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100% Active ingredients, no fillers, no sweeteners, no artificial flavours, no wasted space. Every drop is active.

A revolutionary patent pending formula. We admit, this product is weird. It tastes weird, it even looks a little weird, but it works. What’s really going to frustrate you is this product is so potent and strong that it is in a little bottle with a little label and with little font, so we literally can’t say much! Check us out on Facebook at ATP Science or search #AMPV on Instagram to see what real people are saying about AMP-V.


Product Description

Directions for use

  • Fasted cardio – drink 2ml pre-workout on an empty stomach, may use again intra-workout.
  • Keto / low carb / high fat /high protein diets – drink 2ml pre-workout, may use again throughout the day as an appetite suppressant and energy tonic
  • Pre-workout – drink 2ml pre-workout, may use again intra-workout
  • Pre meal – drink 2 ml immediately before meal or add to salad dressing / vinaigrette

We recommend no more than 6 serves per day.

2 reviews for Amp-V

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi I have tried lots of fat burners and pre works but amp v is by far the best I have had I use it everyday even when I am out on a mine site over in Western Australia. The taste is great and the energy I get out of it is awesome as and Appetite suppressant works well. All i can say is if you haven’t tried it go and get it you won’t be disappointed at all.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is the first “Fat Burner” that I have ever tried. I have always been looking for something that will help with fat metabolism without using stimulants. Ladies and gentlemen, look no further.

    Immediate effects I noticed on day 1, fasted spin class cardio + post cardio:
    Improved mental clarity and focus (Nootropic like effects which were quite pleasantly surprising)
    Reduced appetite —-> This is is definitely noticeable
    Improved energy levels throughout the day
    I HIGHLY recommend this as a natural alternative to all the rubbish pre workout supplements out there.

    • :

      Thanks Lucas 🙂

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