Essential listening for anyone who cares about their health!

“The podcast was exactly what I needed to understand why I was having trouble losing extra weight, and how my hormones were at the base of it all. I have listened to each episode at least 3 times! I can’t say enough about how great it is – it’s essential listening to anyone who cares about their health and knows there’s more to it than what they’ve been told all these years.”  JenC0101

ATP seems to have those podcasts I need!

“This podcast makes me question everything I’m told from others and the best thing is, even through the technical segments, you guys are able to keep me focused and listening! As a natural bodybuilder I look for that product to take me to the next level. ATP seems to have those podcasts I need! SOLD!”  @Krishtitan (Instagram)

Makes me wait week by week with bated breath for the next episode

“So great to have someone explaining how it really is as opposed to being marketed to all the time. The knowledge this guy has and the way he explains things makes me wait week by week with bated breath for the next episode to be released. Love them!”  DanAction

My new go to podcast!

“My new go to podcast! Thank you for the no BS approach to health and nutrition. Your passion and enthusiasm for all things health is a huge motivator for me. My whole mindset has changed – I do this because I love feeling good! Awesome podcast, awesome products and relatable content.”  Alyssa Freeman

So glad I discovered this

“Finally! An accessible, Aussie podcast based on the research and science behind health, fitness and building a better body. So glad I discovered this. Seriously recommend this for anyone competing or looking to take their sport to the next level.”  Alexbrazil12

Who needs Hamish and Andy on the drive home?!

“Who needs Hamish and Andy on the drive home?! Do yourself a favour and tune into ATP. They will blow your mind!”  Bubbe Boo

Episode 91 – Protein and Amino’s Vs Collagen

In todays podcast Jeff and Matt discuss Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides and why we believe it heralds new paradigm for building muscle. Jeff and Matt go through some of the research with focus on the amazing benefits it has on Pax7, Mtor and Amp-K pathways in the body and what these pathways do in the body.

As always we tackle a few FAQ’s including questions on Cellulite on the stomach, a 40 year old male testosterone therapy supplement stack and using BCAA’s if you want fat loss and a whole lot more…

As always this information is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposes only.

Episode 90 – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM) or Yuppie Flu (FU2)

In todays Podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the frustration many CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)and Fibromyalgia sufferers experience when trying to diagnose their disease – with it being called “Yuppie Flu” or worse! In other words, there is nothing wrong with you, you are just tired. Matt delves into potential causes such as pharmaceutical and recreational drugs – their effect on the mitochondria.

Episode 89 – Bum Grubs

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the impact of parasites on your health. We also breakdown common signs that show if you have a parasite infestation…and some simple ways to get rid of them.

We answer FAQ’s on using Ketone supplements, swollen ankles, respiratory issues, restless sleeping, PMS rage and electrolyte absorption issues.

As always, this information is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any condition and is for information purposes only.

Episode 88 – Home Remedies

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the tips and tricks Matt uses to treat and prevent common household ailments that can affect everyone in the family – from colds to cancer – there is a lot of information that is covered.
FAQs on – Holding weight on the Legs and Butt, Pyrroles disease, Low test levels, cellulite from gut issues and a whole lot more!

Episode 87 – Rise of the Mutants

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the constant onslaught of environmental factors that the modern man and woman face. From Pollutants, xeno-estrogen’s, toxins and electromagnetic disturbances, Matt puts forward what this is doing to the population without them realising it and how to protect your self from the side effects.

They also answer FAQ’s on Muscle gain, Male and Female hair loss and constant puffy eyes.

As always this information is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposed only –
please discuss any information in this podcast with you health care professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.

Episode 86 – Sexy Time

In today’s podcast Matt and Jeff discuss Sex. Everything from Orgasms, the G Spot, common performance issues for men and women and a whole lot more. We keep a light hearted approach to the topic, but there is some really good information in here if I do say so myself. This podcast is NOT suitable for children so please use discretion when and where you listen to this podcast.

We also take on some FAQs on Altitude training, shift work sleep issues, extremely LOW cortisol levels and gut issues from antibiotics

Episode 85 – The Missing Link

In this weeks episode of the ATP Project Matt and Jeff discuss why some people don’t get the results they deserve. Co-factors, vitamins and minerals (all the micro nutrients) are critical when creating chemical reactions for change. Heaps of FAQs with everything from Gyno to Bikini comp prep.

