Bianca Daniels – IFBB



NAME:  Bianca Daniels

SPORT:  IFBB Figure Competitor

DOB:  12th April

LOCATION:  Queensland, Australia

HEIGHT:  5’3″ (161cm)

WEIGHT:  123lbs (56kg) – In Season,  141lbs (64kg) – Off Season


What is your competition history?


  • 1st Place – IFBB QLD State Championships – Figure Novice Short Class (October 2014)

  • 1st Place – IFBB AUS titles: Figure Novice Short Class (October 2014)


Give us an overview of how you got started...


I walked into a supplement/sports nutrition store and got asked if I was 11 weeks out. 11 weeks out? From? I had no idea of what the gentleman was talking about. He reffered me to 2 well renowned fitness professionals within the bodybuilding industry and my passion grew from there. 

My goal has always to be an IFBB figure competitor. I decided to start right at the beginning with bikini develop my shape more and myself as an athlete as a whole before I transitioned. 


Why do you use ATP Science products?


Why do I choose ATP? I truly believe in ATP products and feel as though they have definitely given me an edge above the rest. 


Which are your favourite ATP Science products?


Alpha Venus, BlockE3, Subcut, Prototype 8 and Infrared


How do you use these products?


I use BlockE3 and Subcut in the morning and before any cardio sessions, also after showers as my pores are open and before bed. 

Protoype 8: love using this product on arms and shoulders day – crazy good pumps!!

Alpha Venus: 2 caps in the morning and 2 in the evening.

Infrared: I use this as a preworkout so 20mins before training. 


What does your typical training week look like?

My programs vary and are tailored to suit the phases I am in and the different goals that need to be achieved in those phases.

Monday: Quads

Tuesday: Back & Bis

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Chest & tris

Saturday: Glutes & Hamstrings



What does your typical nutrition plan look like?


My diet varies and is tailored to suit the phases I am in and the different goals that need to be achieved in those phases. I prefer high protein and fat diet. 6-8 meals a day. And manipulate carbs around training times.