Shannon O’Connell (Shotgun) – Boxing


NAME:  Shannon O’Connell “Shotgun”

SPORT:  Boxing

DOB:  20th January 1983

LOCATION:  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

HEIGHT:  165cm

WEIGHT: Fight Weight: 55.3kg – Walk around Weight: 58kg


What is your competition history?
  •  10 wins
  • 5KO’s
  • 3 Losses
  • 2 World Championships


Give us an overview of how you got started...


Growing up I played alot of Netball but after numerous injuries I got in to boxing for fitness and then just got hooked and never looked back.


Why do you use ATP Science products?


I love that the products are natural and the boost they give me without the side effects that you receive from stimulants etc


Which are your favourite ATP Science products?


I use most of the ATP products however the one I love the most and receive the most benefits from is the InfraRed NRG.  


How do you use these products?


I have the InfraRed NRG before and after my training sessions and then come fight day I sip on it all day.  I use the Dragons Breath for any injuries I have at the time and I take the Alpha Venus twice a day.


What does your typical training week look like?


Monday – 5am run – 4pm Boxing

Tuesday – 5am run – 4pm Boxing

Wednesday – 5am run

Thursday – 5am strength session –  4pm Boxing 

Friday – 5am run – 4pm Boxing

Saturday – 6am run – pm strength session

Sunday – Rest Day!


What does your typical nutrition plan look like?


Meal 1 – Muesli and banana
Meal 2 – Chicken and Veg
Meal 3 – Pasta
Meal 4 – Meat and veg

What are your plans for the future?

 To be ranked number 1 in the world overall.