Episode 84 – All About Joints

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff talk about injury, disease and pain associated with joints. They cover off on inflammation, gout, nerve pain, calcification, frozen shoulders, bursitis and the side effects of statins on joints just to mention a few topics. They also answer some faqs on depression, cortisol, and fat loss

Episode 83 – Hyperthyroidism and Graves

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the affliction of an over active thyroid and Graves disease. They discuss its symptoms, treatment and prevention as well as some tips on how to keep your thyroid operating in the optimum way.
We also answer FAQs on Graves disease, side effects of using steroids and stubborn cellulite and fat loss frustrations.

Episode 82 – Amino Acids vs Chronic Disease

Matt and Jeff talk about the incredible actions of amino acids on the body outside of sporting performance. Matt discusses how creatine has been studied and shown to have benefits for the brain including promising research on Alzheimers. BCAA’s may offset the negative side affects of muscle loss for people using statins and some other amino acid “off script” facts that are really exciting. Some FAQs on Fertility, constant throat infections and hard to budge fat loss issues.

Episode 81 – Help for Endometriosis Sufferers

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the biochemical trap that is endometriosis which enslaves many women. Matt goes through his research into why much of the treatment advice is wrong. Much of this advice is based on research from the 1980’s and was even disproven in the early 2000’s. Now the good news is Matt has a protocol that might help reduce the effects of this horrible disease. We also cover a lot of ground on Estrogen in general and as always we answer some FAQ’s on PCOS and over training.

Episode 80 – Elite vs Everyday Athlete

Matt and Jeff discuss the different requirements for Elite athletes vs Everyday athletes and why one size definitely does not fit all. We discuss the protocols for fat loss, muscle gain and endurance for both types of athletes and why they differ.

They also answer a couple of FAQs on an endurance athlete with stubborn weight loss issues and another long time listener suffering from PTSD and fatigue.

Episode 79 – GUT ED

Matt shares a eureka moment while researching gut health. This discovery could have massive implications for people suffering with everything from fat loss, inflammation, hormone imbalances, food cravings, IBS, auto immune and so many other disease states. The gut is called the second brain and influences so much more than people give it credit for. Matt shares why he believes taking pro and pre-biotics may be contributing to gut health imbalance. Matt said this discovery it might be one of the biggest breakthroughs for human heath he has ever been associated with.

Episode 78 – Amino Perfection

Matt and Jeff discuss the how to use popular amino acids and what are the best forms to use and when to use them.
They also answer FAQs on gut health, thyroid issues (specifically the dreaded rT3) and a male with low test levels.

Episode 77 – Whey Off Base

In todays podcast matt and Jeff discuss some of the misinformation around whey protein and amino acids – specifically around BCAAs and the correct ratio, how much protein is optimal for building muscle, Food vs Supplements for protein intake, IIFYM and macro/hormone interactions, Proteins to avoid and a lot more.

They also answer FAQs on supplementation for endurance athletes, Hashimoto’s, low energy and weight loss blues.

Episode 76 – Hoodwinked

Matt and Jeff blow the whistle on industry bad practices and discuss the misleading marketing practices put forward by many supplement and raw manufacturing companies including more on carb lies, the truth about protein powder, post workout supplements and how google key words are driving product innovation.

They answer a host of FAQs on PCOS, Fertility, Beer and Oestrogen, H Pylori and cortisol and whole lot more.

Episode 75 – Vitamin B12 Red Alert

Vitamin B12 What is it? Why do we need it? Where can I find it? What? Eat my poo?!?!? Vitamin B12 is cobalamin. Cobalamin is an unusual vitamin in that it is not made by plants or humans and instead is synthesized exclusively by bacteria and archaea. There are...

Episode 74 – Access Denied, conflict of ingredients

In todays episode matt and Jeff discuss why the common store multi- vitamin doesn’t work. Matt talks in depth about the conflict between water and fat soluble vitamins, non compatible ingredients found in most multi-vitamins and how they block one or both ingredients from being absorbed, The overuse of herbal extracts and why they are a bad idea in your multi and the one-a-day vitamin myth is blown out of the water.

