Andrea Miller – CrossFit/Olympic Weightlifting

Saturday at Schwartz's Challenge

NAME:  Andrea Miller

SPORT:  CrossFit/Olympic Weightlifting

DOB:  13th March 1982

LOCATION:  QLD, Australia

HEIGHT:  170cm

WEIGHT:  68.5kg

What is your competition history?

2009 Bronze Medallist World University Championships, Serbia 100m Hurdles
2010 Bronze Medallist Commonwealth Games, Delhi 100m Hurdles
2013 11
th Crossfit Open
2013 17
th Crossfit Regionals Australia Region (Awarded spirit of the games due to being diagnosed with viral meningitis during regionals)
2013 National Under69kg Weightlifting Champion NZL
2014 Bronze Medallist Oceania Championships Weightlifting Under69kg Class
2014 1
st Battle of the Switch Team
2014 6
th Schwartz Challenge Melbourne
2014 2
nd Battle of the Fittest Auckland NZL

Give us an overview of how you got started...

I am relatively new to the Crossfit community; my background has primarily been in Athletics as a 100m Hurdler. Prior to which I was a National level Gymnast.  I am the current NZ National and Resident record holder for the 100m Hurdles as well as the NZ National record holder for the U69kg weightlifting category in Clean and Jerk.  

In 2009 I won a Bronze at the World University Games and in 2010 at the Commonwealth Games I also won a bronze medal in the 100m Hurdles.  In 2011 I had a total disc replacement and fusion but returned in 2012 to make a bid for the 2012 Olympics. Unfortunately during my preparation I suffered a grade 2 hamstring tear ending my season.  I began crossfit as part of my rehabilitation in October 2012 and as the body healed started dabbling in the daily classes. I very quickly fell in love with crossfit!  In 2013 I qualified for Regionals finishing 11th on the open. However my plans were interrupted due to illness. During regionals I was diagnosed with viral meningitis – through some stupidity and determination I finished my season 17th at the region and was awarded spirit of the games. Due my health I was then was forced to rest for some months before focusing on weightlifting only as part of my recovery.  Although a disappointing end to my first season not all was lost – resting from conditioning has allowed me to focus on strength development and this year I won a bronze medal at the Oceania Championships in weightlifting for my class lifting 80kg snatch and 104 Clean and Jerk.  Despite all the bumps I am back 120% and ready to hit the ground running leading in to 2015.

I now own and coach at my affiliate Crossfit Bounce with my partner Regan so will be representing our box with pride this year.  I am excited about the challenges ahead! I hope you enjoy following my progress.

Why do you use ATP Science products?

Why I love ATP Science – As an athlete I am constantly pushing for that extra 1% I would never compromise on my training regime, quality of sleep or nutrition.  ATP is the perfect complement to my success, not only is ATP uncompromising on the quality of its products and ingredients used but, the ATP Science team is a family and they want you to fulfill your potential as much as you do.

Which are your favourite ATP products?

Infrared, Dragons Breath and Prototype 7

How do you use these products?

Infra-red the best pre-during-and post work out must have. Hands down the best supplement I have ever used. Infrared is stimulant free so you get sustained energy without the crash. It keeps you hydrated and feeling ready for every work out.

Prototype 7 – post training muscle recovery/soreness. After a big training session I used prototype 7 after a warm shower on the area that has worked the hardest (usually quads or shoulders!!) and in the morning I am ready to train again.

Dragons Breath – not only is the name awesome (my nick-name at Bounce is Dragon.. long story!) but it is the perfect addition to my warm up armour I used it on my lower back and patella tendons before I warm up so that once I pick up a barbell my body is feeling warm and ready to lift heavy.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

Monday – weightlifting/accessory strength/skill/aerobic capacity

Tuesday – weightlifting/strength/accessory strength/conditioning

Wednesday – weightlifting/accessory strength/skill conditioning/aerobic capacity

Thursday – REST

Friday – weightlifting/strength/conditioning

Saturday – weightlifting/accessory strength/aerobic capacity

Sunday – REST

What is your typical nutrition plan?

Meal 1: toast, avo, egg and coffee or porridge (breaky)

Meal 2: yoghurt and a piece of fruit (morning tea)

Meal 3: vegetable, sweet potato and meat (lunch)

Meal 4: mixed nuts and a piece of fruit or peanut butter on toast (pre training)

Meal 5: protein shake and banana (post training)

Meal 6: vegetable, sweet potato and meat or pasta and meat or salad, rice and meat (dinner)

Meal 7: Apple pie Saturday 😉

What are your plans for the future?

Top 5 Australian Region

Break my National Clean and Jerk record (currently 104kg) and set a new total record for Under 69kg category (currently 185kg)