Michael Galley – Bodybuilder


NAME:  Michael Galley

SPORT:  Bodybuilding

DOB:  9th April, 1974

LOCATION:  Currently living in Koh Samui, Thailand but spent most of my life on the Gold Coast, Australia.

HEIGHT:  5’6″ – well maybe a tad shorter  😉 

WEIGHT:  Competition: 167-171lbs (76-78kg).  Offseason varies from a very fat 105kg to the usual 90kg which I’m at right now, perfect weight for me.

What is your competition history?

Major wins:

  • 5 x Mr Australia
  • 5 x Mr Qld
  • 3 x Mr Gold Coast
  • 3 x Mr Sunshine Coast
  • 1 x Mr Australasia


Give us an overview of how you got started...

I played league from as young as I can remember, along with athletics, tennis, cricket etc. I found bodybuilding the same as most people because I needed the extra size for league. I had actually purchased a Muscle magazine a few years earlier (I still have it) and in the back of my mind I always knew I’d get into training at some stage.

I literally quit league the minute I started training and competed a mere 3 months later at 16 years old and the fire was lit!
I competed 5 times in my rookie year and so started what so far has been a 25 year love of trying to improve myself, do I see myself slowing down? No way!


Why do you use ATP Science products?


I came on board with ATP over two years ago and the reason was simple, their products work!!!
No bullshit, no sales pitch, no fake promises, just facts based on pure science.
I’ve been very lucky to have been with some outstanding companies over the years but ATP stands alone and I can safely say i’ll be ATP4LIFE.


Which are your favourite ATP Science products?


Hard to choose a stand out product as I really do love them all but the one I use the most is Prototype 7 (or the soon to be launched Prototype 8), Limitless, Dragons Breath, T432…Honestly I could list them all lol


How do you use these products?


P7 : at the start, middle and the end of training.
Limitless: 1 scoop 20 mins before training 
Dragons Breath: obviously only used if needed but applied to effected area before and after training 


What does your typical training week look like?
Typically I train 
Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Friday and Saturday.  So Thursday and Sundays are rest days.
ATM I’m training
Monday – back biceps calves,
Tuesday – shoulders triceps abs,
Wednesday – chest calves,
Friday – legs
Saturday – back biceps calves,
So basically almost every body part gets trained twice per week which I prefer as I feel a lot fuller that way.  Now my training is totally instinctive, it changes each and every workout, heavy weight, low weight, high reps, low reps, drops, supersets etc etc 
I always train on how I feel, no ego in the gym, I’ve kept myself injury free this whole time as I train smart.
What does your typical nutrition plan look like?
My nutrition, even at almost 41 Good god!!!! I have been blessed with a very good metabolism so offseason, even though I stick to basic structure, I still eat what I want.  
Dieting for a comp consists of a 10-12 week prep started by eliminating any junk.  So basically 2 weeks of cleaning things up, then there’s no secrets… it’s the same old basics, high protein, moderate carbs and low fat, very simple yet this strategy has been so effective for me.
My protein comes from chicken, steak, fish and shakes.  Carbs consist of oatmeal, rice or potatoes.  Fats from avocado, coconut oil or almonds.
Cardio can be 20-40 minutes per session, I’m not one to hate cardio so I don’t mind walking for longer just to enjoy the day etc.
Lots of water and plenty of rest.
That’s all there is to it, my number 1 rule DO NOT OVERCOMPLICATE THINGS !!


What are your plans for the future?
My future plans will be 100% to stay in the sport I love one way or another, competing is in my blood and like anything in life why would you stop doing something if it really did bring so much joy.  There’s some great things coming out with myself and ATP soon so keep an eye out.  I’ll also be back onstage very soon, can’t wait!