Episode 73 – Sweet Little Lies

In todays podcast Matt shares a recent published paper exposing a 50 year conspiracy by the sugar industry and its successful attempt to sway public opinion and legislation in its favour. We carry on the theme from last weeks show about Fat being unfairly blamed for many disease states. If you are interested in the truth about the underhanded tactics used to shape our health industry then you will find todays podcast eye opening to say the least!

Matt and Jeff also answer some Faqs on hormone replacement, DIM, Eczema, under-active thyroids and pro-hormones.

Episode 72 – Fat Attack

Matt and Jeff discuss some industry conspiracies including lies put forward on fat consumption and how its taken 50 years to be proven wrong. They also discuss some recent news from the supplier conference they attended in the US and highlight how biased main stream media can be when reporting on the nutrition industry.

As always there are some FAQ’s and the guys tackle 3 in-depth questions that many women will be able to relate to.

Episode 71 – Carbohydrate Lies

Carbs and the lies we are being told – Matt & Jeff highlight the dodgy research passed of as “white papers” to market some of the well known carbohydrate products out there in the supplement world.

They also discuss to the truth about fruit including information on high molecular weight, gastric emptying, gIycaemic index, bloating, fructose, Maltodextrin, Rice Malt, HFCS and more.

Oh and no, Toni didn’t edit the beginning out, now everyone can see the jokes we have to put up with everyday from these two! 😛

Episode 70 – The Great Vitamin C Hoax

Matt outlines his research into vitamins and specifically Vitamin C. He has found that marketing and well established use of Vitamin C supplementation is not backed by science. It’s a tricky subject, but when laid out Matt’s research goes against everything he was ever taught in Naturopathy about supplementing with Vitamin C… and if you’re taking 250mg of Vitamin C or more a day, you might be damaging more than your wallet.
This episode also has an absolute cracker of a case study for a young man who crashed after having vaccine shots and Matt gives some tips on what to look out for.

Episode 69 – Cystic Fibrosis with Jack Dyson

Matt and Jeff interview Jack Dyson who suffers from the rare disease, Cystic Fibrosis. This disease affects Jacks lungs as well as other organs in his body. Matt gives some ideas he has on possible ways to treat his condition. As always there are FAQs, this week delving into abnormal iron levels, blood sugar and insulin issues and a fatty liver.

Episode 68 – Diabetes & Insulin Control for Health, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

Warning: There is a VERY stereotypical Matt Legge joke in this podcast that may not be appropriate for sensitive ears!

The discussion for this episode is Diabetes and the hormone pathways throughout the body that are associated with it. This is not only a podcast for those suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions but there is also some great info in here for fat loss and muscle building.

FAQs this week are on hernia recovery, estrogen/progesterone ratio side effects, the implanon pill and a case study on fungal overgrowth and how to kill it.

Episode 67 – How to Enhance Performance

Matt and Jeff discuss some of the most beneficial nutrients to enhance performance including di and trimethylglycine, the power of electrolytes, beta alanine, citrulline and a few more.
They also answer a couple of FAQs on intermittent fasting and fat loss, constant sensations of being cold and a case study in which one woman relays her terrible battle with cortisol and the horrible side effects from it.

Episode 66 – Are Vegan Diets Better?

So which is better for health? Vegan or Meat eating diets? The debate is a hot topic right now. Matt and Jeff discuss the pros and cons for both and the studies that back them up…

Episode 64 – Emily Skye Interview Part 1

In today’s podcast Matt and Jeff interview the lovely Emily Skye – fitness model and business woman. In this interview we cover a huge amount of ground including business advice, motivation, eating and training with limited time, gut health, depression and body image in today’s society plus a whole lot more. The podcast is split over 2 episodes because of the size.

Episode 63 – Is DHT affecting you?

Matt and Jeff cover off on the impact of DHT on hair loss, gut fat, Prostate, PCOS and its association with steroids and how to tackle this issue. They also answer FAQs on Pear shape bodyfat, low immune system and a steroid users question on how to use supplements to maximise gains and minimise side effects.

