath to having worked for Big Pharma Matt has seen health science from every angle. Matt is an advocate of the naturopathic creed of “First do no harm”. When formulating new products Matt uses a unique system of evidence-based and anecdotal (real world) research to find solutions to problems. The key to ATP Science being different is we never look at what is already in the market when formulating a new product but design everything from top-down and then again from the bottom up so we are never influenced by other companies in how to solve problems. This is the ATP Science way.

Toni Doidge – Co-Managing Director is the hardest working induvial not only in the company but perhaps the planet. As Co-Managing Director Toni oversees admin, customer service, strategic direction, and most importantly marketing and branding. Toni is the driving force behind getting things done and at the same time the creative power that drives the experience of who ATP Science is. Toni has an exceptional ability to focus on direction and separate what will work from what will not. While Toni is rarely seen by the public and reserved from the “show” that the other founders employ, she is the powerhouse behind every area of the business. The best way to describe her is “she work while others play.”

Jeff Doidge – Co-Managing Director is a dreamer and visionary. Jeff believes that to become truly successful you must serve people and help them to get what they want in life and in return ATP Science will be a successful company. The ethos “Results, not excuses” is the backbone of the company, and the “whatever it takes attitude” has seen ATP Science not only survive when it shouldn’t have but also thrive. Jeff’s unusual view on how to win is based on being different and utilising the “Purple cow“ philosophy explained by Marketing guru Seth Godin. The Purple Cow philosophy at its essence states that to be noticed you must stand out and do things in a new or unexpected way that captures people’s attention and allows you to tell your story. At the base of the company is a fearless belief that being the same is dangerous and being unique is the magic recipe for success.