So who the heck are we and why are we different?!

Here’s the deal…

ATP Science believes everyone deserves the right to live a healthy and happy life. We believe you deserve to the right to get results for your hard work and investment of time and money. We believe you deserve the right to be able to take responsibility and take control your own health.

To achieve these basic rights you need access to accurate information; quality food and water; and to be able to supplement your diet with the highest quality nutrients and botanicals.

What are we doing?

Well, have you ever asked any of these questions;

“Why don’t things work for me like they are supposed to?”

“How do I get the results I deserve from my hard work?”

“Why do I always feel tired and exhausted?”

 “How do I sort through all the information out there to get the truth?”

“Why am I always being tricked by dodgy science and hype?”

…Then you are in the RIGHT place and we are here to help you!

We understand that most companies produce products out of ignorance and greed, basing their formulas on google keywords and not much more.  This leaves you to try and sort through all the hyped marketing and inaccurate science to determine which products will work for you.

We do things differently.  We are here to educate you on how the body works and design products with ingredients in an effective dose and combination that can give you the best results possible.

ATP Science fights for your rights to access accurate information, quality products and other resources to help you achieve the results that you deserve.

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 Here’s what each “feature” of ATP Science is all about:


ATP Science Blog; This is our Head Scientist and Chief Product Formulator Matt Legge’s personal view of the world, unfiltered, unchecked. Just life as Matt sees it.


PODCAST-ICON-New3The ATP Project; The ATP project takes a look under the skirt of Science, the media, hype and real breakthroughs surrounding the health industry.  Like Homes and Watson, Matt and Jeff search for the truth and provide it in a fun and irreverent way.  It may shock you, excite you or even make you mad – but The ATP Project will certainly entertain you. The “Ask the Mad Scientist” section is where subscribers send in questions they are dying to know the answers to for Matt to explain to everyone.  All questions read on the ATP Project sent in by subscribers will be sent a FREE gift. 


ATP Science Products; Products made for results. We do things differently, we don’t look at “what’s hot” or what Dr Oz is talking about and throw it into our products to make some quick cash. The ATP team identifies a problem. First we listen, then we search the world for possible solutions, gathering information to find problems or gaps in the market place and bring it to Matt. Matt dives into his resources from herbal lore and traditional practices to medical journals and research papers. He isolates himself from the world (so they don’t contaminate his thinking) and invents and creates an unbiased solution to the problem. We do our own thing in our own way, not based on what is the craze of today. We access information from traditional medicine systems and modern science to create an effective solution to the problem. 


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