Episode 61 – The basics of weight loss and training with Rachel White

Matt and Jeff interview Rachel White, a pro WBFF figure competitor and ATP Science sponsored athlete. They discuss training and diet advice for the everyday person and beginners looking to get the most from their efforts. They talk about some of her amazing results with clients – see the before and after pics on our website:
This episode is a MUST for anyone dissapointed with their training results or confused by information overload.

Episode 60 – Withania, the strength and virility of a horse

Ashwagandha (or Withania) means “Smell of Horse” which refers to the fresh root’s distinct horsey smell, and the traditional belief that ingesting the herb will confer the strength and virility of a horse.
In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the benefits of Withania including its positive effect on stress, post workout recovery, sexual performance and how it affects the HP axis.
They also answer some FAQs on Reflux, Post workout recovery, reoccurring injury management, Gaul bladder removal side effects, Implanon,  a new sleep formula and Folate vs Folic acid for conception and pregnancy.

Episode 59 – don’t be a DIM wit!

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the misuse of the popular supplement DIM. If you do use DIM you may reconsider after listening to this episode.  THE reason most people use it – is not only NOT supported by science – it in fact does the exact opposite of why most people take it. They also answer a host of FAQs on Cordyceps, Cellulite, constant block nose, Sweating and performance and a common penis condition called Phi-mo-sis.

Episode 58 – One herb to rule them all?!

Matt and Jeff discuss the amazing herb Tonkat Ali – aka Eurocoma or Long Jack. Matt explains its benefits for both men and women and why it is one of his all time favourite herbs. They also answer a few of FAQs on perollosis disease, chronic constipation and adrenal maladaptation. Matt smashes them all out the park with a clear guideline on how to tackle each problem and as we usually state – this podcast is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any condition – always discuss any information on this podcast with your health care professional.

Episode 57 – Some seriously overdue FAQs

A deliriously exhausted Matt and Jeff tackle some overdue FAQs this week. They answer some questions on PCOS, otosclerosis, tinnitus, ketosis, stubborn fat loss, fibre and its relationship with constipation and an interesting disease called PLEVA disease that has affected one poor girl terribly.

Episode 56 – Bait and Switch

Jeff and Matt discuss the four corners report on the natural medicine industry and the real story behind this story. They define “natural medicine” and how most of the products within this category are actually pharmaceutical grade extracts of a natural ingredient and therefore no longer “natural”. They shed light on the pharmaceutical industry comparing apples with apples against the natural medicine industry in relation to injuries, side effects and deaths.

Episode 55 – What your tongue and nails say about you

In todays FAQ podcast Matt and Jeff discuss more self diagnostic tools specifically to do with the tongue and finger nails. They go on to answer a handful of FAQs on water retention, cystic acne, stubborn cellulite, cystitis, gut intolerances, and which sauces to use when on a keto diet.

Episode 54 – Are your vitamins killing you?!

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss the study on the Vitamin Paradox in Obesity and whether it comes from a deficiency or excess. They uncover some amazing facts about vitamin supplements that proves they may not only be worth avoiding but may actually be doing you a lot of harm. The culprit; synthetics.

Epidsode 53 – The eyes are the windows to your soul

In todays FAQ podcast Matt and Jeff start off with some observations Matt has had utilising ancient diagnostic methods used from different cultures around the world. We discuss the use and benefits of iridology, sclerology, and briefly discuss reflexology and the Korean hand diagnostic and treatment therapy called Sue Jock.

They then get into a host of FAQ’s from vertigo, weight loss sticking points, thyroid issues, b12 deficiencies and a whole lot more.

Episode 52 – Female Sexual Satisfaction

Just a quick warning – Todays podcast is not for little ears – not that any of our podcasts really are, but this one comes with a warning

Today Matt and Jeff talk about sexual function and satisfaction in Women – and the Herb that has been proven to help. They also discuss gut health and the Micro-biome and why it’s more critical than most people think. And lastly, but not least they move on to gender differences in skeletal muscle substrate metabolism.

Episode 51 – What’s in your supplements?! Plus FAQs

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff get into some listener FAQs covering, menopause, Vitamin absorption issues, Fatty liver, Skin conditions, Haemorrhoids, Menopause and Androgen unbalances in females and a lot more.

They also briefly chat about what’s in your supplements and why all supplements are not created equally.

Episode 50 – Aminos; which are good and which give you man-boobs?

In todays’ controversial episode Matt and Jeff talk about some cracker amino acids everyone should be taking to increase lean muscle mass and one amino acid that you’re probably taking and will want to get off immediately. This popular supplement will destroy your test levels, specifically your free test and ramp prolactin levels that may come with severe side effects.

Episode 49 – Social media pet hates and FAQs

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss a pet hate and how social media is helping to enable this divisive action. But they don’t stay negative for too long and jump into some FAQs that have been long overdue for an answer. They answer questions on Diabetes, MTHFR Gene, Hair Loss, Addisons disease, Fluid retention, Prolonged periods, IUDs and a host of weird AMP-V side effects that include an increase in appetite, headaches and some people getting a europhric high after taking it.

Episode 48 – The influence of macronutrients on AMPK and mTor pathways

Matt and Jeff discuss the bodies ability to produce more muscle mass through M-TOR and the antagonist relationship it has with AMPK.
They dispel the myth that utilising the product AMP-V will inhibit muscle growth and lay out an argument as why it can improve muscle hypertrophy when used with a different food strategy. They also cover training and macro timing for results, endurance athletes benefits from increased
oxygenation – and how to get it, and a whole lot more.

Notes and recommended reading for this podcast can be found:…nd-mtor-pathways/

Episode 47 – PPar Modulators

Jeff and Matt continue the discussion on up-regulating receptors to enhance fat burning. They cover off on MCT Oils and how they can be over-used and actually turn off fat burning. They spill a few too many beans on the newly patented ATP Science product being released next week at the Arnold’s in Melbourne and then hit some cracker FAQs.

Episode 46 – Food timing for fat burning

Matt and Jeff discuss the hierarchy in fuel used when training for fat loss and they explain what AMP-K is and how it helps burn fat. They discuss the question on everyone’s lips….Is fasted cardio really better than non-fasted cardio? How to time meals to stop catabolism and aid muscle growth and finally what are some good supplements to use to maximise fat burning and when do you use them. As always there are listener FAQs that are answered.

Episode 45 – Liver, the Freeway to Fat Burning

Matt and Jeff discuss the hepatothermic function of the liver, that is the ability of the liver to burn fat as a source of fuel. They cover off on a lot of important information on liver detox and why we need a full spectrum supply of oils and how they make phospholipids and what they do. They break down omega 3, Krill vs fish oil and which is better, low protein diets and why vegans may have an edge in fat-burning over meat eaters. They discuss the supplements Carnitine, Co-enzyme Q10, Inositol, Choline, Milk thistle and other Cholagogues. They finish up with the role of bile and ketones followed by some great FAQs.

Episode 44 – Bloatie, Swelly and Puffy things

Bloating, swelling and puffy things. Jeff and Matt discuss the relationship between fluid retention and the thyroid, cortisol, estrogen and the lymphatic system. They talk about pitting edema, circulation, uric acid and a whole lot more. They also discuss ways to remove it, natural diuretics and how to treat the cause not just the symptom. Plenty of FAQs as usual.

Episode 43 – Brain Tools

Jeff and Matt discuss the functions of the brain and the effects from uppers, downers, sliders, drugs, herbs, amino acids, adaptogens, nrf2 activators and essential oils. They touch on interesting hormonal impacts on brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. They also talk about nootropics and adaptogens as well as the effects of Turmeric, Shisandra and Acetyl choline. They also discuss the pros and cons of Tongkat Ali for both men and women and why some people should be using Alpha Venus and others only Alpha Prime.

Episode 42 – Chaos Theory Interview with Ken Ware

Matt and Jeff interview Ken Ware, founder of the NeuroPhysics Functional Movement Centre. Ken was recently featured on 60mins when he confounded the medical establishment by treating paraplegic John McClean. He not only helped him to walk again after 25years in a wheelchair, he also enabled John to compete in an able-bodied triathlon. Ken’s facinating story began with his journey into bodybuilding when he discovered this chaos theory which now makes what many call impossible a reality. Open your mind for this one!

Episode 41 – Oxygen for Fitness and Fat Loss

Jeff and Matt discuss Oxygen’s effects on cardio, VO2 Max and oxidative stress. They spend quite a bit of time on the effects of fat burning and how oxygen can be used to up-regulate it. They also discuss the role of vasodilators, Astraxanthum, Co-enzyme Q10, Ginkgo. Withania, oxygen drops and oxygen water, EPO, high altitude training, anti-oxidants, iron and its relationship with haemoglobin and they answer some FAQs on the back end.

Episode 40 – Detox vs Healing Crisis

Matt and Jeff discuss what a healing crisis is and how it differs from a detoxification or a simple intolerance. They cover off on a lot of FAQs from excessive muscle production, fat inflammation, jaundice, coeliacs disease, PCOS, endometriosis, getting and staying pregnant.

Episode 39 – The Critical Importance of Fats and Oils

Jeff and Matt discuss everything related to fats and oils in your diet. Fat soluble vitamins, saturated and non-saturated fats, CLA, coconut oil and MCT, all the Omegas, essential oils, insulin and glucagon.

Episode 38 – Vitamins & Starving Ourselves to Obesity

Jeff and Matt cover some amazing facts about multi-vitamins and minerals and why we are starving ourselves to obesity. They discuss studies showing the decline in nutrients within our foods and what impact this is having on our health. Matt smacks down what is wrong with most multi-vitamins but the oxymoron of why we need to supplement with them. As usual there are some great FAQs including fluid retention, herpes, anger issues and sticky clotting blood.

Episode 37 – Glutamates

Today Matt and Jeff talk about Glutamates and how they can drastically affect your mood – from annoyed and irritated to full on outbursts of rage. Glutamate buildup in the body can affect concentration and may even contribute to dyslexia issues. If you consume a high protein diet or consume a lot of processed foods or protein powders you need to listen to this podcast to understand if you or your fmaily are being negatively effected by high glutamate levels and what you can do about it.
Lastly we have some ripper FAQs that cover everything from Menopause, PCOS, Depression, Keto Genic diets and Female hair loss.

Episode 36 – The Brain

Jeff and Matt discuss the brain in some detail from illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. They also touch on the effects that recreational drugs can have on the brain and how homocysteine can effect the whole body and especially the brain.

Episode 35 – Adaptogens

Adaptogens….what are they? what do they do? how do they work?
Matt discusses his favourite group of adaptogens and how he used them in the clinic to treat many diseases including fatigue and pain and what effects they have on recovery, sleep patterns and stress.
Matt answers some FAQs on the contraceptive implant, menopause and takes on a case study involving irregular periods, bloating, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Episode 34 – Secret Men’s Business

This podcast may not be politically correct – Thanks Matt! It covers the importance of testosterone on mental health, depression, ageing, muscle mass, fat tissue, drive and motivation. Jeff and Matt touch on prostate cancer and what you can do as a preventative measure, they also answer a couple of great male health issue related FAQs.

Episode 33 – Secret Women’s Business

Jeff and Matt discuss the menstrual cycle in depth and its relationship with cellulite and wrinkles, PMS and other issues such as migraines, moods, abdominal pains, blood sugar levels and much more. Matt breaks down the relationship between estrogen and progesterone and provides some amazing insight about what happens in the female body. Matt also talks about post-baby bodies and how his wife has lost nearly 50kg since the birth of their boys. Lastly some FAQs are answered specifically on women’s issues.

Episode 32 – Boosting your Metabolic Rate

Jeff and Matt discuss the impact of calorie restriction, fasting and water on the metabolism. Matt sheds light on how much water you should consume, whether you should drink hot or cold water and when the best time to drink it is. They talk about the research around food timing and number of meals per day and they also discuss sleep, caffeine intake, spices and herbs, how to boost cyclic AMP and of course some listener FAQs.

Episode 31 – Nutrients that power your immune system

Jeff and Matt discuss allergies with the change of season and detoxing the liver. They talk about how vitamins like vitamin C, zinc and herbs work on the immune system. They also discuss Reishi mushroom, DHEA, colostrum, glutamine, fevers and babies relationships with their mother for immunity obtained via breast milk. Lastly they touch on flu vaccines and the side effects followed by some more FAQs.

Episode 30 – Andropause, Menopause & SERMS

Jeff and Matt discuss the impact of the loss of natural testosterone in men and women as we age and just how important the adrenal function is for hormone production. Matt shares a breakthrough about selective estrogen receptor modifiers (SERMS) and why they are more effective at building muscle than many steroids and may be a secret weapon for women as there are no side effects and no interference with the endocrine system. A few really great FAQs that are a great listen.

WBFF Special Episode – with Anne-Marie Lasserre

Matt interviews Anne-Marie as a WBFF judge (and a sponsored athlete ATP Science’s) to find out what the judges are looking for, what it takes to win and what separates the WBFF federation from others. Anne-Marie has over 20years of experience competing, is the current WBFF Pro Figure Model and one the most sought-after female prep coaches in Australia.

Episode 29 – The Death of Innovation, Superfoods & NRF2.

Jeff and Matt discuss their trip to the USA for the recent Olympia and specifically the death of innovation in the supplement industry. They discuss superfoods, why most multi’s are useless, and why stimulating the activation of NRF2 should be on everyone’s to-do-list. With missing an episode last week from travelling there are a tonne of FAQs answered on this podcast.

Episode 28 – Anti Aging Basics

Mick Galley (5x Mr Australia) is invited onto the show to discuss anti-aging. Matt talks about the roles of hormones in the body, how they change as we age and what you can do to slow the ageing process. Mick talks about the benefits of exercise for everyone no matter what age.

Episode 27 – Fat acts as an organ

Jeff and Matt discuss the viscious cycle that fat cells in the body can create, which hormones they can produce, what you can do to stop it, their relationship with PCOS, the thyroid and insulin. As always FAQs are answered from listeners.

Episode 25 – Is your pre-workout making you FAT?!!

Anyone regularly using pre-workout drinks, powdered fat burners or intra-workout BCAAs need to listen to this podcast….they may be making you fat. They may also be contributing to muscle loss, gut flora inbalances, Insulin resistance and unbalanced brain chemistry!! Jeff and Matt answer a host of FAQs on fasted cardio, transdermals and testing methods for thyroid, vitamins and minerals.

Episode 24 – Fasted Cardio

Matt and Jeff discuss fasted cardio and getting into ketosis, how intra-workout amino acids may inhibit fat-loss goals and poke a finger at raspberry ketones yet again and explain why they do not work. More FAQs are answered and the Rate it to win it competition winner is announced.

Episode 23 – If It Fits Your Macros??

In today’s podcast Jeff and Matt discuss the popular “If it fits your macros” diet. While this type of diet is definitely producing results, Matt explains why this may not be the best option for your health OR body shape in the long run. FAQs at the end are on PCOS and which supplements to take as well as an FAQ on cycling supplements.

Episode 21 – Transdermal Delivery Systems

In this episode Matt and Jeff discuss the benefits of transdermal methods of delivery of ingredients. They breakdown how it works and why it can be superior to other delivery methods such as oral, sublingual and intravenous. Matt explains how they deliver nutrients through the skin and the benefits of using penetration enhancers. Lastly they pull apart the “bro science” of putting ingredients that don’t work transdermally and finish off with a few FAQs on sleep and cramping.

Episode 20 – Mood swings (case studies)

Mood swings, hormones, periods and roids. Today’s episode focusses on 3 FAQs used as case studies. A large part of the episode is dedicated to issues relating to hormones and imbalances for both men and women. Matt and Jeff discuss DHT and its impact on anger and the effects that progesterone has on women’s moods.

Episode 19 – Pharmacology, Drug, Food & Supplement Interactions

Episode 19: Matt and Jeff discuss drug, herb and food interactions. They discuss why it’s important to work with your health care professional to monitor changes in diet and body composition and what’s wrong with many supplements on the shelves today and why they don’t work as intended.
Lastly they prelude to an upcoming episode on Fruit and its impact on fats and your health.

Episode 18 – Hair, Skin & Nails for Men and Women

Matt & Jeff discuss male pattern baldness as a result of DHT, steroids, microbes, the immune system and your genetics. They then turn to the less common female pattern baldness as a result of DHEA and insulin. They also touch on skin problems such as pimples and acne, wrinkles and why women typically get more wrinkles than men and also what your nails can tell you about your health. Lastly, Jeff asks Matt to clear up some misconceptions about Alpha Venus that are going around out there and explain how it really works.

Episode 17 – Infertility

Infertility is the topic discussed by Matt and Jeff in this podcast. Why does it happen? What supplements can you take to improve your chances of conception? Post cycle health for those who have used steroids, endometriosis, PCOS, folic acid, bladder infections and the role they play in pregnancy and a whole lot more.

Episode 16 – Auto Immune Diseases

What is an auto immune disease? How do you get it? What can you do about it? Jeff and Matt discuss a couple of the big ones such as Psoriasis, Lupus & MS and give some practical ideas on how to tackle the problem.

Episode 15 – Carbohydrate Timing

Matt and Jeff interview prep-coach Chris Thomas (Alpha Ethos) to talk about carbohydrate timing used for weight loss and muscle growth for everyone from fitness competitors through to the average person looking to change their physique.

Episode 14 – Immune System

In this episode Matt and Jeff discuss the immune system, why allergies flare up, the relationship between asthma & eczema, the effect of sugars and parties on your health and which supplements you can use to help strengthen your immune system.

Episode 13 – Adrenal Maladaptation

In this episode Matt and Jeff discuss Adrenal Maladaptation and its impact on thyroid, weight gain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and more.

Episode 12 – Shilajit?!

Shilajit…the conqueror of mountains and the destroyer of weakness….Where is it found? What does it do? Who should use it?

Episode 11 – Insulin Resistance & PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Matt interviews Stephen Eddey, the principal of Health Schools Australia about insulin resistance and the role it plays in obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Please excuse some of the glitches in the recording, we had problems with the Skype connection.

Episode 10 – Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

  1:23 - 2:57   -  What is Anxiety? 2:58 - 4:45   -   Treating anxiety by acknowledging the symptoms 4:46 - 6:20   -   What are stressors? 6:21 - 7:32   -   Take the burden off your nervous system 7:33 - 11:45   -   Lactic acid and anxiety, insomnia,...

Episode 9 – FAQs

In this episode the guys answer some of the questions that seem to consistently come through to us from listeners at ATP Science. Joint support, gut health, fat loss, stubborn fat zones, fluid retention, boosting testosterone, post workout and recovery and more.

Episode 8 – Cellular Energy

Episode 8 is all about Cellular Energy, that is, true energy on a cellular level. Jeff and Matt take a look at the various types of fatigue and what the causes are. They discuss the epidemic of caffeine based drinks and pre-workouts and what effects these are having on our true energy levels and lastly Matt explains how to treat the various types of fatigue on a cellular level through diet and supplementation.

Episode 7 – Gut Health

Welcome to our episode on Gut Health. In this episode we discuss gut health and digestion and how this affects hormones and seratonin levels. We expand on why the gut is referred to as the “2nd brain”. Find out how your gut health can affect your weight loss, muscle gain and fluid retention.

Episode 6 – Detox

Jeff finds out from Matt how “detox” really works and what methods you can use to support both your phase 1 AND phase 2 detoxification pathways. Matt takes a look at most “detox” programs and supplements on the market and explains what they are actually doing, the guys then move on to gut health to support these pathways.

Episode 4 – Vasodilation – more than just a pump (part 1)

Vasodilation….what is it? why is everyone chasing “the pump”? What is Nitric Oxide? How do you increase vasodilation?
In this exciting episode Jeff and Matt discuss how to utilise Nitric Oxide to build muscle tissue, what ingredients work and which do not and Matt makes a massive scientific breakthrough which may change the way you train forever.

Episode 3 – Testosterone

Matt and Jeff jump over to the hormone Testosterone to discuss the many misconceptions surrounding it within the bodybuilding industry and how you can increase your ratios to provide your body with more “free testosterone”.

Episode 2 – Estrogen

In this episode we discuss everything Estrogen. Estrogen dominance, cellulite, man boobs and fat loss. We talk about Xeno-estrogens and their effects on the population today, stress and estrogen and some advice from Matt Legge on how to reduce the “bad” estrogens in a significant way.

Episode 1 – Fat Loss

Welcome to the first episode of the ATP Project. Jeff and Matt discuss several examples of popular ingredients on the market today used in fat loss supplements and whether they work or not. They also discuss the role of hormones in fat loss and how your fat loss may be hampered by your hormonal profile.

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